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“Does Anybody Here Remember When Hanz Gubenstein Invented Time Travel?”

“Does Anybody Here Remember When Hanz Gubenstein Invented Time Travel?”



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Published by Abhay Vohra
Movie Screenplay
Movie Screenplay

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Published by: Abhay Vohra on Jun 08, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN TITLE:On a black screen the title:
Does Anybody Here Remember When HanzGubenstein Invented Time Travel?”
 The words fade.Black Screen.CUT TO:1930’S WAR FILMThe screen burps and clicks - OLD FILM STOCK from a1930’s NEWSREEL.A grainy soundtrack plays a TRUMPET "TA-TA-DA!A LOGO flashes on screen: "TIME MARCHES ON"We hear an ANNOUNCER.NEWS REEL ANNOUNCER (V.O.)TIME MARCHES ON!BLACK AND WHITE NEWS FOOTAGE - beat up and faded. 1930’sGERMAN WORKERS.NEWS REEL ANNOUNCER (cont’d)Dateline. Germany. Berlin. December1935. All is not so quiet on theWestern Front. That once beaten nation- the former fops of Kaiser Wilhelmare back. Rebuilding into a onceagain proud nation. Leading thecharge is that ever clever CharlieChaplin with a goose step - "THEFUHRER" - Adolph Hitler.STOCK FOOTAGE of ADOLPH HITLER and crowds cheering.NEWS REEL ANNOUNCER (cont’d)Adolph has the whole country dancing anew step as industry thrives.Nazi’s marching in Goose Step - factory lines - officeworkers - farmers, etc.NEWS REEL ANNOUNCER (cont’d)...and of course next year's summerOlympics will sure be the feather inthe Fuhrer's cap.Athletes training.Cut to a group of SCIENTISTS in a lab.NEWS REEL ANNOUNCER (cont’d)...and on the scientific front -Adolph has all his scientists workingon the latest and greatest in newest
technology. Here's one of the reallybright brains in the Nazi party - HANZGUBENSTEIN. Tell us what you'reworking on Hanz.HANZ GUBENSTEIN stares out at the camera, he’s a deadringer for A YOUNG ALBERT EINSTEIN, with the bushymustache and crazy hair. He’s surrounded by beakers,test-tubes and electrodes.HANZ GUBENSTEIN(thick German accent)Behind me you will see theKacktgucknetch...(an unintelligible Germangibberish word)...which by accelerating radio andphotonic waves to a speedexponentially faster than the speed oflight will enable us to bend thefabric of space and time and send amessage back into the past. A timemachine if you will - giving us theopportunity to avert major disasters,save lives and otherwise correctmistakes.Hanz looks blankly at the camera... done talking.NEWS REEL ANNOUNCERWhoah! Did he say time machine? Youmight want to keep this guy underwraps - Adolph - or History may writeyou down as a mad man! TIME MARCHESON!TIME MARCHES ONlogo. Trumpet: Ta-ta-da.Thefootage clicks and burps to black.On black, DR. JEFFREY JEFFRIES narrates. He speaks onblack briefly. Then cut into ARCHIVAL NEWS CLIPS ANDPHOTOS.DR. JEFFRIES (V.O.)That's it. That's the only historicalrecord of Hanz Gubenstein - after thatpronouncement - his first publicannouncement of his work on the Kaptph-Kackft... Ka - Ka -(can’t pronounce the word)...kakakaka - Whatever it was hecalled it - his “time machine.Asnear as I can tell, shortly after thisnews film was shot, Hanz faded veryplainly into obscurity... no recordeven of his death. But what if hisinvention of the Kaktgugen -Kagkagugu... whatever - What if it didwork?HANZ working in a lab with ALBERT EINSTEIN - THEY REALLYDO LOOK A LOT ALIKE.DR. JEFFRIES (V.O. cont’d)
If Hanz Gubenstein had succeeded inDecember of 1935 - History would havetaken quite a different turn wouldn'tit have... wouldn't have? Woulden...?Would not it have? Would not it ha -?THINGS WOULD HAVE BEEN A LOTDIFFERENT. A time machine in thehands of the Third Reich - The summerof 1936 - Hitler suffers publichumiliation because BLACKAmericanRunner Jesse Owens beats his SuperiorRaceof athletes in every event...Hanz sends a message back in time -the German officials find a clever wayto prevent Owens from entering thecountry. The Germans sweep the trackand field events.STOCK FOOTAGE OF THE OLYMPICS... First Jesse Owenswinning.Blips and Clicks - new footage: GERMAN ATHLETEScelebrating with HITLER. Hanz in the background.DR. JEFFRIES (V.O. cont’d)And D-Day? The Americans enter thewar launching a surprise attack on theBeaches of Normandy.STOCK FOOTAGE: The Normandy invasion.DR. JEFFRIES (V.O. cont’d)It's not a surprise when Hanz sendsback a message warning the highercommand of the invasion.Newspaper Headline: Another German VictorySTOCK FOOTAGE: Dead and dying soldiers. GermanParades.DR. JEFFRIES (V.O. cont’d)The entire tide of the war and history,Itself, would have been turned...More Headlines: "Allies Lose Another Key BattleDR. JEFFRIES (V.O. cont’d)...and sometimes I think it was.Maybe Hanz Gubenstein invented his...k-kah-ka- thing-a-ma-who.. andsucceeded in winning the World War forGermany... I think somewhere there isa Time Magazine cover proclaiming HanzGubenstein as the greatest scientificmind of the Twentieth Century...Time Magazine: HANZ GUBENSTEIN, MAN OF THE CENTURY”DR. JEFFRIES (V.O. cont’d)But if Hanz succeeded and changedhistory, you have to ask, why don't Iremember it?

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