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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 22 - 2 - Part Two (2008.05.17) [Estimated] (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA 209 - PART TWO]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 22 - 2 - Part Two (2008.05.17) [Estimated] (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA 209 - PART TWO]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This report prepared from 34.87 million reads of the ALTA 209 series.Meta Data - Bespoke, Transformation, ChartsSome readers have run into the wall of the 'bespoke' word. When this is used itsignifies that the word which follows it is an actual emotional reference withinthe data. To clarify, we note that frequently the archetype of [fear] ariseswithin the aspect/attribute sets. For the most part, the [fear] aspect is inferredfrom references to other context words such as [trembling], as in [trembling infear], or perhaps even closer, a tense, and tone variant such as [frightened].However some times the actual emotional or other descriptor will beencountered in the aspect/attribute sets, and that is when the label of 'bespoke'is used. In this case it would be used when the word [fear] was encountered inthe data sets in that form of the archetype. So the interpretation would note that[fear] is actually showing up in the archetype levels of the data sets by prefacing it with 'bespoke' as in "bespoke [fear]". This is method whereby wecan indicate that the archetype is more pure in its definition, and that theemotional archetype itself has been encountered within the data. We take suchreferences as being a bit more intense than the more common archetypes, butnot as powerful as the references to human and/or animal body parts/processeswhich appear to be the lowest level, and most intense of the archetypes. Clear as navy coffee on a moonless night?The label chosen from the descriptor sets for 2009 is [transformation]. Thismeta data layer is defined as [being completely within the new state] or [actively being involved in change]. So the 'pivotal year' of 2006 provided thetransition into the 'emergent year' of 2007 which in turn acts as the platform for the 'manifestation year' of 2008 and this in turn launches us all into the'transformation year' of 2009.We have recovered (post virus, and mechanical breakdown) most of thecharting capability within our software. We have also provided smaller chartswhich will hopefully be legible given the constraints of the new page design.Further please note that we had to adjust our scale of values from the old chartstyle so some of the data will be of differing summations. SpaceGoatFarts - New Space Shocks, Oceanic Foggy PhenomenaThe SpaceGoatFarts entity shows a curious 'contribution' to the mix of the crosslinks in Fall as there are extensive cross connections to the Bushista entity, and both the GlobalPop, and Populace/USofA entities from the aspect/attribute setof [calamity]. This aspect/attribute set contains supporting values indicatingthat the SpaceGoatFarts entity will be a [background participant] within the[expressions/manifestation] of [calamity] in the Fall. This originatingaspect/attribute set within SpaceGoatFarts is tied to terminating aspects in the populace entities which are headed by [new/novel] and include [shock] as thefirst level of support for an interpretation as the [shock/reaction of encountering the new/novel_conditions].The [calamity] sub set of the SpaceGoatFarts entity is reflective of a similar grouping within the Bushista, and Populace/USofA entity. In the case of the
HPH ALTA 209 - Part Twofile:///I:/halfpasthuman/ALTA_209/ALTAReport/ALTA209_PTwo.htm1 of 98/13/2010 3:04 PM
SpaceGoatFarts, the [calamity] aspect does not have an active form of supporting values, but more on the order of passive influences. There is anexception in that r. aspect set. Within this set are supporting values from theshorter term set for [fire] which is supported by a directly held value set of [expelling/leaving]. The indications for a [marker] for [calamity] whichinvolves aCMEor solar eruption such as from a sun spot would seem to fit thelevel of intensity values that we have here. This is viewed more as a 'coincidenttemporal marker' than a 'main event' lexical set as the level of intensity whencompared to the other sets already focusing on Fall show it to be an also-ran.But still, the SpaceGoatFarts entity suggestion of watching for this [expellation]may be pointing toward it as a point of delineation between the last of the old,and the first of the new (conditions).Other supporting sets for the [calamity] as temporal marker include [reachingextremity] which is a variant on the [extremity of language] sub set forecast todominate the Populace/USofA over Fall and Winter. This sub set nowappearing within the SpaceGoatFarts entity is pointing to an actual [physical property] which is indicated to have [reached extremity], and thereafter the[change begins]. This language set is clearly indicating that a 'next phase' kindof thing or the [end/beginning] of a cycle will be observed as part of the eventsof Fall. The shorter term, and immediacy values are not of such intensitysummations as to make this a 'world changing event' so much as to say 'heremarks the change'.As part of the sub sets in support of [calamity] are a large number of cross linkswhich originate in the SpaceGoatFarts entity, and terminate in the [oceans] subset of the Terra entity. The majority of the supporting values which accrue after the entity is advanced through mid August, are presenting as though an[accomplishment of unity] occurs around the emotional contexts of [oceans].This can also be interpreted as [arising consensus/unity of vision], and both of these would fit with the imagery coming out of the SpaceGoatFarts entity.Further cross links go over to the GlobalPop entity where some are terminatingin the [female personality] and her role as [uniter]. These links are adding[visibility] sums which suggest the appearance of the [female personality]within the global mediastream at that time. The rise in the [visibility] sums isseemingly connected to the growth of the sub sets around [climate change], and[solar influences/acts/actions/eruptions]. Along with the growth of these crosslinked sets the SpaceGoatFarts entity's has directly held values for [still airs]and [fogs] which are shown as being a [novel phenomena] in [autumn]. Further these [fogs] are so [obscuring] as to [cause disruptions] as well as [regionalatmospheric problems], and [health alerts/threats].Populace/USofA - Extremes Redux, Rude Nightmares, Economic NoosesA key aspect of the past ALTA series, when forecasting emotional tones for this Fall, has been the [extreme language] which was seen as dominating the[visibility] of the global mediastream language. We now have evidence of theshift being underway as the various media streams have been reporting on[natural disasters] here in the USofA and abroad. The language associated withthese reports has scaled into our projected [extreme states] as the phrases thereporters are applying to the subject of their reports runs to the'biggest...deepest....largest...et al". As the reports on [extreme weather] andother biospheric interruptions such as Chile's volcanoes, and global storm patterns shade into examples of [extreme language] in May/June, the awareobserver will be able to discern many [future echo's] in the terms now beingapplied. These [current events as future echoes] will be returning in a few shortmonths as Fall settles into place in this, the year of 'manifestation'.Within the general [extremes of language] forecast for Fall, there are several'subject' areas found in the aspect/attribute sets. These include [extremeirrationality] from the [bushies], as well as [extremes of effort] from the [usofamilitary], and [extreme weather/climate] within the northern hemisphere, and[extremes of economic degradation/destruction]. In all cases, the [visibility]factors are high, and the global mediastream is forecast to be reporting on the[extremes] which will be manifesting. They will necessarily also have to grope
HPH ALTA 209 - Part Twofile:///I:/halfpasthuman/ALTA_209/ALTAReport/ALTA209_PTwo.htm2 of 98/13/2010 3:04 PM
for new language to express these [extremes], and will necessarily fail most of the time. This [failure] of the reportorial stream to [capture the emotional tone]of the populace is itself also forecast to become a 'story' within themediastream, as well as to put further pressure on the [cognitive dissonance]affecting the populace.The data sets accruing now are forecasting that those of the [populace] who aredescribed as [unconscious/asleep] will be [kicked into/forced into a [newunderstanding] of the [manifesting social order]. This is not to say thateveryone will become awake/aware. Rather the data sets are suggesting that[manifesting circumstances] will [force/propel] the [unconscious/unaware populace] into [chutes/control paths] en mass, and that during this[propelled/driven experience], many of those currently [unconscious] will be[shocked] into a new [state of awareness] by the [seemingly suddenappearance] of [extremes] in [reality]. This sub set is a supporting layer for the[duality] meta data layer, and further has internal cross links in support of the[revolution] meta data layer.As may be expected, the [loss of money] on a vast scale affecting the[populace] as a whole will provide a lot of [propellant] to the [consciousnessshift] forecast to begin in Fall and to continue over the next year. The data setsare indicating that the [thanksgiving holiday] will bring a significant [burst] of emotional response due to the [secrets revealed] meta data layer, and the[sudden failure] of the [social shielding] for the [elite/TPTB] as the [loss of money] brings about many side effects. Bearing in mind that the data sets areindicating that the global populace will have suddenly switched into 'emotionalrelease language' on October 7th (still forecast for 7:10 am UTC), the sideeffects from the [loss of money] on so vast a scale is also forecast as[shattering/rupturing] many [old/ancient social contracts] which have beenused to [prop up/hold up/support] the ThePowersThatBe, and to [shield themfrom the results of their crimes].Much of the [secrets revealed] supporting aspect/attributes withinPopulace/USofA is cross linked over to the Markets entity, and further is alsofrequently cross linked to both the Bushista and ThePowersThatBe entities. Inthe case of the switch to the 'release language' change in October, the data setsare pointing to a [release] of [information] which will be a [catalyst] for the[awakening/awareness] of many of the [populace] as they are indicated to be[shocked (from) sleep). This will be a very [rude awakening], and is indicatedto be accompanied by both [personal] and [social] [turmoil]. As the [pathogenic behavior] spreads through the Fall, the [populace] is shown as [shaken/shocked/rocked] and the supporting sets are for either [waking/awakened] or [death].So again we get [duality] manifesting in that many of the [populace] will be[shocked (into) a rude awakening], while others react to the [shock] bydeciding to [die]. It will not be quite so simple, and the data sets are probablyreferencing coincidence, rather than cause-and-effect. There is a clear data setfor this Fall beginning a period of [exceptional/extreme numbers] of persons
HPH ALTA 209 - Part Twofile:///I:/halfpasthuman/ALTA_209/ALTAReport/ALTA209_PTwo.htm3 of 98/13/2010 3:04 PM

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