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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 12 - 5 - Part 4 (2012.08.26) (Eng) (PDF) [307FOUR]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 12 - 5 - Part 4 (2012.08.26) (Eng) (PDF) [307FOUR]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ALTA IR - 307 -Part 4 - August 26, 2006 Part 4: Meta Data - August 26/28- A big 'whump' or are we wrong yet again? * New notes on August 28 - September 6*Meta Data - Ok, this is a bit freaky*Bushista - War? Again?*Markets - Assembly of Ignorant Assholes*Populace/USofA - Phase Two, Work'n It, Bright Sparklies Trap Monkeys*Conclusion: Part 4 - Temporal Spot, Time Surfing, Light your damn candleAsymmetric Language Trend Analysis Intelligence Report‘Changes in language precede changes in behavior.’By Tenax SE for HalfPastHuman.com  Note this report is offered for entertainment value only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in this report and any developingreality is purely co-incidental and in no manner represents foreknowledge on the part of the authors of this report. Note that this information is derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As such, human emotional values and the wordsused to express them are being sampled and interpreted here, NOT THE FUTURE. Any resemblance between this report and futuredevelopments is entirely in the mind of the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy of lack thereof in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this entertainment-only analysis demonstrates themselvesincapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mentalaberrations on the part of the reader.08.26.2006 Note: Entities are identified by a blue typeface. Aspect words are enclosed in square brackets []. Attribute words/phrases are within parentheses (). Near sentences or concepts composed of both leading aspect and trailing attributes are single quoted '. Interpretiveeditorial comments are preceded by an asterisk *. Editorial notes are within {} curly braces.Data set distilled from 36.92 million reads. Our expectations are to achieve 70+ million reads within our bandwidth limitations. We expecta 6 part report series from this data set. Depending on the processing flow there may be a 7th part to the series.Meta Data - August 26/28- A big 'whump' or are we wrong yet again?Given the movement of the modelspace as depicted in the charts of this series, we suspect that yet one more, largish, emotional tensionrelease "event/episode" will occur, or develop over the course of August 26th through to August 28th. Further, the emotive tensionsummations suggest that the events of this next "release bubble" will extend through to the bottom of this current release period throughSeptember 6th, 2006. As a reminder, the previous lexical clues point to both 'violence' from planetary convulsions, as well as 'officialdom'screwing things up from there. The descriptor set also points to 'violence' at the human/tribe/nation level, again with impacts which extendout to September 6th in their initial flush. Also we need to note that the planetary 'violence' is geographically focused almost exclusivelyon North America with a sub set that effectively points to the 'west central' part of the continental USofA. In support of this, almost all of the cross links from the Terra entity for this 'violence' go over to the Populace/USofA entity. All of this area of termination for cross linkswithin the Populace/USofA entity are dominated by 'duality' as well as the 'restricted movement' meta data layers. So our interpretation isfor a 'big whump' sort of event which coincidently has a juxtaposition (emotionally) with 'national events' which combine to provide the populace of the USofA with yet another Katrina/Rita sized emotional time {ed note: about 11 days ending very early, 2:24 am onSeptember 6, UTC}. This event/episode, and its fading/termination will end in conjunction with the current release period on 9.6.2006, but we note that the 'conflict' meta data layer, specifically affecting the last, yet-to-be-dominated entity, the Populace/USofA, starts verylate on August 31, 2006 and will contribute its energy to the last of the release period, and then will begin to turbo power this next, largeemotional building period. New notes on August 28 - September 6The linguistic set of descriptors for this period, when isolated from the various entities and examined "ex situ" is dominated by the aspectof 'transformation'. This aspect is heavily dominant within the Populace/USofA and may well make it to meta data status as it is noted
HalfPastHuman: Language: Linguistics: Tools: ALTAfile:///I:/HPH_SUPPORT/ALTA307_ides/ALTAREPORT/alta_307_4.htm1 of 98/13/2010 3:21 PM
rising to prominence within many and diverse entities. Under consideration at the moment is the narrow band of data from all the major entities which is associated with the 11/eleven day period beginning on August 27. Within this narrow band, 'transformation' , and itsvariants such as 'tranformative event' are dominant. The next level of the descriptor set is headed by the aspect of 'events/occurrences'.This is a rare statement from the data that 'individual' and 'isolated' manifesting 'events' will be driving the 'sudden, unexpected, shocking'release of emotions which ends this release period and begins the next leg up.Within the data set there are several reinforcing repetitions of both 'sudden/shocking' and 'unexpected'. The latter is also supportedextensively by aspect/attribute sets going to the idea of 'radical' and 'unexpected events shock {to the} core', which is then 'propellingrapid/rushing transformation' which is itself holding descriptors for 'shocking' and 'sudden/rapid'. The imagery coming from the data is for some events which are both so unexpected and so radical in nature as to propel a 'transformation' which will itself manifest as the'transition/movement/crossing' of a 'violent wave of change/transformation/alteration'. Further this area is shown as an anchor for somevery long term, that is to say, existing for several years, 'transformative after-shocks/echoes'. Much of this language arises fromPopulace/USofA, in fact, *most* of the 'transformation' aspect is held by that entity.While it is tempting to associate all of the language extracted with the 'weather/climate' problems which are shown rising to consciousnessabout this time, over half of the descriptor set under 'transformation' is tertiary supported by 'civil rights' or 'oppression'. The latter is thelarger of the sets, but is itself dominated only 2/two layers further down by descriptors going to 'freedom from oppression', as well as'dominance shatters, oppressors fall'. The whole of this area is otherwise completely filled with references to 'violence', and 'violentresponse/re-action'. Much of this area is shown as acting as an anchor point for echoes in early May of 2007 and beyond.Whatever the 'shockingly sudden', 'unexpected' and 'transformative' events of the end of August are, the modelspace is indicating thatthese events will drive the emotional tension building in early September as well as 'fuel' the 'transformative feverish fires' of the'malaise/illness' which is forecast to 'blanket' the global economy beginning in mid September. This 'economic malaise/illness' has manycurious features including a very early association with the Populace/USofA, as well as a continuation data stream extending through2007. Further the data for this 'blanket of economic disease' is very heavily reinforced with aspects/attributes going to the idea that it is a'disease of illusion' which will show up that 'reduces fantasy' and 'returns reality'. The whole of the area within both Populace/USofA andthe Markets entity is focused on the 'replacement/transformation' of 'illusions/delusions/lies' with 'sharp/distinct' divisions and the'rejection' of 'preached illusions/delusions'.It would be fair to say that the modelspace is forecasting an 'economic illness' which will seemingly persist for a number of years. In spiteof the huge increase in emotional tension release associated with 'economy' and the Ides of March of 2007, it would appear that themodelspace is showing that the 'real/actual' economic disease is already in place, but the 'denial of the fevers' won't begin until after midSeptember. From that point on, the 'malaise' is such that 'duality' begins to express itself as those who would have an interest in keepingthe populace 'deluded' continue to 'preach nonsense'. This manifestation of the 'duality' is very tightly bound to 'transformation'. Theimagery is that this whole area of 'economic illness' and subsequent perceptive shifts will somehow be 'initiated/sparked' by the'unexpected events' of very late August. And further that the emotional trends will be exacerbated after the event/happenstance by idiot politicians.Meta Data - Ok, this is a bit freakyOk, so this is a bit freaky. A primary goal of this series was to identify, as clearly as possible the starting point and the extent of the nextrelease period. Having just come through a rather significant release period {ed note: ends 09.05.2006}, and having observed the kind of strange things that humans get up to during a large emotional release, it made sense to wonder about the coming emotional trend lines.And after having seen how rapidly and how steeply the next emotional building period is portrayed in our previous charts, the release period pending for March of 2007 was a primary goal of this series. In the course of the processing of the longer term value set it is shownthat the actual peak of the emotional tension building period occurs on March 3, 2007, or, gasp!, 3-07-07. Noting the designation of thisseries as 307 {ed note: actually for March, 2007}, it is just a bit freaky when the peak of the emotional trend line hits a plateau that istopped on March 7th, holds at that level until early morning on March 15th, and then begins a very large release period. We had known before this series began data collection that the release period started close to the 15th, and so chose the "ides" appellation along with307. We did *not* know that the peak hit on midnight, UTC, on March 7th. Universe continually surprises.Along with the release period details forecast by the longer term value sets, the modelspace is also able to provide some further, meta datalevel information. Of very great interest is that the end of the release period shows up only 2/two days prior to the 'crumbling' of the'conflict' meta data layer. In the past, the meta data layers have sort of "trailed off", or slowly faded out of the various entities. The'conflict' meta data layer which involves all of the entities as of August 31, 2006, does not follow this pattern in its demise, and rather isvery rapidly lost over the course of the release period of 2007. It would appear safe to interpret that it is the out-flowing of emotionswithin the release period which brings about the end of the 'conflict' meta data layer. The justification is that the totality of the release period of 2007, which extends from March 15th through to September 17th, releases just about 2/two times as much emotional energy asthe current release period {ed note: another installment of this current release period is due for 08.26 to 09.06}. Another factor is that therelease is showing as being from some very lofty emotional levels, many times higher than the levels that began the current release period.This 'great height' starting point seems to offer the effect of magnifying the impact of the emotional release.
HalfPastHuman: Language: Linguistics: Tools: ALTAfile:///I:/HPH_SUPPORT/ALTA307_ides/ALTAREPORT/alta_307_4.htm2 of 98/13/2010 3:21 PM
Chart 1In navigating the more interesting components of the modelspace as depicted in the chart above, we need note first that the 'conflict' metadata layer emerges from the last of the current release period. It does so as it manifests within the last entity yet-to-be-dominated by the'conflict' layer, the Populace/USofA. This manifestation of the 'conflict' within the Populace/USofA entity marks its movement into "metadata status" in that as of August 31 this layer will dominate all entities. Further the 'conflict' meta data layer appears within thePopulace/USofA entity just as a sudden spike in the emotional summations within the release sub set takes place. Are these coincident?Does the appearance of the 'conflict' layer cause this spike in emotional release within the Populace/USofA? Or does the 'violence fromthe earth/climate' actually cause the movement of the 'conflict' meme into meta data status? We do not have the granularity or the brainsto determine this in advance of its emergence. At this point we can only be reasonably certain that the 'conflict' meta data layer begins atleast temporally close to this last release bubble. Thereafter the steep upward trend of the emotional tension line shown in the chart aboveis driven most by the 'conflict' meta data layer expressing in both populace entities {ed note: GlobalPop, and Populace/USofA}, as well asdriving the emotional sums within the very large Terra entity. Within the Terra entity, we here at HPH are conceptualizing this asexpressing 2/two flavors of meme; 'conflict with unmerciful nature' in the sense of the 18th century elite, and a more future focusedalternative, 'conflict/struggle within universe for growth/understanding'. It is worth noting that, once again, a meta data layer, this time'duality' is confusing the whole of the issue. We are seeing a rising expression of 'duality' appearing in many forms over these last fewALTA series. The 'duality' is having its fun by providing very clearly delineated sub sets with large base collections which are forcing theinterpretations to stop and consider alternatives, even within the other meta data layers.In examining the chart above, note that there are 2/two large, faded blue rectangles which each encompass a release period in the verticaldimension. These are provided to aid the eye in comparing the 2/two release periods for amplitude. While the current release period is providing a .00056 drop in emotional tension values, the pending Ides of March release period drops the level by .000999 which we haverounded up to .001 in total emotional tension value reduction. Further we note that while the current release period was of approximately75/seventy five days duration, the pending release period for 2007 is 186/one-hundred-eighty-six days in duration. So while we have alarger level of release, it is also spread out over a longer time. Better? or Worse than the current release period? Hmmm. Yes.The coming release period also offers some interesting information, within the far edge of the longer term value set, indicating that the'conflict' meta data layer will 'combust' or 'burn itself out' during the last lunar month {ed note: 28.75 days} of the release period. Will'conflict' cease after that point? Probably not, but the indications are that the energies set to emerge with the 'conflict' meta data layer willhave 'exhausted' much of the 'will to contend' within the populace of the planet. This ultimately could be good, but somehow the getting to
HalfPastHuman: Language: Linguistics: Tools: ALTAfile:///I:/HPH_SUPPORT/ALTA307_ides/ALTAREPORT/alta_307_4.htm3 of 98/13/2010 3:21 PM

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