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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 23 - 6 - Part Six (2008.08.16) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA509PARTSIX]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 23 - 6 - Part Six (2008.08.16) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA509PARTSIX]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This report in the ALTA 509 series is from 70.705 million reads. It includesimmediacy, and short term value sets as well as longer term values. Part Six is the lastreport in this series.Posted: August 16, 2008
Meta Arts - t(Witches). Pole Shift (5/2008),Speculator Slices....
As the modelspace is progressed forward, impelled by our assignednumeric values, there occasionally appear clusters of contextuallyrelated phrases/words which are spread across entities or amongentities, yet do not have the cohesiveness of a meta data layer whichis the same aspect/attribute set found in all the entities. In the caseof these contextually related phrases, their importance, evenexistence may be due to the underlying shift within the populace atlarge within very broad areas that are not so easily described. Wethink that we have such a situation developing now. In many wayssimilar to the change of social context a few years back in whichthe 'illegal alien' context suddenly erupted within the broader socialcontext of the populace of the USofA, the data now seems to besuggesting that yet another, wide social context may be changing. If we are interpreting modelspace correctly.In the case of the 'illegal alien' movement, this was clearlyorchestrated to provide the emotional energy levels where thepoliticians and media could do as they were told, that is, change thecontext to 'comprehensive immigration reform'. This effort to alterthe context from [illegal alien] over to [amnesty] failed. It did so asthe engineering on the part of the TPTB was inadequate to breechthe level of emotional resistance found widely dispersed throughoutthe populace in general. Further issues of the very beginnings of the
Page 1 of 15HPH ALTA 509 - Part Six8/18/2008http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_509/ALTAReport/HPHPartSix.htm
economic problems starting to squeeze the populace, and the stateof the TPTB wars in Afghanistan, and Iraq had also addedemotional obstacles which were too much for TPTB emotionalengineering to overcome.The new social context that we are seeing may be a spontaneousoccurrence. We are labeling this cloud of contextually relatedwords/phrases the [symbology] context. The [symbology] contextin the aggregate relates to the area of the [study and use of symbols]. It appears at this early stage that a generalized interest inthe many facets of [symbology] will begin to sweep across theplanetary populace over these next 2/two years with increasingmomentum until it seemingly will integrate as a general societywide endeavor. The data indicates that the [symbologymovement/trend] will be very expansive ranging from formalizedstudy of mind control techniques using symbols/language, all theway over to [reality programming (magic)] using symbology toaffect the quanta level manifestations. The whole of the[symbology] trend among the general global populace will causeTPTB some consternation and some [constipation] as they will beunable to [digest] the [competition] in the realm of [magic/effectivesymbology]. Currently the [reigning masters] in [magic] the TPTBwill soon be [buffeted] or [blown about] by the radical [winds of changes] as the [populace] as a whole starts to [intrude] on their[domain].Here at HPH we have labeled the [illuminati/TPTB] sub set of [sorcerers/magicians] as the t(Witches). The [witches] part isprobably self-expanatory, the 't' and the parentheses are to be takenas a unit, in the sense of an mathematical [function] descriptor,which is also very close in nature to the predicate calculus formsused in prolog programming. The 't' then provides the [functionfilter description] which is to be applied to the word within theparentheses, in this case [witches] which in context is the label of someone who [actively practices magic]. The meaning of the 't' is'tetrahedronalconstant' or 19.5 (actually nearer 19.47...but weround up). And so the t(Witches) are those who practice the [magicof the hyperdimensional physics].So the movement of modelspace over the next 2/two years seems tobe suggesting that the t(witches) will start to suffer somecompetition overload from the [populace] mucking about in whatused to be their private preserve, reality shifting via [advancedsymbology]. As the meme is moved forward with modelspace over
Page 2 of 15HPH ALTA 509 - Part Six8/18/2008http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_509/ALTAReport/HPHPartSix.htm
2009, it goes through several maturation phases, and in particularthe shifting [symbology] use of late Summer suggests thatthereafter [advertising] as we know it will be a [failing industry].There are little in the way of clues as to why this will happen. Thereare some number of cross links back over to the SpaceGoatFartsentity and the [light emitters/photon controllers] sub set, but thisprovides little to augment the interpretation.According to the reluctantly released information now emergingfrom the closed American space science community, there has beenyet another [pole shift] in our solar system in May of this year. Thisoccurrence perhaps is the [marker] for May 2008 that we had in ourSpaceGoatFarts entity all through 2006 and 2007. As reported in aninteresting article inPravda 
Mysterious phenomena take place on one of its largest moons, Europa,too. Its ice-heavy poles shifted 90 degrees and changed their places with theequator in May of the current year.
This information is reported elsewhere, and is also linked withrecent [pole shifts] on Uranus, where the apparent swing has been98/ninety-eight degrees. Both of these events, as well as otherexpressions of change within the planetary structures are the resultof the alignment, continuing apace, of the hyperdimensionalgeometry with its counter part in our 3/three dimensional world. Wecan expect this trend to continue as well as to be amplified at alllevels, including the microscopic as the solar system continues ourdestined meeting with GC (galactic central) at 11:11, December 21,2012.We are dropping the Speculator slices component of these reportsafter this series. No point to continuing. The metamorphosis of the'global economy' has begun, and that part that is represented by[speculation] and the ['investors'] and [paper currencies] is very-soon-to-be a relic of the past, and our goal here at HPH has alwaysbeen to focus on the future. See Markets entity discussion below.
GlobalPop - October Release, Untangling,13/Thirteen Days, Approach
The shifting of GlobalPop through modelspace into our forecastOctober release language shift, has brought up many references to[russia] and to the area of the [middle caucus mountains]. There are
Page 3 of 15HPH ALTA 509 - Part Six8/18/2008http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_509/ALTAReport/HPHPartSix.htm

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