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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 23 - 3 - Part Three (2008.08.18) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA509PARTTHREE]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 23 - 3 - Part Three (2008.08.18) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA509PARTTHREE]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This report in the ALTA 509 series is from 38.75 million reads. It includes immediacy, and short tervalue sets as well as longer term values.
Meta Art - Memeering
We have had a couple of requests for a more detailed examination of memeering which we will make every effort to address. The demands of theprocessing as well as the intricacies of the memeering place some timeconstraints on the effort, so it may have to wait until this series is complete, bif so, we will provide a general free to the public discussion and will send outnotification via the email list.
Meta Data - Shades required, Holes of meaning, Bindingviews
By way of explanation, we need to note that our work is based on a very largelexicon of words in various languages and alphabets. This large lexicon hasbeen crafted with each word having a connection to an array of numeric valueThese values are placed within an 8/eight by 8/eight array which has 10/tenlayers deep for a total of 640/six-hundred and forty potential values. Mostwords do not have most values filled in. We 'tune' the lexicon between runs toreflect changes within the values (0/zero to 100/one-hundred) for each 'cell'within the multidimensional array. These changes are those that we have beenable to guess that we actually find manifesting in reality. So we might raise avalue for 'intensity' at the first or primary level for a word if we discover thatwhen it appears within the global media stream it does so in association withwords of a higher emotional intensity value, or if the word itself shows withforce in the number and spread of its use. Make sense? If not, try to hang on awe necessarily proceed.The multidimensional array is actually more important at the 10/ten layer levethan at the individual cell level within each layer. As each layer has a total of 64/sixty four layers, we usually represent the whole of a layer by the sum of it
Page 1 of 18HPH ALTA 509 - Part Three8/18/2008http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_509/ALTAReport/HPHPartthree.htm
parts. Within our modelspace each pixel represents a word or phrase in thelexicon. We assign a different color for each layer of the array based on its totvalue sums. These colors are used to color the pixel associated with the wordphrase at each of 10/ten views of modelspace. This means that each pixel willhave a different color depending on which layer we are viewing at the momenSo we could look only at the cross linking layer and get a particular view of modelspace, or we could examine the intensity layer and receive another viewwhich would not necessarily look even remotely like the previous view. Inaddition we have the 'totality' view of modelspace in which all the layers aremerged and shown at once, which provides us with 11/eleven 'shades' of meaning around our distribution of the word linked pixels in modelspace.As may be imagined, modelspace, especially as a 'totality' view, can get realconfusing. The complexities involved argue against any form of presentation'raw' modelspace, even as a 2/d representation of our 3/d modelspace. Just toocomplex, and in totality, since we have the heuristics which *remove* both hand shading values as the sums rise in numeric value, there are a lot of holes tnot be seen....but they are meaningful holes not seen...especially if you've notseen them in the past.These meaningful holes come from the total sums of all layers for all cellswithin the array. These layers are as follows:1- intensity2- duration3- motivation4- action/response5- emotional direction(s)6- constraints (where the meta data layers live)7- associations8- originating links9- terminating links10- ze X factor (unknown)In the process of interpretation, depending on which of the various durationlevels (immediacy, shorter term, or longer term) are predominant within the
Page 2 of 18HPH ALTA 509 - Part Three8/18/2008http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_509/ALTAReport/HPHPartthree.htm
modelspace, we prefer to start each week's work with a top level view of thetotal sums, and then to drill down in to the various layers searching for theshifts of language usage (new words appearing, or old consistent wordsdisappearing) which hint at something 'in the mix'.It was the 'disappearance' of several sets of words which *used* to be alwaysassociated with the [contact (of the Other/Space/Interdimensional) aliens]which put us onto the scent of the now manifesting [contact] meme. Many of the 'disappeared' word sets related to [disinformation] and were associated atthe 5/fifth level, or emotional directions(s) with [ridicule] which itself wassupported at the 7/seventh level with [officialdom]. At the time, we then 'read'the missing sets as being the 'sudden lack of words linked to disinfo, andofficial ridicule' and thus were on the track of the now manifesting [contact]meme, but of course, we were reading about it several months prior to its actuappearance. Make sense? Probably shouldn't since we are making deductionsfrom what is not there, but we will continue apace anyway.The 'sudden disappearance' of the 'ridicule' and 'disinfo' language (really justdrop waaay below what we had been used to observing) acted as eye candy inmodelspace to draw our attention. We then set about isolating theSpaceGoatFarts entity and examined each of the various layers against theothers by shifting the values back and forth while attempting to visually key ion interesting changes within sub sets. In a way this is similar to howastronomers find new thingey's in space by rapidly shifting the view of variousnapshots of the same spot of space. In both instances, movement, or change ibeing sought in the minutia of the flickering images. We probably have it easithan the astronomer fellows.The data sets also suggest, both by instance and absence, levels of 'intensity' othe changes found within our flickering modelspace. The intensity valuesummations are very interesting in that they provide the values which indicate[visibility] within the global media stream, As the intensity values rise, there ialso a corresponding rise in the 'impact' values which are the layers 2/two,3/three, and 4/four in the list above. As these rise, we begin to forecast changein the nature of the existing social order. For those forecasts, we frequently fimeaning in layer 5/five which contains our emotional tension values. For clueto what words will be present in the forecast future fore shadowed by the riseintensity values, we turn to layer 8/eight where our associations back to thelexicon are located. These then are plotted against the layer 6/six constraints,and finally viewed from the layer 8/eight and 9/nine to pick out meaningfulassociations to other linguistic sets via cross links.Lastly we have layer 10/ten, where universe has taught us to place 'all that isbeyond reason'. Basically, as Igor labels it, layer 10/ten is a 'reasonably tidy
Page 3 of 18HPH ALTA 509 - Part Three8/18/2008http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_509/ALTAReport/HPHPartthree.htm

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