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Irish Americans

Irish Americans

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Published by Ace Crockett

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Ace Crockett on Jun 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Irish AmericansMigration: Many Irish migrated from the island of Ireland, during the time of The Great Irish Famineand Land Wars. They came to American for a better life.Annexation: Many Irish would continue practice their religion, Irish Catholic, and trying to become partof America. Many tried to work and create better lives for their families.Colonization: along with many other immigrants, the Irish would form gangs. These immigrants wouldstay with their own minority. The natural born citizens (Natives) often showed racism to these othersubordinate groups.Consequences:Extermination: Many of the Irish were killed. Some of the natural born citizens would offer protectionand safety for a fee.Expulsion: Children of adults
that who were killed were sent to orphanages. Many adults weren’t
allowed to practice their religion choices.Secession: Many of the adults would go into hiding. Irish and other subordinate groups would staywith their fellow group members.Segregation: Many subordinate groups were outcast. During this time Africans were still considered
slaves and were not allowed to join most other groups. Irishman who wouldn’t practice Irish Catholic
religion was allowed to be around the natural born citizens (Natives). Anyone claiming legions toIreland were either killed or would have to go into hiding.Fusion: Many Irishman would form legions with the Natives. They would serve the Natives bybecoming bodyguards, run errands, or anything else the Natives wanted.Assimilation: After the death of Irish leaders, many of the Irish would become servants for the Natives.This was the only way to ensure their safety and their family safety.Many of the Irish were from different parts of Ireland and came over on boats. Most of the Irish settledin New York, in an area called The 5 Points. The 5 Points consisted of five streets: Mulberry, Cross,Worth, Orange, and Little Water. Now the area is known as Lower Manhattan.It was the 1840s in
the state of New York, in an area that they call “The 5 Points,” known now as Lower
Manhattan. The Ireland citizens were tired of the war and famine that took place in our country so wemade the journey across the sea to a better life. When the boats dock, many of us were met with harsh
words, objects being thrown at us, and racism from the “Natives.” There are poster everywhere; “An
Irish Invasion. While the North invades the south, the Irish invade New York. Talk about locusts! Irishand more
Irish, this year we have whole shiploads of them” (Scorsese, 2003). Many of the Irish thatcame over before us lived in fear, hatred, and were under control of the “Natives.Like many others
we separated in our different minority groups. There were many different ethnic groups from: Irish,German, Italians, Chinese, and Africans. We all stick to our own kind, mainly for protection.
As a young child, my family was a religious. We practice Irish Catholic. Many of the “Natives” didn’t
approve of 
our religious choice. There came a breaking point, were the Irish citizens didn’t want to beunder the control of the “Native” gangs. We finally decided to make a stand. There are conflict
perspectives between all the minority groups. Some of these minority groups cooperated with each
other and challenged the “Native” gangs. There are many up
-rising between the different minority
groups. Another poster that was displayed is “ Battle of 5 points. Great Native victory over the foreign
Native Americans beware of foreign influence” (Scorsese, 2003). When both parent dies and
a child has no other family members, the child is sent to an orphanage.Many politicians would use the boss of these gangs to help with their political careers, by buying thebosses services to get the different minority groups to vote for them. Many of the upper class
“Natives” wouldn’t enter the streets were the lower class immigrants and “Natives” lived. Many of the
minority groups would have to pay a fee to the Natives to be left alone. This money was earned byworking or stealing.During the 1860s, the Civil War happened. Because of the lack of volunteers serving in the war, therewas a draft. When immigrants came off the ships, military personal were there waiting for them. Theimmigrants were given notices about the draft and the greatness of volunteering in the military. There
would be three meals an day and a bonus to sign up and serve. If someone didn’t volunteer than you
were ordered re
gister for the draft. The only way to ensure one’s safety of not being drafted was to
pay a fee of $300. This was when the Enrollment Act (1863) (Conscription Act) was created. Most
people didn’t have to money to pay. More than 40,000 men were draf 
ted into the war, many New Yorknatives and immigrants names were picked to serve. Then there was New York Draft Riots of 1863.When the military began calling names for the draft people went crazy. Family and friends of thedraftees started rioting homes, businesses, and the streets. Innocent people of all minorities werekilled, military personal were killed. Torches were thrown into buildings. Newscasts were wired all over
the country. Police couldn’t control the mobs. The military finally
took control of the streets.Warnings were made to the crowds to disperse or the military would start firing. The mobs stood their
grounds. Naval ships shot cannons from the piers into “The 5 Points” to help control and disperse the
mobs. There was rioting for four days and nights. Many friends were killed.
With everything that happened to my family and friends I have but one quote to leave you: “The past is
the torch that lights our way. Where our fathers have shown us the path, we shall follow. Our faith isthe weapon most feared by our enemies, for thereby shall we lift our people up against those who
would destroy us. Our name is called “The Dead Rabbits” to remind all of our suffering and as a call to
those suffer still to join our ranks, however so far they may have strayed from our common home across

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