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High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 27 - 3 - Part Three (2009.03.28) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA1309PARTTHREE]

High, Clif - ALTA Report Vol. 27 - 3 - Part Three (2009.03.28) (Eng) (PDF) [ALTA1309PARTTHREE]

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Published by Deckard666

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Deckard666 on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This report prepared from the data stream initiated on February 13th for the ALTA 1309 series.Additional inputs from the ALTA 1109 longer term value sets are included.The recent processing included 44.382 million reads from the 1309 data gathering.Posted March 28, 2009
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Meta Data - Shifts happen, Snoutus Pointilis
The usual spread of almost anything in universe-as-humans-experience-it ischaracterized by the [standard distribution pattern], which mostly means thearchetypical 'bell curve'. This is exhibited in the steps of stone buildings as th'bell curve' is expressed in the millions of human steps gradually wearing dowthe stone to reveal the pattern. The [standard distribution pattern] is also visiblin how humans arrange themselves, as well as how universe has chosen toarrange humanity.Normal distribution patterns observed in nature can, and do veer away from tbell curve when exogenic circumstances intrude. This could be the result of physical factors, say as a shift in rocks in the monastery producing a bulge inthe wall which forces all the monks to the other side of the staircase over a fecenturies, and thus shifting the bell curve out come, with some distortion durithe transition.Some distortions come from humans mucking about in things. Thus the nonstandard distribution of say, colors of horses, or size of dogs, due to humanefforts. There are also examples of humans attempting to engineer things forhumanity, or at least their local version of it. In the instance that comes to minit would seem that there is evidence, from the fluoride in the water, to thefluoride molecule showing up in antidepressant drugs, to the spread of neuro-
Page 1 of 17ALTA 1309 - Part Three4/18/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1309/ALTAReport/ALTA1309_PartThree.htm
toxin based artificial sugars (many if not all containing fluoride molecules), tthe reported composition of the chemtrails, that the 'invisible hand' whichattempts to rule humanity *has* been engaged in a centuries long effort to shithe particular distribution pattern of both intellectual knowledge of, andexperiential knowledge, of the actual nature of universe. Including[hyperdimensional engineering], and other related contexts {ed note: manyfrom the SpaceGoatFarts entity where all the [officially denied], and [actuallyunknown] thingeys are held}, the ThePowersThatBe, in their singularincarnation as the [13/thirteen council members (for lack of betteridentification)], have, over at least the last 100/one hundred years, though at alower level this has been underway since the 1400's, been systematicallyengaged in attempting to alter the [standard distribution curve] of humanity asrelates to the broader context of [enlightenment]. This broader context is verydetailed, and includes references to the [active iridium] at the core of the [braito-pineal gland interface] among many other supporting contexts. Those whoare aware of the deeper meanings held within the context of [alchemy/(1/onepoint science)] will also be aware of the [potentials] inherent in the [alchemy/ (1/one point science)] at the [experiential levels].The first of three graphics below presents a crude representation of what coulbe expected of the standard distribution curve of humanity across this particulaxis-of-understanding.The influence of ThePowersThatBe, especially their recent work in the last ha
Page 2 of 17ALTA 1309 - Part Three4/18/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1309/ALTAReport/ALTA1309_PartThree.htm
of the 20th century, and the first years of the 21st century, has been extremelyeffective in providing for a truly massive alteration of the normal distributionpatterns. Thus the 'state of affairs' that exists now.The issues as beset ThePowersThatBe, and their control efforts are verycomplex, convoluted, and complicated, but are also very very short. Theinterpretations that we get from the data sets are forecasting these next fewyears as being the 'make or break' point for TPTB. And the outcome is *not*certain, thus their bespoke levels of [fear], and the increasing number of contexts from which that [fear] rises.The suspicion arises that TPTB feel themselves in a race against universe itselas it pressures for a return to balance in this area, and many others. This[balance point pressure], will, in our opinion here at HPH, be preceded by soperiod of time where the distribution curve will be swung to the oppositeextreme as a necessary part of the natural response of rebalancing humanity.That extreme is pictured in the graphic below.
Page 3 of 17ALTA 1309 - Part Three4/18/2009http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ALTA_1309/ALTAReport/ALTA1309_PartThree.htm

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