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Published by Tsuki
Senritsu's beginning ch2
Senritsu's beginning ch2

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Published by: Tsuki on Jun 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The time spent around the base was mostly for Senritsu to play “catch
up”. All the informationabout the Akatsuki… the main members and the applying recruits, the targets they sought, and even
particular people they were keeping tabs on like Orochimaru. It took her only about three days to copyall the information down to basic information in her little book and memorize the rest. She was thankfulto be a quick study and found reading such things to be easy to remember
. It wasn’t until after she
finished with her notes that Keke came by and took her out to the city in Amekagure. Of course it rainedheavily as it always had in the city. Both of them wore the hats given before heading by a small shop to
get something to drink. “Senritsu, there’s not much I
know about that name… so where are you from?”
Keke asked as she grinned, stirring the milk into her chai tea. Senritsu only stared at her cup, nudging it
towards Keke with little interest. “I’m sorry, senpai… I hate bitter stuff… but… to answer j’
your question,
I’m from the land of sound.” Keke looked up to her for a moment before taking a sip of her tea. “Theland of sound… isn’t that Orochimaru’s territory?” Immediately Senritsu showed a brief moment of 
disgust to the name Keke uttered. But her disdain was quickly concealed under her sheepish grin as she
pulled her collar over her nose. “J’yeah…
I suppose.” Keke wasn’t fooled
however, she noticed Senritsu’sstrange behavior and with a twisted grin she muttered, “Child, if you don’t tell me what you are hi
I’ll kill you.” It was unsettling for Senritsu to hear those words, even more so to see how her superior
From what records she had on her, there wasn’t much information given. Only that her mentalstate was unstable. Keke was labeled “insane” in her books.
oh I just… I will tell j’you in time senpai…one doesn’t give up their past without establishing trust first…” Senritsu did have a valid point. Though
they were forced to work together and could get along to some degree, there was still some question of trust on both sides
. “Well, what brought you to the Akatsuki?” Keke questioned as she recomposed
herself. The new question redirected the conversation, causing Senritsu to reflect to the day Itachi andKisame caught her in the middle of he
r commissioned heist. “I wasn’t given much of a choice.” Shemuttered shyly as she shrugged a bit. She was forced to join? Senritsu’s statement brought morequestions to Keke’s mind before she vocalized it, “Well, who brought you?”“Itachi
and Kisame
… but… when I was brought here, I was allowed to choose if I wished to stayor not… I decided to stay because I still have much to learn and what better way to learn than from thebest here?”
Keke tilted her head slightly in a strange manner, questioning Senrit
su’s words
to herself. Itwas so strange to hear how modest she was. After all, most members were confident in being the best.
“Something must’ve knocked you of your high horse
if you are so modest to admit that much.” She
remarked with a clever grin, taking a sip of her chai tea once more. Senritsu smiled as well, but shed
idn’t feel the need to hide this particular bit of 
information from her. “I’m not ashamed… I was
defeated. Several times in fact. I always tried to escape from the two since at the time, I had noknowledge of where I was going or what would be done with me
. The last time almost killed me…hehe…” With a slight nod, Keke put down her cup. “Now it makes sense. So, what were you so high andmighty about, huh?” Senri
tsu giggled to the question. Not because it was funny, but because of the wayKeke phrased it. She was well aware of how each Akatsuki member seemed to have a forte in certaintechniques. But not just that, they had pride in it. Even as modest as Senritsu now was, she still had asense of pride about her own. Without hesitation
she gave her answer, “Sound genjutsu is my specialty,senpai… I developed the ultimate technique I dubbed, ‘vocal arts’.” Immediately Keke’s eyes widen in
curiosity and a twisted sense of thrill enveloped her. Sound genjutsu was indeed troubling, but vocal artswere unheard of.
It left so many questions. “Vocal arts
, huh?
… explain.” She stated with interest.Senritsu observed her superior’s
subtle change in behavior, and gave her explanation with caution.
ere are several who use instruments or devices to create sound. Some just make loudobnoxious sounds for sound jutsus to impact and strike, others beautiful music to create such wondrousand deadly illusions. I, however, sing. Combining my chakura with my vocal chords to produce the
desired effects~ But it isn’t just the notes that can be heard. My voice can reach to 15
meters in rangeand up to the highest unheard pitch. Using a vocal technique is more in favor since I will never have to

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