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Issue 20

Issue 20

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Published by Kalvin Tan

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Published by: Kalvin Tan on Jun 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Every Marsilian is a Self-Directed Learner, a Compassionate Leader & a Thinking Citizen
A Publication of Marsiling Primary School Issue 20 August 2011
01 Highlights
  Vice-Principal’s Message 
02 School Programmes
 Parents’ SeminarTeacher-Parents ConferencesKindergarten Outreach Programme Secondary School Brieng for Parentsand Secondary School Roadshow
03 School Programmes
 Pupil Leaders’ InvestiturePupil Leadership Training Camp P6 Motivation and Adventure Camp Engaging and Promoting Readingthrough iPads @ The Learning Cove
04 School Programmes
 Learning Journeys for PupilsInternational Experience to BruneiDarussalam International Experience to Malacca,MalaysiaCommunity Involvement Programmesfor Pupils
05 School Events and Celebrations
 Games Carnival Total Defence Day, InternationalFriendship Day & Racial Harmony Day Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight
06 School Achievements
Green Audit Award 2009/2010 CapitaLand ‘Green for Hope Project‘2010  Youth for the Environment Day 2011 NEA-Panasonic ECPC 2011 Happy Toilet School Education (HTSE)ProgrammeHealthy Eating in Schools ProgrammeAward
07 School Achievements
 Mediacorp’s Junior Star DanceCompetition 2011National ML Story-telling Competition@ Rafes Institution ML Drama Competition (Solo) ML Drama Competition @ Bedok ViewSecondary School10th Elementz Science ProjectCompetition and Exhibition 
08 School Achievements/Updates 
National Inter-Primary School SepakTakraw Championships National Inter-Primary School Track &Field Championships & Akira SwiftStaff Movement Editorial Team
1. Firstly, you have a choice andyou hold the key to what youwant to be.
 Your teachers are committed to helpyou do well. But you need to makethe choice as to whether you wantto pass or fail your examinations – itis that easy!
2. Secondly, the price of successis hard work and perseverance.
There will be times when you aretired of the books or simply cannotunderstand or remember what youhave read. Don’t give up! Study ishard work but the rewards are worthit. Perseverance is about stayingfocused on the tasks at hand andnot yielding to temptations anddistractions: no computer games, TVor hanging out with friends but tostudy, study and study.
3. Thirdly, you must believe inyourself and in what you setyour mind to achieve.
Don’t let past failures or negativecomments by others affect yourfuture. You must believe in yourself that you can do it; then you dowhat is necessary – and you willpass!
Ms Ivy Goh
 You Decide Now….
 Vice-Principal’s Message
In this issue of Marsiling Call, youwill be able to catch a glimpse of theactivities that have been carried out inthe past months. I want to congratulatethose pupils who have done theschool proud with their achievements.There are also events which haveprovided opportunities for our pupilsto be involved and experience learningbeyond the textbooks.This is also the time of the year wheremany pupils in the school get a littleanxious with examinations just roundthe corner. This is especially so for theP6 pupils where they will be sitting fortheir rst national examination – PSLE!Whatever examinations you are taking,to pass is to succeed! I would like toremind you of what I shared with youduring the assembly period:
Ms Ivy Goh with our Marsilians.
Kindergarten OutreachProgramme
 90 pupils from PAP Community Foundation(PCF) Kindergarten Woodlands were invitedto a special treat in Marsiling Primary Schoolon 31 May 11. The pupils had a rst-handexperience about what they can expect in aprimary school.The pupils participated in an excitingand engaging Zoo-phonics performance.They were also briefed on the ModularEnrichment Programme that includesGymnastics, Speech and Drama, Swim Saferand Confidence Building Activities. Thepupils were particularly excited when theysaw how our Low Ropes Course was usedduring the Condence Building Programmeto build character, condence and resilience.They were also taken for a tour around theschool by our pupil leaders. Our pupil leadersalso accompanied them during recessbefore bidding them goodbye at the schoolfoyer. The teachers from PCF Kindergartenwere very pleased with the warm welcomereceived and expressed their appreciation toour staff and pupils.
Contributed by Mdm Herianti AS (HOD/PM) 
Parents’ Seminar
The school had its 1st Parents’ Seminar on 22Jan 11 where the focus was on the academics.Teachers shared salient aspects of curriculummatter and pedagogy with parents.For the 2nd Parents’ Seminar, the schoolengaged Dr Ang KL to speak on home-school collaborative approach to promotingthe social-emotional well-being andachievements of children. Dr Ang used the“You Can Do It” approach practised widelyin Australia.The 3rd Parents’ Seminar, in collaborationwith North-West CDC, was held on 16 Jul 11.The seminar explored the notion that parentsact as effective emotional scaffold at homefor their children. Dr Collin Nathan, fromSTORM Training Consultancy, took parentsthrough the emotional developmental stagesof children.The school will continue to engage parentsas its partners and look forward to theircontinued support in nurturing every child toreach his/her potential.
Contributed by Mr Mohan (ST) 
Teacher-Parents Conferences
This year, in order to form a closer partnershipwith our parents, two Teacher-ParentsConferences were held in Mar and May. Theturnout was very encouraging. For bothsessions, parents have found the feedbackgiven by the teachers useful for them tofollow up on. From the sessions, they havegained a better understanding of their child’sconduct and performance in school and havepledged to support the school in our bid tohelp our pupils realise their potential.We wish to thank all parents for their continualsupport in their child’s holistic development.
Contributed by Mdm Betty Chan (SSD) 
 School Programmes
Every Marsilian is a Self-Directed Learner, a Compassionate Leader & a Thinking Citizen
Anyone interested to be a member of theRobotics Club?
Teachers sharing with parents their child’s overall performance.
Pupils listening attentively to the explanationgiven by one of the secondary school teachers.
Pupils having fun doing the actionsas they sang the Zoo-phonics song.Mrs Yeo-Tan welcoming the pupilsfrom PCF.Parents listening intently to the guest speaker.
Secondary School Brieng forParents and Secondary SchoolRoadshow
On 31 May 11, parents of our P6 pupilsattended a briefing on Secondary SchoolSelection to gather more information onhow to prepare their children for the comingPrimary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)and the various types of programmes thatthe secondary schools within our vicinityoffer.After the brieng, our P6 pupils and parentswere treated to presentations by AdmiraltySecondary, Woodlands Secondary, MarsilingSecondary and Woodlands Ring Secondary.Booths were set up by these secondaryschools to showcase their niche programmes.Our parents and pupils had a fruitful timeinteracting with the teachers and studentcouncilors stationed at the booths.The school hopes that this event will notonly enhance bonding between our P6pupils and their parents but also give themvaluable takeaways to help them prepare fortheir PSLE and make informed decisions inselecting their secondary schools.
Contributed by Mdm Herianti AS (HOD/PM) 
 School Programmes
Every Marsilian is a Self-Directed Learner, a Compassionate Leader & a Thinking Citizen
Pupil Leadership TrainingCamp
On 31 Jan 11, our key pupil leaders attendeda leadership camp organised by the PupilManagement and Physical Educationdepartments. The camp began with a brief induction where our pupil leaders werebriefed on their roles as pupil leaders and theschool’s expectations. This was followed by aseries of fun team building activities throughwhich our pupil leaders learnt more abouteffective communication and leadershipskills to promote teamwork. The activitieswere also meant to build their character anddevelop their condence and resilience asleaders.During the camp, the pupil leaders alsoattended the 3-tiered training workshopswhere the P3 leaders learnt about effectivecommunication skills, the P4 leaders learntabout problem-solving skills and the P5 andP6 leaders learnt the skills needed in eventmanagement.The pupil leaders had a great time and theylook forward to applying the skills they havelearnt in the Leadership Projects which theywill be embarking on.
Contributed by Mdm Herianti AS (HOD/PM) 
An activity to build up pupil leaders’condence and resilience.
P6 Motivation and AdventureCamp
Can you make delicious bread sticks and abanana chocolate snack in the middle of a jungle? What about walking blindfolded atnight? How do you get 35 people across ariver with only two rubber tubes and a rope?
These and some other seemingly unfathomable
 questions were answered during the threedays at the rustic Sarimbun Scouts Camplocated off Lim Chu Kang Road. About 270P6 pupils left their electronic gadgets andhome comforts for the annual motivationand adventure camp to test their resilienceand develop esprit de corps. As always, mostof the campers would initially feel botheredby the dirt and heat. However, by noon onthe rst day, they had already embraced thenatural surroundings. Some groups wereeven enjoying their lunch in their muddyattire and sodden footwear!This year’s camp was extra special, with allthe P6 Mother Tongue teachers attendingthe campfire on the second night. It wascertainly a powerful display of support by ourteachers. It is hoped that all the P6 pupils willsee this simple yet important gesture by theirteachers as an added assurance that they arenot alone in their preparation for the comingPrimary School Leaving Examination.
Contributed by Mr Airwan (HOD/Aesthetics) 
Engaging and PromotingReading through iPads @ TheLearning Cove
With the announcement of the availabilityof iPads at the Learning Cove, pupils havebeen ocking to the school library to gettheir hands on one of the latest gadgets toread the eBooks and play some educationalgames. The Reading Apps make storiescome alive with their animation and audio,making it very engaging for the pupils toeither read on their own or listen to a story.The school will be making more iPadsavailable at the Learning Cove as we haveseen pupils becoming very motivated andengaged in reading the eBooks. The schoolwill also be looking into making educationalapps such as Mathematics games availableon the iPads to provide more opportunitiesfor the pupils to make use of the technologyto engage and learn in their preferred way.
Contributed by Mr Yamalasamy (HOD/ ICT) 
Pupils deeplyengrossed in wordsearch.Pupils at the listening post.A River Activity.
Back from a mud spa.
Jungle Bakery.
Pupil Leaders’ Investiture
On 19 Jan 11, our school held our AnnualPupil Leaders’ Investiture Ceremony.During this event, a team of teachers and263 key pupil leaders were recognised fortheir contributions and meritorious serviceto the school. Our key pupil leaders whichinclude the Prefects, CCA Leaders, NEAmbassadors and Environment Champions,have shown commendable commitmentin carrying out their duties. They have setthemselves as role models for the otherpupils to emulate. The school hopes thatthis event will inspire the other pupils tostrive to be good role models too.We are pleased to announce to you ournewly-appointed Head Prefect, Teo Yi Hui(P6A) and Vice-Head Prefects, NurfaizzahNamirah (P6A) and Nursharina Zuraidah(P6A). We hope that they will do well tolead the rest of the key pupil leaders toserve the school and the community.
Contributed by Mdm Herianti AS (HOD/ PM) 
From left: Nursharina Zuraidah, Teo Yi Huiand Nurfaizzah Namirah.Pupil Leaders standing with pride afterreceiving their badges.
Pupil leaders getting ready for thenext activity.

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