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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 26 - 2 - Part Two (2009.01.17) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA1109PDF PARTTWO]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 26 - 2 - Part Two (2009.01.17) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA1109PDF PARTTWO]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This report prepared from the continuous data stream initially started for 709 and kept running acrossthe building tension to release language shift on October 7th employing86.16 million reads. The recent processing included 29.648 million reads from the 1109 data gatherinPosted January 17, 2009
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Meta Data - The FAR look....
The longer view forward that is obtained by packing modelspace with longerterm value sets (in this case from the 709, and 909 ALTA series) shows thatsome very interesting temporal echoes will emerge from this [summer 2009],also known (here at HPH) as the Summer of Hell. The first of these echoes isdirect tie from the early Summer month of June to August. The activities whigo to form the emotional tone of those 2/two months are indicated to returnwith real strength over the course of 2014 and 2015. The dominant meta datalayers for this period globally are [duality], [revolution], [encounters withscarcity], [restrictions on movement], and [economic distress (a'la the death othe dollar)]. While these areas are all represented in the next peak of thetemporal sine wave that carries them now, their distribution (so far) for 2014 -2015 suggests that [revolution] dominates then, with [duality] a minor playerbest. This is the reciprocal of the situation at the moment, where the overallinterpretation of modelspace suggests that this [summer 2009] will have themost [blatant] and [egregious] examples of the [cult of the rich and famous] iwhich the [duality] meta data layer is *THE* primary support as the [gap]between the [rich/power elite] and the [rest of global populace] comes into vestarkly [illuminated] relief over [summer]. Sub sets of these longer term valuesets indicate that minor sub themes, such as the [reformation (of the)press/media] will also have their echoes forward into 2014 and beyond, andthey also will have significant [reformation] ahead.
Page 1 of 15ALTA 1109 - Part Two2/14/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1109/ALTAReport/ALTA1109PartTwo.htm
At the meta data layers within the longer term value sets have the dominantposition shift from [duality] through [revolution] to [reformation] over thesenext 9/nine years. At the peak of the [revolution] meta data layer emotional todominance, which is to say, 2014 (here in USofA) and 2015 (globally), thebeginnings of the [global social contract] will initially become [visible], and t[reform/reforming/reformation] of pretty much *all* [global systems] will beunderway. This [reformation] meta data layer peaks in 2018 {ed note: in curredata} and continues to [clean up loose ends] until about 2024. The[reformation] of the [official] part of the [global social contract] actually begiwith the [dissolution] of the various [national social contracts/orders] in theSummer 2009. The data sets are indicating that all through 2009, but especiallfrom Summer onward, the [revolution] meta data layer builds emotionalstrength from the rising [visibility] of [duality]. The imagery coming up fromthe detail sets are of [luxurious settings], and [glamorous/magical personalitiebeing [pimped/promoted] by the [captive media] *just* as the largest ever[wave of poverty inducing economic collapse] rolls around the planet. The dasets further indicate that unlike previous [economic depressions] wherein the[escape from reality] included [envy of the rich and famous], with theunderlying propaganda from TPTB that [you too, can achieve this], the currendeveloping [depression] will have a distinctly [harsher] view as [duality]between [few rich], and [everyone else] is continually exposed. The data setsfor the [summer of hell, 2009] are indicating that the sub text/propagandathemes of the TPTB will *not* be accepted in this [depression], and further ththe [pimping/promoting] of the spurious message of [class climbing] willbecome something of a society wide [insider's joke]. Ultimately the [rejectionmeme comes up in the form of the [rejection (by all) of the USofA dollar], anwithin its larger context, the [rejection] meme brings along a [society widerejection] of the [once hidden messages] in [mainstream media]. Theindications for this [rejection of the cult of personality/power elite] have beenshowing up in our data sets for over 3/three years, and the accretion patterns f the longer term values (and the shorter term sets from 1109) are indicating tha[2/two incidents] or examples of the meme will present themselves for theamusement of the well tuned aware observer over the summer months of July,and August of 2009. These [incidents] are indicated to involveThePowersThatBe as they [attempt, but fail] to sell a particular and [poorlydisguised] message within a [photo essay] and a [publicity (for film?)tour/campaign]. In both cases the [hidden/occult] messages will be so[egregiously blatant] as to be perceived as [falling/leaking out] of the[photographs]. These incidents are indicated to actually [prompt] or [propel] agood sized [awakening] within the [populace/usofa] as they are[pimped/promoted] throughout [main stream media]. The incidents are furtherable to be used by the aware observer of the [first turning] of the [beast] of [mob rule].
Page 2 of 15ALTA 1109 - Part Two2/14/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1109/ALTAReport/ALTA1109PartTwo.htm
The chart below provides a look at 2009 as emotional tension waves. Those trise up or are flattish are the building emotional tension periods, and those linsegments which are downward pointing (left to right), are release of emotionatension periods. We think of the building emotional tension periods as being ttimes where humans will 'grit their teeth' and 'get on with things in spite of problems', whereas the emotional tension release periods are those times whehumans 'need to voice' their fears and concerns. Or, as the media would have ibuilding emotional tension is what happens when the characters are threateneby the monster du jour, and release periods are those points immediately after1/one of the characters has been snatched up by the monster. Make sense? Onit is a collective thing, and thus the populace as a whole tends to live throughflattened version of the emotional tension cycle.It will become obvious from the chart above that there are 3/three steps in ouremotional tension journey in 2009. It will also be noticed that the steps this yeare seemingly to be bound by the equinox and solstices. This *may* beinfluenced by the many Terra intrusion, and the whole [paradigm destruction]meme which is intimately related to the idea of [continuity] of [previous earthclimate behavior]. The idea being here that if there were [no spring] in thenorthern hemisphere then the emotional tension values being expressed by thepopulace of that region *would* be in sync with the seasons, or rather theirformer, astronomic markers, e.g. the equinox/solstice cycles. As the boundaryof Winter/Spring is passed on March 21, *if* there were to be [no spring], the
Page 3 of 15ALTA 1109 - Part Two2/14/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1109/ALTAReport/ALTA1109PartTwo.htm

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