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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 25 - 4 - Part Four (2008.12.17) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA909PARTFOUR]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 25 - 4 - Part Four (2008.12.17) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA909PARTFOUR]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This report prepared from the continuous data stream initially started for 709 and keptrunning across the building tension to release language shift on October 7th employing73.65 million reads.
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Meta Arts - Here at HPH
Where to from here? We have pending [food supplies] problems,the absolute [collapse of the dollar/USofA (aka dollar death)] as theglobal reserve currency, the continued increase in biospherechanges which at a minimum will change life-here-on-terra forever, and the continuing heliospheric level changes, as well as thevarious stellar and other alignments all rolling down on us withfrightening speed, yet glacial mass. So it is natural that the questionof 'where to from here' shall arise in the minds of those humansnow functioning as aware observers of their own universe.Igor is seeking a homestead situation in the more northern regionsof the state of Washington. In the mean time he is acquiring bookson various skills, as well as tools as they become available. He isinterested in quality made hand tools of all kinds, and is now sittingdown to learn about electricity production. Igor is currently takingan advanced firearms handling course at a local indoor 'shootingacademy'. Besides his advanced degree in the pie eating arts, Igorhas begun to attend/audit classes at a couple of local communitycolleges where he is studying food preservation techniques, botany,and agricultural courses. In addition he is seriously consideringtaking up apiary husbandry in spite of rampaging phobias aboutbees.Clif has already a solar electric, off grid system, and is now puttingup a small windmill to augment electric production. The windmill
Page 1 of 17ALTA 909 - Part Four12/17/2008http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_909/ALTAReport/ALTA909Partfour.htm
can also be mounted on the boat which he will have completed inearly 2009. This boat is heavily electric, and will be able to pluginto his home system to both provide continuous recharge, as wellas to be able to use the 400+/four hundred plus amp hours of batteryin the boat system as part of the home system. He also has anelectric motor capable of driving the small boat at 8/eight to 10/tenknots for over 24/twenty-four hours without a recharge. The boat isan american sharpie rigged with fully battened lug sails also knownas 'junk sails'. The boat is flat bottomed and can be beached withrelative ease anywhere in local waters. The boat is designed toprovide transportation and habitat for long periods in the event of global water issues, or local transportation break down. In the eventof local civil disturbance the boat can be easily launched very closeby, and would then provide the ability to stand away from problemson shore. Further, in the event of mass evacuations, the boat alsofacilitates the use of very low traffic waterways as an alternative tooining the local populace on clogged or failing roads. Clif hasstored fuel in several forms. and is prepared for emergencyconditions for at least 2/two years. Clif has an extensive collectionof hand tools, and is skilled in their use. Clif is a vegetarian of many decades, and is developing yet more skills in food productionand storage. He is now exploring the potentials for 'sproutedgrains/seeds' as a Fall/Winter based fresh food source. He has alsocrafted a steel framed geodesic grow dome of 30/thirty plus feetdiameter for season extension in food production. This greenhousedome is provided energy for fans and heat via a bleed off systemfrom the solar panels (and soon the windmill). The greenhouseprovides fruits, vegetables, herbs, and mushroom production spaceas well as a place to work on the masts and other looooong stuff inthe winter.George Ure is a 'land baroon' in SE Texas where he is crafting hisown 'boat on land' approach to weathering the coming storms. Hisactivities include solar electric, as well as goat-power (nope, notgiant mutant space goats) systems. He hopes to be able to completehis invention of the goat-powered shortwave radio while patents arestill quasi-meaningful. Recent activities include stress testing of materials, and advanced word smithing.
Terra - Flaky crust, Glazed stares, Potable Portage
The data sets associated with [twin earthquakes] continues to grow.
Page 2 of 17ALTA 909 - Part Four12/17/2008http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_909/ALTAReport/ALTA909Partfour.htm
The newly supporting sets are within the aspect/attribute sets of [pulsating (motion)], and [rippling (ground)], and [motion (of)sound (in) ground]. This last is supported by aspect/attributes whichsuggest that it is related to [waves] of [propagation] within the[surface] of the [earth], as well as being a literal/actual reference to[sound (coming up from the) ground] during the [earthquake(s)].Further support builds under [mountains] where the newly arrivedaspect/attributes include [frail crust], and [broken (open) fertileplain]. Other aspect/attribute sets in the supporting chain include[seed(ed) valley] as being the [focus/nexus] of the [most damage],though note that this is not necessarily the epicenter of theearthquake energy.The data sets in the deep supporting layers include [stripes] as in[tiger stripes] that are forecast to make a [visible appearance] {ednote: most likely after the earthquake}. We also have [vegetablefields] at many different levels of support indicating an agriculturalarea will be very central to the [visible] aftermath. Deeper into thedetail aspect/attribute layers we have descriptors for [images/views]of [humans looking up] and [humans (with) dropped jaws] and[humans with [fixed/glazed stares].Part of the data sets are now going to the [visible] problems whichwill result from the [earthquakes]. A very major problem isshowing as an [agricultural area] being [so devastated] as to have[problems with production]. Both this last, and the [rebuilding] areindicated to be a [decade, 10/ten years] activity. Other issuesinclude the [immediate needs (of) food] and [shelter] for the[affected humans]. Much of the supporting language is coming insupport of the idea of [needing to feed] some large/significantnumbers of people post-earthquake. This is shown as being causedby several factors including the [isolation] brought on by the[disruption/destruction] of the [roads]. Some of the detail layersshow that many days later, perhaps even [weeks], there will be a[cadre] of [humans] and [animals?] which will [undertake dailywalking] to [bring back supplies] to the [affected regions]. The datasets are presenting the idea that even [large amounts] of [helicopter]delivered [food/aid] will still [require/need] to be [hand carried] toget to the [isolated communities]. The local [systems] foreverything from [health care] to [fuel delivery] will be [disrupted]for some time in excess of [3/three years] by the [alterations] in the[ground shapes] and [bridges failing].The data sets are also indicating that [following] the [earthquakes]
Page 3 of 17ALTA 909 - Part Four12/17/2008http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_909/ALTAReport/ALTA909Partfour.htm

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