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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 27 - 1 - Part One (2009.03.13) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA1309PARTONE]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 27 - 1 - Part One (2009.03.13) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA1309PARTONE]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This report prepared from the data stream initiated on February 13th for the ALTA1309 series. Additional inputs from the ALTA 1109 longer term value sets are included.The recent processing included 25.492 million reads from the 1309 data gathering.
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Posted March 13, 2009
Meta Arts - Fearscience
The forecast language for the [global coastal phenomena] continuesto emerge in the mainstream press as is illustrated by this articleover at theBBC. It is interesting to note their 'disclaimer' that formsthe whole of the very short third paragraph, to whit:
The projections did not include the potential impact of  polar melting and ice breaking off, they added.
 So the language employed in the first paragraph which states that:
The global sea level looks set to rise far higher than forecast because of changes in the polar ice-sheets, a team of researchers has suggested.
 does *not* include any impact of polar melting and ice breakingoff....yet the first paragraph clearly states that the worrisome part of the 'far higher' rise in ocean levels is due to 'polar ice-sheetchanges'. While this begs the question of just how bad are thesewriters at BBC that they can't hold a coherent thread together for3/three paragraphs, it also naggingly prods toward the more domainoriented interrogatory of 'what are the changes in the polar ice sheetif they do not include melt or going walk about?....
Page 1 of 20ALTA 1309 - Part One4/18/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1309/ALTAReport/ALTA1309_PartOne.htm
Noting that the article does not address that question, and that therest of the words are entirely related to describing scary effects, thereader is left with no hard information at all, merely the [fear] and[confusion] that is carried by the majority of the article. While theaware observer can question, and rightly so, the actual purposebehind such 'science' articles, the point of primary concern for us atthe moment is the appearance of the language itself, and just whereit is manifesting.Our data, for a number of years now, has been pointing toward our[global coastal phenomena] and the language around this concept tobe appearing in early 2009. When we first started picking up the[global coastal phenomena] sub sets we were unable to separate theappearance of the language from that of the event. Then, over thecourse of 2008, the accretion patterns started to indicate that thelanguage would appearing first, most notably in the [winter] prior tothe March equinox. Then as the accretion patterns continued todiverge and increase in complexity around this context, it began toappear that a separation of perhaps 3/three months would existbetween a particular temporal marker related to the [fear] inherentin the [global coastal phenomena] language, and then themanifestation of at least some part of that bespoke [fear] and itsdescriptor set. This implied that the appearance of the temporalmarker *might* provide a short term warning period of perhaps aslong as 3/three months before the emergence of the physicalimpacts of the [global coastal phenomena].At this point we need to acknowledge that the complexity is(naturally) way larger than our little monkey minds had anticipated.The temporal marker, as a instance, has *partially* appeared. Thelanguage that had been anticipated has NOT shown up in itsentirety, and therefore some complications of projections arise. If the language anticipated as the temporal marker takes a month (orlonger, or less) to 'fill out', from where do we start our timing? Thebeginning of the appearance? or its end? Don't know the answer tothat yet.Noting that we should not be surprised, what with [duality] runningrampant through the data, that the complexities within the situationbecome greater as we examine any of the levels.Our [global coastal phenomena] sub set now includes supportinglayers of some size, and emotional numeric values, for [coastalweather patterns], and even further, [weather patterns] in a more
Page 2 of 20ALTA 1309 - Part One4/18/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1309/ALTAReport/ALTA1309_PartOne.htm
general sense. The data sets are now including [extreme] and[severe] as primary support for [change] as it applies to [globalcoastal weather patterns]. These [patterns] are apparently a part of the [global coastal phenomena] indicating that the complexity of theexperience will not be as limited as we had imagined. Humans willlikely *not* be able to take picnic baskets up into the hills to watchthe [global coastal phenomena] unfold. Not only is the [weather]indicated to be very [severe] and [changeable/unstable], but theprocess of the [phenomena] is, as is indicated by the longer termvalues involved, expected to last nearly a decade.The appearance of the spate of [non informational 'science' articles]about the [potential harm] from [sea/ocean level] rise makes usponder the idea that TPTB are 'up to something' with the [globalcoastal phenomena] language. The speculation as to 'what' may beafoot is enough to drive Igor crazy. In our discussions, I insist inreminding all involved that 'reality happens' in the sense that the[oceans] are indeed behaving oddly, as is the whole of the planetbiosphere based on the last 50/fifty plus years of experience. Thusno matter what strange social-emotional engineering *may* begoing on in the little plots and plans of TPTB, the reality of [interplanetary changes] precludes omni-humanity being 'lucky' anthe whole of the context being an 'illusion' of TPTB just to continuetheir power addictions. Not that TPTB aren't riding on theemotional wake of the actual changes. Not that TPTB are aboveusing emerging interplanetary catastrophic changes to enhance their'rush' of power during the few short days (relatively) remainingbefore Emergence, yep, that is correct....Emergence with a capitalE. We are pondering that descriptor set as our label for 2011.So, where do the truly paranoid take refuge? We can and likely arewrong about the [global coastal phenomena] in the sense that it willlikely NOT manifest as we can imagine. Yes.....there is the nastyspooky part about about being able to forecast several years inadvance the actual month that the first of the language wouldappear, but that could be just a lucky guess. Even if it is not merelyhappenstance and fortuitous coincidence, the [global coastalphenomena] language within our data sets are pointing tocomplexity that belittles our imagination. As an instance, [oceanlevel rises] are likely to take years, even after the giant waves (up to100/one hundred feet (33 meters)) appear in the local environs towhere the ice sheets fail in Antarctica, it may take as much as50/fifty years for the whole of the planetary oceanic body to reflectthe impact on global water levels. So whew....most of us have
Page 3 of 20ALTA 1309 - Part One4/18/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1309/ALTAReport/ALTA1309_PartOne.htm

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