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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 21 - 0 - Part Zero (2008.04.21) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA 1308 PZERO]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 21 - 0 - Part Zero (2008.04.21) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA 1308 PZERO]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HalfPastHuman - ALTA Reports - 1308
Prepared from 9.002 million reads of the ALTA 1308 Series, as well as residual data sets fromALTA series 1008.
Meta Arts - Begin here...revision is in order...
This is Part Zero of the ALTA 1308 Report series. As it is thebeginning of the series, a revision/review is in order. We note that PartZero of any series begins with the processing of the very end of the lastseries' longer term data sets. We then begin the processing of the first of the current series data which necessarily focuses on the immediacyvalues. So in the ordinary flow of these reports we will have thefollowing data sets covered:parts Zero/One/Two = last of longer term, then into immediacy valueswith shading into shorter term value sets;parts Two/Three/Four = shorter term value sets, with integration of firstof current series longer term values;parts Four/Five/Six = longer term values, with integration of thepending immediacy values, and shorter term value sets leftunprocessed.This processing flow can be, and has been, interrupted by the data itself in the cases of very large data 'bulges' appearing within a particular type
file:///C|/halfpasthuman/ALTA_1308/ALTAReport/ALTA1308_PZero.htm (1 of 20) [4/21/2008 8:18:00 AM]
HalfPastHuman - ALTA Reports - 1308
of values which may capture our attention and divert the flow. This hasproved valuable in the past, and will continue to be our approach shouldthe data gathering proceed that direction. Given the extraordinarynumbers coming out of our [economic] linked contexts, this may occurlater in the processing as the times catch up to our reports.
Populace/USofA - Meandering Mobs, Military Madding
The Populace/USofA entity has filled with immediacy values in apattern that is both very cohesive, and extensively cross linked to otherentities. Given that the immediacy value set for the entity as a wholehas a large increase in the [intensity] field summations, this unusuallycohesive fill pattern may be forecasting a noticeable increase in the[emotional tension] visibility for the [populace/usofa] during March.The cross links from the Populace/USofA entity are very extensive, andslightly favor the Markets entity, where, as expected, many of thetermination points are in aspect/attribute sets such as [unemployment/  job loss/business loss/personal loss]. This set is a primary supportingset in the [employment crash] linguistic structure which has beenbuilding since early in 2007. It continues to accrue values, and therecent immediacy value sets have provided a very large, nearlydoubled, emotional tension value summation for the [employmentcrash] sub set. These values summations are joining the Populace/ USofA entity very early as the modelspace is progressed into March,and the interpretation is that the government 'employment numbers' willactually begin to reflect the [abysmal labor market]. The data sets insupport of the [unemployment] aspect/attribute set are pointing towarda very large rise in [social disruptions/tensions] due to the [employmentcrash]. This area is further supported by aspect/attributes going to theidea of a new [army/mob/nation] of [unemployed/idled workers]. Thisarea also is cross linked internally within the Populace/USofA entityback to the [politics] area where it joins in supporting the forecast for a[call/cry out] for [early elections] to appear [visibly] later in the year,perhaps by mid Summer.
file:///C|/halfpasthuman/ALTA_1308/ALTAReport/ALTA1308_PZero.htm (2 of 20) [4/21/2008 8:18:00 AM]
HalfPastHuman - ALTA Reports - 1308
The [employment crash] sub set gains considerable emotional tensionvalues from the [new army] of [unemployed], however there are 2/twoindicator that the [lies] from the BLS, *may* not be reflective of the[actual nature/core issues] of [employment] here in the USofA. Theseindicators are the number of references within our data for [loss of (personal/small) business], and [contractors] which are in such greatnumbers that the idea coming across is the nation is going to see thenext wave of the [employment crash] coming from the [self-employed],and [small businesses] as they [fade] into the [malaise] of the [dyingdollar]. This sub set of the populace is *not* likely to be reflectedwithin the BLS numbers due out in March (though they reflect what hashappened in February), however the aspect/attribute sets are pointing toa rise in [visibility] of the [crash of small business] by mid Spring.The data still indicates an [abysmal] employment number, in spite of the [massage] provided by the BLS. The cross links to the Marketsentity are clear that [traders] will not be [favoring] the BLS output on[employment]. The area of the termination within the Markets entityalso contains supporting sets for a [wave/minor-cresting] of [employment loss] over the course of [spring]. Not to be too confusingabout it, but within the Markets entity there are data sets which crosslink back over to the Populace/USofA entity where they are painting apicture of [millions] of [unemployed/idled] and [frustrated] USofAcitizens, and former [workers] who will be in a position to [view] thepreviously forecast [veterans seize national monument (in) protest] laterin the year. The idea emerging from the cross links, including thoseover to the ThePowersThatBe entity, is that the [unemployed audience]for the [veterans protest] is soooo large that the TPTB will havebespoke [fear] when the [protest] happens over the thought of the[millions (of) unemployed] being [sparked/incited/encouraged] to [join]the [veterans protest].Also building within the Populace/USofA, and specifically focusing onthe [army], are data sets pointing to a [condition] set wherein the [greatnumbers/powerful] will be [overwhelmed] by the [few/small group].
file:///C|/halfpasthuman/ALTA_1308/ALTAReport/ALTA1308_PZero.htm (3 of 20) [4/21/2008 8:18:00 AM]

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