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Published by takoua

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Published by: takoua on Jan 07, 2009
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Date back to the city of Jerusalem more than five thousandyears, and thus is one of the oldest cities in the world. Showthe many names that were fired at the depth of this history.Was launched by the peoples and nations that have differentnames Astotntha, Valkanaaon who migrated to in the thirdmillennium BC called "Oorsalim" means city of peace or thecity of God Salim. The name derived from the word "Jerusalem"in Hebrew, pronounced "Iroshalim" The meaning of the HolyHouse, was mentioned in the Torah 680 times. Then in the eraknown as the Greek Iilia, which means House of God.One of the most important work done by the Canaanites inJerusalem, the construction of a tunnel to ensure that accessto water within the city of Spring Jihon, which is located inthe Valley of Qdron, which is known today into Silwan.The indigenous inhabitants of JerusalemTribe inhabiting the Alibosien - one of the Arab Canaanitebellies - City around 2500 BC. Pm, they called Lebos.Pharaonic age from 16 to 14 BC. MSubject to the influence of the city of Jerusalem from theEgyptian pharaonic century BC 16. M. In the era of KingAkhenaton was invaded, "Akhabiro" and nomadic tribes, theEgyptian government has been unable to Abdi Ikhyeea to winthem, the city remained in their hands to the back of theEgyptian influence in the reign of King Seti I 1317 - 1301 BC.M.Jewish age from 977 to 586 BC. MSince the rule of the Jews of Jerusalem during the 73-yearhistory, which spanned more than five thousand years. Davidhas been able to control the city in 977 BC or 1000. Pm andcalled the City of David, and built the palace and severalforts, a 40-year reign. And then his successor after him andhis son Suleiman, who ruled 33 yearsAfter the death of Solomon in the divided state of his sonRehavam and the city is called "Jerusalem", a name derivedfrom the name or the Arab Alkanaani Shalem Salim, who pointedout that the Torah Ibusi Arab ruler was a friend of Ibrahim.Babylonian times from 586 to 537 BC. MOccupied the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II, the city ofJerusalem after defeating the last king of the Jews bin Yoshiacredible manner in 586 BC. M, and the transfer of the
remaining prisoners of Jews to Babylon, including King himselfcredible manner.Persian age from 537 to 333 BC. MThen allowed the Persian King Cyrus in 538 BC. M prisoners whowants the Jews in Babylon to return to Jerusalem.Greek times from 333 to 63 BC. MAlexander the Great took over Palestine, including Jerusalemin 333 BC. M, and after his death, his successors continued toMacedonians and Ptolemy in the governance of the city, andseized by Ptolemy in the same year and annexed to the kingdomwith Palestine in Egypt in 323 BC. M. Then, in 198 BC. Mbecome a Slloukiin in Syria after the annexation SiluxNikatur, and the vulnerability of the population in thatperiod, the Greek civilization.Jerusalem under Roman rule 63 BC. M - 636 mRomanian army chief seized PompeyPompeiiTo Jerusalem in 63 BC. M and annexed to the Roman Empire.The Roman rule of Jerusalem, which lasted until 636 m in manyincidents, from 66 to 70 m, the Jews have rioted in Jerusalemand the suppression of civil disobedience, the Roman GovernorTitus Vohrq force the city and the families of many of theJews, and things returned to normal in the Roman occupation ofthe Holy City. Jews, and repeated the rebel insurgency and thedeclaration twice in 115 and 132 meters have already been ableto control the city, but the Roman Emperor Hadrian dealingwith violent and resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem forthe second time, and out of Jewish residents, however,Christians have been left, then ordered the city to change thename of " Iilia "and were not inhabited by Jews.Church of the Holy SepulcherThe transfer of the Roman Emperor Constantine I, capital ofthe Roman Empire from Rome to Byzantium, Christianity anddeclared an official religion of the State was a turning pointfor Christians in Jerusalem, where the Church of the HolySepulcher was built in 326 meters.The return of the PersiansRoman Empire was divided into two parts in 395 rival, whichencouraged a horse raid succeeded in Jerusalem and the
occupied in the period from 614 to 628 m, and then recoveredby the Romans once again and remained in their hands until theArab conquest in 636 meters.Al Maraj and 621 m / e 10Almost 621 in Jerusalem witnessed the visit of the ProphetMuhammad, God's blessings and peace be upon him, the family ofthe night from the Sacred Mosque to the Al-Aqsa Mosque andthen stepped up to the high heavens.First Islamic era in 1072 to 636Income Khalifa Omar Bin Al Khattab may Allah be pleased withhim the city of Jerusalem in 636 / e 15 (or 638 m on differentsources), having won the leadership of the Islamic Army Amerbin Abi Oubida wounds, and required to receive the PatriarchCefrus Omar himself wrote the city with them, "Umar," a Thedocument granted religious freedom in return for tribute. Thename of the city Iilia to Jerusalem, the document stated thatnone of the Jews IsaknhmThe city has taken since then and took the Islamic characterof the Umayyads (661 to 750 m) and the Abbasids (750 to 878 m)and has seen a renaissance in the various scientific fields.One of the most important Islamic monuments in the period, theDome of the Rock mosque was built by Abdul Malik bin Marwan,from 682 to 691 m, and re-building the Al-Aqsa Mosque in 709m, and then saw the city because of the instability of themilitary conflicts that erupted between the Abbasids andFatimids and Alaqramtp, Jerusalem has been under the rule ofSeljuk 1071.Jerusalem during the CrusadesJerusalem fell into the hands of the Crusaders in 1099 afterfive centuries of Islamic rule, the result of power strugglesbetween the Seljuks and the Fatimids and the Seljukthemselves. The Crusaders were killed immediately afterentering Jerusalem about 70 thousand of Muslims and violatedIslamic sanctities. And in Jerusalem since then, the Kingdomof Latin governed by the King of the imposition of Catholicworship to the Catholic-Orthodox Christians, sparking anger.Second Islamic eraSaladin was able to recover Jerusalem from the Crusaders in1187 after the battle of Hattin, and a good treatment of itspeople, and the Red Cross removed from the Dome of the Rock,and took the city and fortify Bammarp.

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