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Conditional Sentence and Wishes (1)

Conditional Sentence and Wishes (1)

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Published by Melati Dubidu Bidam

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Published by: Melati Dubidu Bidam on Jun 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Conditional Sentence and Wishes.
Counditional sentence are also known as conditional clauses or if clauses.
Conditional sentences have a sort of “truth value” in the mind of the speaker. The if
clause contains a condition under which, in the speaker’s
opinion, an expected resultmight or might not occur and They are used to express that the action in the mainclause (without if) can only happen if - clause fulfilled. The result-clause can state
the speaker’s prediction of an outcome.
20.1 Summary of basic verb form usage in conditional sentences:
Example :
If I have enough time, I watch TV every evening.2.
If I have enough time, I will watch TV later on tonight.3.
If I had enough time, I would watch TV now or later on.
If I had had enough time, I would have watched TV yesterday
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20.2 True in present or futureIn conditional sentence that express true, factual ideas in the present/future isused in the if
Future time
Use conditional sentences make predictions about the future, or express future intentions orpossibilities.If + S + present tense, S +will+ Verb1canmaymust
if clause bisa diletakkan di depan kalimat (seperti formula di atas), bisa jugadiletakkan di belakang setelah main clause. Ini tidak merubah arti kalimat. Dengancatatan, jika if clause diletakkan di belakang, tanda koma tidak diperlukanContoh:1.
If I have the money, I will give it to you. (Jika saya punya uangnya, saya akanmemberikannya kepada kamu).2.
If you keep driving on this speed, we may arrive at home before 10 p.m. (Jika kamuterus nyetir mobil pada kecepatan ini, kita mungkin tiba di rumah sebelum jam 10malam).3.
I can pass this subject if I study hard. (Saya dapat lulus mata kuliah ini, jika sayabelajar giat).4.
You must bring an umbrella if you don’t want to get wet. (Kamu harus membawa
payung, jika kamu tidak ingin basah (kehujanan).
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b. Present time
Use conditional sentences to express a general or habitual fact.If + S + verb1, S + verb1
Dalam formula ini, modal auxiliary tidak digunakan.Contoh:1.
If Budi has enough time, he usually walks to campus. (Jika Budi punya cukupwaktu, dia biasanya jalan kaki ke kampus).2.
I usually watch football on TV every Saturday night if I do not fall a sleep. (Sayabiasanya nonton sepakbola di TV tiap Sabtu malam jika saya tidak tertidur).3.
If he has money, he always treats us. (Jika dia punya uang, dia selalu mentraktirkita).
Untrue ( contrary to fact ) in present or
If is used to talk about situations that are contrary to fact, situations that are the oppositeof the true situation.
dalam simple present tense atau future tense, maka conditionalnyaumumnya mengikuti pola berikut:
If the teacher didn’t speak quickly, I could understand better what he is teaching
about. (Jika guru itu tidak berbicara dengan cepat, saya dapat memahamidengan lebih baik apa yang dia sedang ajarkan).
Fakta dari kalimat iniadalah: the teacher speaks qui
ckly, so that, I can’t understand well
what he is teaching about.2.
He could hug me, if he
here. (Dia boleh memeluk saya, jika dia di sini).
Faktanya: he can’t hug me, because, he is not here.
If I had a pair of wings, I would fly high. (Jika saya punya sepasang sayap, sayaakan terbang tinggi).
Faktanya: I don’t have a pair of wings, I can’t fly.
Were is used for both singular and plural subjects. Was (with I, he, she, it) issometimes used in informal.Would: Wants to = expresses intended or desired result
If + S + verb2,
S +
+ Verb1

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