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LoritoBooks 2012 Catalog

LoritoBooks 2012 Catalog

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Published by Hal Bogotch
It's the Lorito Books 2012 catalog of children's Spanish books & audiobooks
It's the Lorito Books 2012 catalog of children's Spanish books & audiobooks

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Published by: Hal Bogotch on Jun 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Children’s Spanish books and audiobooks
TheRunawayPiggy/El cochinitofugitivo
The gingerbread man story re- told with a multicultural twist. mischievous runaway piggy/cochinito cookie runs away from the panaderia, through the barrio,shaking his stubby brown tail andrepeating the refrain, “Chase me,chase me down the street.” A piggy cookie recipe is includedat the end of the book. Written b
 James Luna
Illustrated by 
Laura Lacamara
 Ages 4-8 Study Guide AvailableHardcover + CD978-0-9835197-0-6 $25.95
 About Lorito Books
 We produce Spanish and bilingual audiobooks for children. We are dedicated to bringing the finest Spanish children’s books tolife in the audio format while building second language literacy and promoting Latino culture. Our hope is that these books areenjoyed and shared by children and their families and provide both entertainment and opportunities for learning.This catalog includes our first production of a bilingual chapter book,
The Case of the Pen Gone Missing/El caso de la pluma perdida.
 With this audiobook, young readers can move from the picture book sets into higher reading and listening levels. We distribute Spanish children’s books from some of Mexico’s finest publishers. Our selections in this catalog represent thelively graphic style that characterizes Mexico’s visual arts and promise to engage young readers and their families.
 New Audiobook Release
Bilingual Audiobook Sets
Bilingual favorites come to life in audio
The Desert Is My Mother/El desierto es mi madre
In simple poetic text, a young girl asks the desert for  things such as food and comfort and the desertresponds, as a mother meeting a child’s demands. Written by 
Pat Mora
Read by 
Kristine Klanderud
Language: Bilingual 32 pages Ages 3-7Softcover + CD 14 minutes 978-0-9815686-2-1 $18.95Hardcover + CD 14 minutes 978-0-9815686-8-3 $24.954 Softcovers + CD 978-0-9835197-6-8 $37.95
2008 Moonbeam Award Winner,Children’s Audiobook
Delicious Hullabaloo(Pachanga deliciosa)
 Written b
Pat Mora
Illustrated by 
Francisco X. Mora
Read by 
Rosi Amador
Original Music by 
Brian Amador
 Audio by 
Live Oak Media
Study Guide AvailableLanguage: Bilingual 9 minutesSoftcover + CD 978-143-010-837-5 $18.95
"Tonight, young and old / dance to moon and starlight too, / join in the fiesta, / the delicious hullabaloo."
 A charming and elegant book whose rhymes and drawings willdelight children and adults. Lime lizards and purple armadillos sashay  to the music of the rhythmic text in this delicious story of a desertdinner party. Presented bilingually, this western frolic is winsomely illustrated in soft and soothing Southwestern shades.
Mimi’s Parranda/La parranda deMimí
 A Puerto Rican holiday story, told through the eyes of Mimi, a young girl longing for a traditional parranda, theholiday celebration of music, food, family and friends. Written and read by 
Lydia Gil
Language: Bilingual, with English and Spanish only tracks32 pages Ages 4-8Hardcover 978-1-55885-477-2 $15.95Hardcover + CD 39 minutes 978-0-9815686-3-8$25.95
Two by acclaimed authorPAT MORA Narrated by the Authors
800-420-6936 LoritoBooks.comThe Bossy Gallito
 A traditional Cuban folk tale retold in abilingual format and relocated to Miami.The book features delightful illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Lulu Delacre, whocreates a magical environment where where roosters wear  tuxedos and animals rule the roost. Written and read by 
Lucía M. González
Illustrated by 
Lulu Delacre
Language: Bilingual, with English andSpanish only tracks Ages 4-8
Softcover + CD978-0-9842981-1-2 $15.954 Softcovers + CD978-0-9835197-2-0 $32.95Book set with Rooster Finger Puppet:$19.95
Lucia Gonzalez reads her own retelling with verve andunique voices for each character.
School Library Journal
For Young Foodies
Books about food and traditions
Growing Up With Tamales/Los Tamales de Ana
This sweet and funny story about sibling rivalry and the tradition of making tamales is told from the perspective of Ana, who yearns to be like her big sister. Denver stage actress GabrielaCavallero’s voice brings the rhythmic prose to life with her tenderhearted reading in flawlessEnglish and Spanish. Written by 
Gwendolyn Zepeda
Illustrated by 
 April Ward
Read by 
Gabriela Cavallero
Language: Bilingual, with English and Spanish only tracks32 pages Ages 3-7Hardcover 978-1-55885-493-2 $15.95Hardcover + CD, 35 minutes 978-0-98156-869-0 $25.95
Sip, Slurp, Soup, Soup/Caldo, caldo, caldo
This story of Mama making the family’s favorite soup (or caldo)is told in rhythmic prose that builds excitement for the endproduct, which the children eat with gusto. Written b
Diane Gonzales Bertrand
Read by 
Kristine Klanderud
Language: Bilingual 32 pages Ages 3-7Softcover + CD 34 minutes 978-0-9815686-1-4 $19.95Hardcover + CD 34 minutes 978-0-9815686-7-6 $25.954 Softcovers + CD 978-0-9835197-7-5 $38.95
“Another remarkable title… high marks for clarity andappropriate expression … this kit would serve for ESLstudents as well as for younger children whose parents would like to expose them to Spanish.”
For Older Readers/Listeners
“Thanks to Saldaña’s writing and Amador’sperformance, Mickey becomes an instanthero with whom listeners will want tospend more time.”
“[The] well crafted translation into Spanishmaintains the suspense and humor of theoriginal English.”
Kirkus Review 
The Case of the Pen Gone Missing/El Caso de la Pluma Perdida
 A Mickey Rangel Mystery/Colección Mickey Rangel, Dective Privado
 A bilingual mystery for intermediate readers (ages 8-12,)Mickey Rangel is a smart fifth grade detective who sets hissights on solving the case of a very special pen missing atschool. Entertaining dialog, universal pre-teen themes and afast pace make this book appealing for a wide range of ages. Written b
René Saldaña, Jr.
Language: Bilingual, with separate CD’s for Spanish and English2 CD Set 978-0-9842981-3-6 $19.95Softcover + 2 CD Set 978-0-9842981-9-8 $25.954 Softcovers + 2 CD Set 978-0-9835197-1-3 $42.95
César Chávez: The Struggle for Justice (La lucha por la justicia)
 Written by 
Richard Griswold Del Castillo
Illustrated by 
 Anthony Accardo
Read by 
Brian Amador
 Audio by 
Live Oaks Media
Language: Bilingual Softcover + CD 25 minutes 978-143-010-834-4 $18.954 Softcovers + CD 978-0-1430108351 $39.95Cesar Chavez and his fight for the rights of Hispanic agricultural workers is an inspirational story aboutunity, justice, and perseverance. This bilingual picture-book biography briefly examines the life of thisMexican-American leader, including his first encounters with racism and his activism as an adult, with anemphasis on the use of nonviolent methods to achieve his aims of organizing the United Farm Workers. Winner of a Carter G. Woodson Book Award, the text is provided in both Spanish and English. Originalmusic with a Latin flavor accompanies the production.

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