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Manifesto for BOYCOTT of WinCo Foods, Inc. for negligence under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Manifesto for BOYCOTT of WinCo Foods, Inc. for negligence under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Published by BobLevin
Manifesto for BOYCOTT of WinCo Foods, Inc. for negligence under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Manifesto for BOYCOTT of WinCo Foods, Inc. for negligence under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: BobLevin on Jun 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Personal Injury to Handicapped person caused by WinCoFoods, Inc.'s Negligence to maintain their ADA signage ina workmanlike manner and to provide an open walkwayfor persons with disabilities as required by the ADA code!
Monday, June 25, 2012
[Last updated: 08.09.2012, 10:55 PM PST]
Bob Levin
Former U.S. Intelligence Professional and Blackops Whistleblower standing for the Human Beings
Robert Dov
Levin "Bob", 11918 SE Division Street, Ste 293, Portland, Oregon 97266-1037
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Activist for Whistleblower Patriots, Human Rights Victims and Blacklisted Individuals
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TM & © Bob Levin, Investigative Journalist. All Rights Reserved.
The Jewish Holocaust never ended. It returned to its eugenics roots in America under "Operation Paperclip" along with 1500 Nazi SS warcriminals to become the CIA MK-ULTRA Program, the "Manhattan Project" of mind control and "brainwashing" employing involuntaryhuman test animals within the tentacles of 250 black subprojects. The resulting harm sired the four principle components comprising theCIA Torture Paradigm and the erosive formulas for covert and overt acts of PsyOps terrorism and "no touch" invisible physical torture thatremains sanctioned against specific and randomly targeted individuals. This matrix for systematic systemic genocide and negativeeugenics is self-perpetuates by these ongoing black projects that migrate beneath the clandestine mud of evolutionary change toshed their outer shells like Chesapeake Bay bluecrabs to emerge later as newer versions of the same godless atrocities while leavingbehind the empty places of their past existences like riddles trapped in mysteries and wrapped in enigmas. - Bob Levin
 With the continuing collapse of our nation's economy and three years after the oligarchical Bushfamily of generational treason stumbling over top of each other out the door while looting theU.S. Treasury, not one Wall Street bankster has been criminally prosecuted for economic-terrorism. In fact the culpable actors remain duplicitously shielded by a craven, feckless andcomplicit U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, through his criminal practice of selectiveprosecutions and unequal justice under the law. The agenda of this cabal proves that America hasthe best Kabuki theatre government that corporate fascism can buy. This fact is further supportedby the treasonous bait and switch deception of candidate Barack H. Obama in the blowback of America having endured eight years of treason, the false flag operation on 911 and the warcrimes committed by the Bush bin Laden global crime syndicate. Therefore any presidentialcandidate who lied so egregiously during the campaign and who now has been exposed affectinga secret deal to give foreign corporations control over government, I opine is part of the sametreasonous group of vermin constituting the greatest terrorist threat facing this nation and theworld of human beings today.Given the ongoing deliberate compression of the American people without any intention of sustainable relief, I believe that our criminal government should be adjudicated with a lifesentence and daily waterboardings in Guantanamo. We must not allow ourselves to be deceivedany longer and recognize that Obama is simply the latest shill selected to be executive facilitator.It's hard for me to believe that anyone could have been worse than Bush, but Obama hassurpassed the unconstitutional judicially selected president, which explains why Obama would notprosecute Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and others for war crimes once taking possession of theWhite House. It seem Obama has also developed a sociopathic sexual addiction for assassinatingboth U.S. and foreign citizens by personally orchestrating drone attacks from a "secret kill list",which is clearly an impeachable breach of constitutional legal due process. Along with thosetargeted for death by the emerging tyrant when armed with the mere rumor of a terrorist, are agrowing number of innocent victims who are being indiscriminately murdered and designated asterrorists after the fact. This reclassification is for the reason of lowering the statistical number of collateral civilian deaths by U.S. military and CIA drone attacks. Presidents are not electedanymore and voting is nothing more than the PsyOps used to falsely cause rank and fileAmericans to believe they still have some power within the current infrastructure of government.Presidents have continued to be appointed since Reagan's colossal colostomy of corporatistparasites deeply implanted themselves within the festering bowels of Lady Liberty where theyhave leached their rewards for exclusively representing special interests with awards of corporatewelfare from within their particular branches of the poisonous tree.Repeatedly Obama has stated, "make me do what you want me to do" and as a nation of humanbeings it is imperative that we follow that presidential directive as "We the People" while movingforward to purge both the Ratpublicon and Democrap parties to their special places in a politicalhell. We must immediately begin organizing a lawful restorative revolution and form a meaningfulunion of American voters who are at least able to attempt to recognize the human being in allpeople. Upon the establishment of this organized movement we must stand in solidarity with thebuttressing principles of the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Declaration of Independence, overturnCitizens United and produce genuine publically funded elections whereby candidates are onlyelected by the popular vote of the people. The legislating of laws in our nation today hasmetastasized into the enactment of measures and countermeasures to ensure legalizedcriminality of, for and by the congressional capos who prostitute themselves while turning tricksfor their corporatist pimps.While the outlaw government of the United States points fingers at every other sovereign foreignnation for doing a fraction of what this cabal of corporate fascist tyrants continues doing through
calculated social engineering and war crimes, American families are being wrongly evicted fromtheir homes, left to starve in the streets and the actual number of unemployed is twenty-fivemillion American citizens. That number also includes politically sanctioned human beings andblacklisted whistleblower patriots who are disappeared though internal exile and made invisiblewhile remaining in plain-sight of the eroded social fabric as non-persons placed there by theshadow state and public governments. Within that demographic equation however; it rarely if ever includes the stories of covert and overt acts of terrorism and torture brought againstwhistleblowers or specific and randomly targeted individuals by known actors within the U.S.Government, corporate sector industries and other entities.In most of these cases the resulting harm includes the erosion of the individual sense of self-identity in human beings to a place where one eventually recognizes that the worst death is a lifewithout hope. From there all thoughts constantly turn towards the idea of peace through oblivion.All of us as "We the People" have been constitutionally disenfranchised as American citizens andreduced to the status of non-persons in the absence of due privileges, genuine civil liberties andsustainable inalienable human rights - we are better than our government. Whenever we hear apolitician say "G-d bless America", remember those are the perverted words of sociopathic falseprophets for profits who will continue narrowing your focus towards a constant state of primitivesurvival while attacking the individual fears associated with the lower human animal through anoften invented and imaginary looming threat. These vermin will do anything and everything tokeep the 99% constitutional majority from recognizing the enlightened higher qualities of thehuman being. The fact is that it does not take a superhero to tube the treachery of a corruptgovernment, it only takes the solidarity of individuals willing to question everything and stepforward into our future in the present moment.We the People are being herded into a virtual death camp environment through the tactics,techniques and technologies that continually produce the PsyOps formulas of systematic systemicgenocide and negative eugenics. All of this beneath a corporate fascist umbrella with the agendaof processing the total aggregate of the world into a commodity. Our immediate pushback againstfascism must be a series of affective boycotts that target businesses depending on our consumerdriven economy and thereby cauterize the arteries from pumping the monetary narcotic into thenerve centers of junky capitalism.Manifestos of intent are being prepared as signed petitions, whereby the American consumer willpledge to immediately end all spending with specific businesses and/or in the case of insurancecompanies, will drop their medical healthcare coverage en masse on a specified date. This willbegin the deconstruction of all anti-American predatory industries and force the U.S. Governmentto provide our citizens a free and/or affordable national healthcare system like Canada or simplydissolve the former United States of America and become part of Canada. This shouldn't shockanyone if you understand the degree that our national infrastructure has been insourced andoutsourced by many of the same transnational corporations that Obama has secretly beennetworking with through the Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] agreement that would give exclusivecontrol over our government and make the rank and file American citizen pay for it in taxsubsidies.To demonstrate my sincerity with regard to a BOYCOTT, I have terminated my $1,150.00 amonth medical insurance policy with Regence BlueCross and BlueShield of Oregon on June 30,2012. The act itself made me feel liberated and I opine we should all consider this type of individual and coordinated form of proactive activism as a human bailout to ourselves. Take thefirst step towards a peaceful restorative revolution under the lawful terms of the U.S. Declarationof Independence and the U.S. Constitution. "We the People" must remember what it means toremain human beings no matter how much the sitting government wants to reduce us into athing or non-person, the latter being easier to kill in a war. Twice I have bled for the nation of mybirth, died once with an out-of-body experience before my recovery following a pseudo successfulassassination attempt by the U.S. Pentagon and relearned how to walk a second time - I've paid

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