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Ch 15 Quiz w Answers ACC-4800-001

Ch 15 Quiz w Answers ACC-4800-001

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Published by Fred Flinstone

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Published by: Fred Flinstone on Jun 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 15
Chapter 15
QuestionsLimitsPointsDue DateAvailability46 QuestionsNo Time LimitUnlimited Attempts46 pts possibleJun 18 at 11amAlways available
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Score for this attempt: 30 out of 46Submitted Jun 14 at 7:58amThis attempt took about 12 hours.Question 1: 1 ptsCopyright violations.0% of pointsNone of the above.0% of pointsFraud.100% of pointsTerrorism.0% of pointsE-mail abuse.0% of points1 / 1Question 2: 1 ptsThe forensic investigator is trying to catch a criminal whose technological skills may be more advanced than those of the investigator.0% of pointsThese criminals are located outside the country where the crime is committed.0% of pointsThe victim may not want to pursue the criminal.0% of points All of the above are correct.100% of points1 / 1Question 3: 1 pts5, 2, 1, 4, and 3.0% of points4, 5, 2, 1, and 3.100% of points3, 4, 5, 2, and 1.0% of points1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.0% of points0 / 1Question 4: 1 ptsIn 2008, the highest complaint related to Internet use was: A serious problem for forensic investigators in finding cybercriminals is:Hacking a website requires initial access. In what order would the following steps be taken to gain access to a website?1.Compile the exploit.2.Download the exploit.3.Run a web bug against the web site.4.Stealth scan.5.Go to a hacker site.Wardialing is a technique that is used:
Chapter 15: ACC-4800-001https://uvu.instructure.com/courses/67279/quizzes/1336231 of 106/18/2012 5:37 PM
None of the above.0% of pointsTo locate modem tones.100% of pointsBy telemarketers to automatically call phone numbers.0% of pointsTo find other hackers on the Internet.0% of pointsTo create a brute force attack.0% of points1 / 1Question 5: 1 ptsNone of the above.0% of pointsThe IP addresses of the topic company officials at the targeted website.0% of pointsOther hackers who have exploited a website.0% of points A list of trusted websites.100% of points0 / 1Question 6: 1 ptsNone of the above.0% of pointsThrough the target's web server's logs.100% of pointsBy the local phone company's forensic investigators.0% of pointsWith help from the ISP's logs.0% of pointsBecause of the FBI's Carnivore scanning program.0% of points1 / 1Question 7: 1 ptsTo acquire confidential information about an individual.0% of pointsTo allow the attacker's web server to pretend to be a trusted website.0% of pointsTo scan a website.0% of pointsBoth b and d.100% of pointsTo fake an e-mail address.0% of points0 / 1Question 8: 1 ptsIs hidden software used to enter an already compromised website by the hacker at a later date.100% of pointsIs an actual physical entry point into the back of a web server.0% of pointsNone of the above.0% of pointsIs a hidden modem on a network.0% of points1 / 1Question 9: 1 pts A zone transfer allows the hacker to get a list of: A hacker scanning a web server is likely to be identified by the target's website:The main reason for IP spoofing is:The backdoor on a network or PC:
Chapter 15: ACC-4800-001https://uvu.instructure.com/courses/67279/quizzes/1336232 of 106/18/2012 5:37 PM
None of the above.0% of pointsHelp desk exploits.0% of pointsSocial engineering.100% of pointsIP spoofing.0% of pointsMail bombing.0% of points1 / 1Question 10: 1 pts All of the above.0% of pointsCriminal was over 21.0% of pointsData was important to the company.0% of pointsData had been analyzed, and it was valued information.100% of pointsCriminal intentionally stole the data.0% of points0 / 1Question 11: 1 ptsHaving a virtual presence in my web server.0% of pointsNone of the above.0% of points Assessing the mail port on my web server.100% of pointsUsing a bot to check a website for price information.0% of pointsStealing my electronic impulse.0% of points0 / 1Question 12: 1 ptsChaffing.100% of pointsScanning.0% of pointsSocial engineering.0% of pointsSpoofing.0% of pointsNone of the above.0% of points1 / 1Question 13: 1 ptsThese laws prevent the advancement of e-commerce.0% of pointsThe technology quickly makes the laws outdated.100% of pointsMany of the laws are a violation of the U.S. Constitution's right regarding self incrimination.0% of pointsThe laws violate the rights of innocent third parties.If an attacker calls the e-mail help desk posing as a company executive on a business trips who has lost her password, and consequently talks the help desk receptionistinto giving out a password, such actions are known as:In order for the stealing of data to be a criminal act, it may be necessary to prove that the:Which of the following activities is most likely to be a cybercrime? A form of steganography is:One problem with enacting legislation against cybercrimes is:
Chapter 15: ACC-4800-001https://uvu.instructure.com/courses/67279/quizzes/1336233 of 106/18/2012 5:37 PM

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