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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 25 - 1 - Part One (2008.12.17) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA909PARTONE]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 25 - 1 - Part One (2008.12.17) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA909PARTONE]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This report prepared from the continuous data stream initially started for 709 and kept running acrossthe building tension to release language shift on October 7th employing33.415 million reads.
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Meta Arts - Life here on Terra, Usual Suspects
While the originating galaxy for the small bit of rock that omni humanitycurrently calls home can be debated, as in the Sagittarius B (Dwarf) galaxy, othe Milky Way galaxy, to life here on Terra, the issue is likely moot. This is dto the 2012 'alignment' with the ecliptic plane of the Milky Way galaxy. Itmatters not to us crawly bits out-and-about on the planet whether this is the fisuch alignment ever, and there after we (the planet and solar system) are forecaptured, part of the Milky Way ever after; or whether the we are some strangsolar system on walk about such that we periodically pass through the eclipticof the Milky Way galaxy. Either way, on December 21, 2012, and presumablat 11:11 am, the center of our 3.5/three-point-five astronomic degree wide solsystem, including all of the orbit of the 'home world', will pass into alignmentwith the ecliptic plane of the Milky Way galaxy. Further, at that time, the planwill be on the side of the sun such that we will have a 'face' toward the centerthe Milky Way galaxy. This 'galactic center' has *all* those suns in direct (mor less) alignment at the ecliptic level, and thus the planet will be 'facing', forhalf our orbit, direct exposure to a *much* more energetic form of space thanwe have ever experienced as life, here on Terra.The as yet to be experienced (directly) [unknown energies from space] *havehad a noticeable impact on the sun. Perhaps even to the recent absence of sunspots. We also now have 'scientific' validation that 'flux tube exchanges' areoccurring between the sun and all the planets within the solar system. Thus itnot so far fetched to postulate an analog at the galaxy-to-sun level.There are further indications that " it ain't your father's sun any more". The
Page 1 of 15ALTA 909 - Part One12/17/2008http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_909/ALTAReport/ALTA909Partone.htm
recent changes include very high levels of x-ray output *without* the usualsuspects, sunspots as the 'cause'. There are several conclusions that can bedrawn from the recent increase in x-ray and other energies from the sun, andone obvious conclusion is that humans don't know as much as we used to thinwe did. The appearance of the flux transfer tubes and the 'right angle' patternson the sun *are* connected intimitely...too bad we haven't a clue as to the hoand why of these phenomena. We also can conclude that our sun is *not*behaving as it was forecast by the 'scientists' as recently as 8/eight years ago.The model for the sun's activity, based on hundreds of years of sunspotrecordings, and hundreds of years of daily solar observation, is now in a phasof activity that has never before been observed. To further complicate thepicture, all forms of solar radiation are in a state of change not before observeWe have reductions in high energy particles and other energy forms. These arcoincident with the reduction in sub spots, and the reduction in the solar systesurround of the heliosphere. Also coincidently the ozone hole over Antarcticahas never been larger.The strange right angle patterns seen on the surface of the sun have includednumber of platonic solid 2/two dimensional forms including squares, trianglesand now more complex joining of 'right angle' patterns. We note that these areappearing at hyper dimensionally significant latitudes such as 19.5 and 33.3.Recent demonstrations of such patterns are now spanning the solar equatorialbulge from 19.5 degrees 'north' latitude to 19.5 degrees 'south' latitude. Suchcomplex structures have never been discussed in any of the hundreds of yearsexistent sun spot records, nor do they show up in an admittedly brief search omythological descriptions of solar activity. Of course this latter is hardlyexhausted, so such descriptions may yet be located, *however* it may be thatthe current solar anomalies are indicative symptoms of the 2012 reaching of tend of the 26000/twenty-six thousand (more or less) years precessional cycle.And we note that for the last 13000/thirteen thousand years, the solar systemhas been in the 'night' period of theprecessionalcycle if this 26000/twenty-sithousand (more or less) years is thought of as a single very long "day". At 11:am on December 21, 2012, the 'night' ends, and the 'dawn' of the new timeoccurs as the solar system swings into the first half of the next precessionalcycle, which is to say, the 'daylight' of the Long Day, which then continues fothe next 13000/thirteen thousand years.Or so we *used* to think. It may be that this particular precessional cycle *is*different, in that in this cycle, *just* at the point of completion, the solar systewill align with the center of the Milky Way galaxy, and *may* be actuallycaptured by this galaxy. Previous precessional cycles, if we accept the idea thTerra is part of the Sagittarius constellation being subsumed into the MilkyWay, would not have had quite the same form of alignment with the galacticcentral of the Milky Way. In previous cycles our solar system could considere
Page 2 of 15ALTA 909 - Part One12/17/2008http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_909/ALTAReport/ALTA909Partone.htm
to have been 'above' the ecliptic plane of the Milky Way galaxy, and as such talignments between our sun, the earth, and galactic central would have been aan angle to the disc of the ecliptic. Not so this time as our solar system is nowdropping 'down' into the ecliptic plane while also completing a precessionalcycle.It is curious that the length of our precession of the equinox is 26/twenty-sixthousand years, which is also our approximate distance from the center of theMilky Way galaxy at 26/twenty-six light years. It is also curious that our solarsystem has been described as being 'in motion' relative to the spiral arms of thMilky Way galaxy. The idea being that on a periodic basis our solar systemtraverses the dark bands between the spiral arms, and then aligns with a spiralarm. The mythological records including meso-American glyphs *seem* toindicate that these spiral arm jaunts are also coincident with precessionalmovements.There are the arguments to be made that transiting the spiral arms implies thatour solar system is not a part of the fixed group of the Milky Way galaxy,whether or not we are part of the disintegrating Sagittarius B (dwarf) system.The implication is that if we were part of the Milky Way, that our position
Page 3 of 15ALTA 909 - Part One12/17/2008http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_909/ALTAReport/ALTA909Partone.htm

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