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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 26 - 5 - Part Five (2009.02.07) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA1109PDF PARTFIVE]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 26 - 5 - Part Five (2009.02.07) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA1109PDF PARTFIVE]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This report prepared from the continuous data stream initially started for 709 and kept running acrossthe building tension to release language shift on October 7th employing86.16 million reads. The recent processing included 59.359 million reads from the 1109 data gatherinPosted February 7, 2009
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Meta Arts - WAIS Wails, Cold Noise
With the recent publication of the news that the collapse of theWAIS (WestAntarctic Ice Sheet)will raise sea levels significantly, and at different levelsaround the planet, and further, just *may* cause a change in the tilt of the eartseveral of the linguistic sets previously discussed in this and earlier ALTAseries are manifesting. First the [antarctic] discussions appearing en masseglobally as the studies cited above are released and spread around the planetstarts the [visibility] rise relative to [antarctica] that has been consistentlyforecast from ThePowersThatBe entity as beginning in early 2009 and growinover the course of the year. Then, a second set of linguistics is satisfied as thevarious articles describe the 'expected/forecast effects' from the water level risThe language being mangiest in the descriptor articles goes directly to theforecast linguistics for our [global coastal phenomena]. Also note that the[volcano] language from ALTA reports of several years back is appearing. Thlanguage conforms to the George Postulate which states that the longer we seit coming, the more significant it will be on daily human life. So it is mostsignificant indeed to see the many [under ice/ and under seas] volcanoreferences in the language as it manifests in these, and future articles. Note thour work does not specifically focus on the manifestation of the underlyingevents, but rather merely captures the language that will be expressed *about*
Page 1 of 14ALTA 1109 - Part Five2/14/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1109/ALTAReport/ALTA1109PartFive.htm
the underlying event or phenomena. Sooo....if, and it is a big if, the whole of tplanet fixates on this recently released information, and vast quantities of othelanguage shows up in support of the descriptors already seen, *and if* thepopulate of the planet gets really really emotional about the languagemanifesting such that the emotions involved bleed over into affecting behavioof the populace at large, then, it could be that our forecast of the [global coastphenomena] relates *only* or strictly to the language manifesting, and not anevent. Seems unlikely however, especially given the reality of climate changeand volcanic eruptions emerging across the planet. It would seem slightly morlikely then that the [global coastal phenomena] forecast from the Terra entity,extensively cross linked over to ThePowersThatBe entity, sub set [antarctica],and further cross linked over to the GlobalPop entity, sub set [diaspora], willrelated to a potential unfolding of the scenario described in the article above.Without regard to the appearance of a WAIS shift, and subsequent alterationplanetary ocean levels, the language forecast *is* manifesting on schedule.Previous ALTA series had anticipated the arrival, in very early 2009, of the fiof the language for the [global coastal phenomena]. Having this languagemanifest as forecast, the next temporal marker in the series leading up to the5/five (plus?) months of the [global coastal phenomena] will likely be aroundthe vernal equinox (March 21, 2009), and will most likely refocus attentionback to [antarctica], though the language *should* show up with a much mor[active] nature, and heightened emotional tone.Within the [antarctica] language sets from several years back were the many[under waters volcanoes] references, and within a sub set of those were foundinstances of language going to a [large noise] coming up from the[ground/earth]. This language appeared in the data sets ahead of the [globalcoastal event] language which has now been recast as [global coastalphenomena] since the accretion patterns are suggesting something over 5/fivemonths for the totality of the 'event', which really makes it much more of aprocess, at least to human minds operating on human time scales. The [grounnoise] was described in the data sets as being [cross planet], and as [emerging(from the) ground/earth]. This [noise] was further described as being a[precursor] to the [emergent (set of) new planetary conditions]. The [noise frothe earth] has support from aspect/attribute sets including bespoke [fear], aswell as a number of human body parts or processes. We always assign moreimportance to aspect sets with body parts/process references as these are themost primal of all the archetypes. In this instance the language includes aspecfor [fear sweats], and [incontinence] and [involuntary urination]. This last is abit odd as there are also references within the set which have cross links overthe SpaceGoatFarts entity where the termination points are within aspects for[resonance] with the detail aspect/attribute sets providing the idea that the[resonance (of the) noise from the ground] will induce [sympathetic vibrationthat are described as [emptying bladders]. Hmmm. Probably that will be a go
Page 2 of 14ALTA 1109 - Part Five2/14/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1109/ALTAReport/ALTA1109PartFive.htm
day to do laundry.So, courage mon ami, yes the whole damn planet is changing, and the rate of change is accelerating by the minute, and most, if not all of the change is *notimmediately good for humans, and other life here on earth, but it could certaibe worse. And probably yet will be. So we go forth with cheerful courage,basically as we have little choice in the matter, so onward and forward, into2009 and beyond....
Meta Data - Types
Types:Immediacy = 3/three days out through 3/three weeks inclusiveShorter term = fourth week though 3/three months inclusivelonger term = fourth month though (with best levels of granularity) 19/nineteemonths,From the longer term data is it possible for modelspace to project out nearly20/twenty years, however granularity drops steadily beyond 19/nineteenmonths.
Markets - Disappointment, Disillusion, Dissolved
As has been previously discussed in this series, the accretion patterns for theMarkets entity, as well as those of the Populace/USofA entity are suggestingthat a change in mood for the [populace/usofa] arrives in mid May and persistthrough to mid July. The Markets entity is clearly indicating that the emotiontension sums for this period, and especially for the [populace/usofa] *will* be[markets impacting].
Page 3 of 14ALTA 1109 - Part Five2/14/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1109/ALTAReport/ALTA1109PartFive.htm

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