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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 27 - 2 - Part Two (2009.03.20) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA1309PARTTWO]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 27 - 2 - Part Two (2009.03.20) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA1309PARTTWO]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This report prepared from the data stream initiated on February 13th for the ALTA 1309 series.Additional inputs from the ALTA 1109 longer term value sets are included.The recent processing included 39.816 million reads from the 1309 data gathering.Posted March 20, 2009
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Meta Data - Evolution at work
As the data sets alter with new supporting values, we frequently see growthpatterns within the various lexicon based descriptors which provide thepermanent word/phrase/context sets against which the entities are constructedMake sense? Anyway, the data sets push back in a sense by providingconsistent support at a top tier level such that words, phrases, or the occasionacontext are moved into the descriptor set for an entity sub set within the lexicThis happens routinely, but usually the changes are small in relation to thetotality of the sets within the descriptor, so not much changes other thanproducing a bit of robustness in some supporting aspect/attribute of thedescriptor set. Kind of like someone setting out on the body building path andusing resistance training. At first, the once slack muscles really don't do muchmore than contract through use/stress, and then ask the body for some of thatdelicious fat to help the repair process. At some point however, assuming anincreasing diet sufficient to the demands being placed on the body by thehardening muscles, and reducing fat levels, there will be a spurt of more visibchanges as the muscle mass begins to grow. Again, as this process continues,first gradual, and within the 'confines' of the original body image, there willcome a point where a visible change comes along that actually alters the body
Page 1 of 15ALTA 1309 - Part Two4/18/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1309/ALTAReport/ALTA1309_PartTwo.htm
such that it now does not really resemble so much the 'original' state of pre-exercise body. We have had that occur at a couple of very significant pointswithin the data set.The first is the creation, or evolution of a whole new entity that we have nameafter the primary descriptor set which is OmniHumanity. Now we note that this still a very tenuous collection of sets, and the entity may not survive futureprocessing, still though, there exists now a general movement for a [holisticview of humanity] that is manifesting globally, and from which the [planetarypopulace movement] may actually find its [philosophic roots] prior to itsmanifestation over Summer/Fall of this year.The second area of linguistic evolutionary change is related to the new entity,but is at a deeper level in a sense as it is within the meta data layers and thedescriptors which have formed them. Several of the mutually reinforcing metdata layers such as [duality], and [revolution] are undergoing change via rapidgrowth at the descriptor levels. In the case of [revolution], when this meta datlayer first appeared in the Populace/USofA entity over 5/five years ago, it wasinitially define by [rebellion]. There are distinct differences between [rebellioand [revolution]. As time, and the rounds of data processing progressed, wegradually found [rebellion] adding more and more supporting aspect/attributesets for [revolution], and for a while in the process, we referred to the meta dalayer as [rebellion/revolution]. We now are in a similar period in that, onceagain, that particular meta data layer is growing outside of its definingdescriptor set. We have now changed the label to be [revolution/x-change]. T[x-change] context needs to be read as [eXtreme change], and as [x-change (ocontrolling systems (new replacing old)], as well as [extreme (personal)change], and other contexts which are still developing. In the totality of thecontext, the [x-change] can also be thought of as 'pick a spot, any object, anysubject', and there will be [extreme change] affecting that [intersection of spot(in time), subject, object]. The intent is to capture the levels of change withinthe lexicon at the moment, and to track their evolution as processing goesforward. It might be that future processing will produce yet more labels withithis meta data layer.
OmniHumanity - Coterie d'Hyperchroniacs
Occasionally we adjust the ranks of the entities to accommodate the manychanges that appear in the linguistics over even short time such as 2/two yearsThis entity is representative of the human species in toto, and without regard tsub set divisions. This entity represents the amalgamation of the GlobalPopentity, the Populace/USofA entity, and the [unknown humans] sub set fromSpaceGoatFarts. There is a [terra/earth] focus to this entity.
Page 2 of 15ALTA 1309 - Part Two4/18/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1309/ALTAReport/ALTA1309_PartTwo.htm
Within the new OmniHumanity entity, a very active sub set is headed by acontext we are labeling as [hyper-chroniacs]. This sub set is complete andcorrect and properly populated, and yet remains confusing. This is likelyindicative of a building emotional context continuing to grow at the primaryand secondary descriptor levels. The sub set of [hyper-chroniacs] is stillcompelling, however incomplete. The descriptors and their primary supportinaspect/attribute sets for the [hyper-chroniacs] contains an intriguing hint that[new form of mental functioning (specifically regarding time)] may beemerging, *IF* we are interpreting the data sets correctly. This [hyper-chroniacs] set does point to a [new perception of time], with supporting sets f [function], as well as [use/employment]. The other primary supporting setsinclude [fast reaction], and [previewing], and [anticipatory] (modified by[extreme]), and [long reach/far sight], as well as many other aspects in the savein. There are also supporting aspect/attributes for [hyperdimension] conjunto [viewing/seeing/manipulating] and other aspects of that type. We havegeographic sub sets for both [france] and [germany] as primary [emergent sitefor the [hyperchroniacs]. As the sub set, and the entity are both growing it is nyet possible for a determination of how soon there will be global media strea[visibility] of the [hyperchroniac condition], *but* there are now sets thatindicate a small level of [exposure] for some of the larger effects of the[hyperchroniac condition/syndrome] to begin to emerge over Summer as abarely [visible] thread amidst the larger chaos of human and other news.The [hyper-chron-iacs] sub set participates via cross links to bothPopulace/USofA, and the GlobalPop entities, where it terminates in support othe [new paradigm/revolution] sub set. In this sub set, as is noted in discussioin previous ALTA series of the last 2/two years, the [consensus paradigm]within the [developed world (aka the 'colonized world' of TPTB)] will begin t{ed note: probably already has} [crumble] over the late Spring and Summer o2009 such that a general [perception/feeling] of [disenfranchisement] will ovetake the [populace] as a whole, inducing the [feeling/perception] of [living (inworld of) surreality]. The data sets indicate that the [surreality], and the[dissolution] of the [collective social contract] will produce many oddphenomena, however the [hyper-chron-iac condition] will not be such. Insteathe accretion patterns suggest that the [hyperchroniac state/condition] arisesfrom the [unknown energies from space] concept as is held in theSpaceGoatFarts entity. The [hyperchroniac condition] sub set is showing as avery minor background element to the other, more obvious[strangeness/oddities] that will dominate the [global mediastream] over thisyear, however, by late in 2010, the [hyperchroniac syndrome] will be muchmore [visible], and according to the accrual patterns in the OmniHumanityentity, much more [useful/productive/engaging].The [Coterie/bound-group] of the [hyperchroniacs] is indicated to produce
Page 3 of 15ALTA 1309 - Part Two4/18/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1309/ALTAReport/ALTA1309_PartTwo.htm

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