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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 01 (2005.01.01 - 2005.02.07) (eng) (pdf) [ALTA105ALL]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 01 (2005.01.01 - 2005.02.07) (eng) (pdf) [ALTA105ALL]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ALTA IR - January 1, 2005Part 1 - Terra - Rising To Exhaustion
Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence ReportChanges in language precede changes in behavior.By Tenax SE for HalfPastHuman.com
8:22 AM PCT ThursdayThis 'draft' section of the report is being posted now, and access is being pro-vided due to Geo. Ure's mis-statement on his site about the report being avail-able.Rather than allow the anxiety created to build until I can get through the data/modelspace linking and finish the report, which was expected to be posted onSaturday, I am posting this section now. Bear in mind it is far from finished andthis necessarily delays the rest of this section's processing, but circumstancesbeing what they are, calm is called for, so for those who were 'agitated' by Geo.'ssite, here is what we have so far.BE AWARE that processing frequently has me going back and re-interpretingareas based on the next level of data being processed. CHANGES are frequentlymade as new data comes in. THIS IS NOT A FUTURE PREDICTION TORELY UPON.
 Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between theevents portrayed in this report and any developing reality is purely co-incidental andin no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on theinternet. As such, human emotional values and the words used to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance betweenthis report and future developments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and doesnot exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof inthis report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough toalter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates them-selves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held
harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of thereader.
01.01.2005 Terra- Rising To Exhaustion
 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Interpretive editorialcomments are preceded by an asterisk *.Dataset distilled from 18.2 million reads.Terra - Rising To ExhaustionIt seems appropriate to begin the interpretation with the largest of the objects cur-rently populating our modelspace, the Terra entity. In the Terra entity we find thatseveral lexical threads have combined into a more complex lexical structure which is being seen for the first time. While it is not unusual for apparent patterns of internalcohesion to develop as the modelspace is being populated, these are usually illusion-ary and due to specific and related items being populated such that they 'seem' to beforming a pattern within the entity. Again, usually these are transitory and only appear to manifest structure due to the paupacy of the data set at the time. As most oftenhappens, these apparent structures dissolve as more data is loaded and the entity'fleshes' out, thus diluting the apparent structure to nothingness over the time of themodelspace population. Not this time however.As stated, a more complex lexical structure than previously seen has developedwithin the Terra entity within the modelspace. It is from this lexical structure that weare taking the primary 'phrase-aspect' for the intrepretation, that is, 'Rising to Exhaus-tion'.Specifically, this structure carries within it references to [ground/earth/dirt/fundament]which is [rising/lifting/upwelling/swelling/bulging/building/growing/expanding] to the point of [exhaustion/depletion/fatigue/emptiness]. The structure is cohesive and isinternally self linking, (aspect to aspect) but does not reference circuitously. Rather itsinternal self links all terminate in another link which is external. As an example, the[exhaustion/depletion] aspect links down two levels to [carried/bearing/holding/hauling/dragging/moving] which has its attributes cross linked out of the structure over to(empty) [city/buildings/structure/village]. Futher the cross linking also goes threelevels down to [barren] which is modified by (house) and contains internal aspects of [road](littered/strewn) with [debris]. And [debris] is linked back up to the primarystructure as a modifier to [exhaustion/depletion]. It is as though the earth will rise upin such a way as to create conditions which are [untenable/unacceptable] such that[residents](flee/run/leave/vacate) the [city/buildings...] and the [road] conditions areso (harsh/brutal/debilitating/wearing) that those who flee (carpet) the [road] with(former) [belongings/possessions].
Further, the structure has links out into the rest of the Terra entity such that it suggeststhat either the rising of the earth will be so wide spread as to affect much of the planet, or that the rising will be so devastating as to [hobble/curtail/remove (one leg)]the global financial system such that the pain is distributed. These external linksinclude references to (deserted/abandoned) [city] is (reached/met) by [ascend(ing)/climbing. The [core/center] of the [city] is (bright/lit) but [empty].Along with the (bright/lit/lighted) attribute set, we find repeated cross references to(lightning) both as attibute and as aspect. In this structure, a compound aspect setexists in which the [lightning] (ruptures/cracks/splits/divides/penetrates) the [crust (of the earth)] which in turn is seen to (cause/create) [lightning-streaks/sky-marks/blaze-remnants] which will [radiate/extend/spread] from the [center/middle] of the(abandoned)[city] and act as [guides/clues/markers] to the [center/core]. Additionallythe structure is repleat with references to smells. These are referenced as both aspectsand attributes, and contain a very full attribute set which includes (stink), (stench),(burned-metal odor), (tungsten burns the nostrils), and more curious references typi-fied by (steel stinks dead) and [iron-rust] (stench) (fills the area)(copiously) which inturn is seen as (driving/compelling) the [abandonment/desertion].Usually in this work we discard numeric references as there are so many on the netthat the level of noise relative to specific numbers usually renders them meaningless.In the normal course of interpretation we would use oblique references such as 'many'or 'very many'. Something along those lines. These are frequently seen in more'primative' societies where beyond what one can hold in the hand, the idea of numbersis less than useful. In the case of the 'deserted city' there are some disturbing refer-ences to the number '13 millions'. This number arises as repeated references bothnumerically, abstractly, and nomatively. Aligned with that are repeated references atattribute levels for the concept of 'millions'. So the concept coming across is thatsome '13 millions' would/will leave this city due to this event. Readers are cautioned NOT to take the number literally and go off hunting for cities large enough for thatmany people to be able to flee. Rather it is the general sense that a large number of  people will be involved in this event, and perhaps the numbers who will be alive to[flee] and (leave/discard/cast off/jetison) their [treasures/hordings/possessions] will be in the millions and this will result in the [roadways] being [covered/cloaked/hidden by] a [debris] [trail/residue/remains] to the point that [animals/herds/steers] will (not) be able to (climb through/over come).There are several of the attribute sets which participate in this description. Thesemodifiers include the [earth/terra/fundament] (is/will be) (set loose/released tension)until it [pulsates/vibrates/quivers] in a (fluid)[motion/movement] such as [waves/surf/tides] that will result in [undulations/curvature/distortions] (remaining/staying/perma-nent) that will (contort/alter/change) the [steps/ridges] to (be seen/be perceived) as[waves] left in the earth. The basic idea coming through can be interpreted to suggest

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