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2009-06!13!230213 Parascuba Criminal Justice Organization Administration

2009-06!13!230213 Parascuba Criminal Justice Organization Administration

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Published by Ram Prajapat

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Published by: Ram Prajapat on Jun 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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U1-Q11: Discuss organization structure and its impact upon the Law Enforcement profession.Justice Administration’s structure has a direct impact on law enforcement profession and the efficiency of the entire criminal justice system. There should be a clear objective and the department’s organization should strive to achieve that objective throughsupervision and management. The mission of the department, the mission’s relation to theorganization directly impact law enforcement. The impact results in the role andresponsibilities of law enforcement. Organizational structure is only as good as theadministrators that are involved and the designation of jobs and duties that follow. Anorganization structure with strong administration has strong law enforcement and policeofficers enforcing the law. Every police department is managed by a chief of police andfrom there is organized into five bureaus. These five bureaus are the AdministrativeServices Bureau, Special Services Bureau, Patrol Bureau, Homeland Security andInvestigations Bureau, Support Services Bureau. Depending on the department there could be additional units as well. Each bureau is divided into smaller divisions to operate each bureau. The Administrative Service Bureau has a personnel and development department,financial and contract management, police technology and technical support, planning andcrime analysis, inspections, and equipment services. Special Services Bureau consists of  Narcotics Division, general investigations, and youth and family support. The PatrolBureau is the patrol officers. Homeland Security and Investigations Bureau are broke upinto specific categories depending on the crime involved. The Support Services Bureau is
divided by specific job functions and duties as well.(242 words)U1-Q12: Discuss the concept of consensus versus conflict and the criminal justice system.There are two concepts widely accepted in criminal justice. These two concepts or models are consensus and conflict. Consensus model is a criminal justice perspective thatassumes that the system’s sub-components work together harmoniously to achieve thesocial product we call justice. In theory, society reaches a consensus view on whether certain acts or behavior are harmful. In cases where there is agreement, the criminal justicesystem may be extended to treat those matters as crimes. Conversely, when society hasevidence that it is no longer at risk from such acts or behavior, they may be decriminalized.Conflict model is a criminal justice perspective that assumes that the system’s sub-components function primarily to serve their own interests. Justice is a product of conflictsamong agencies within the system than it is the result of cooperation among componentagencies. System conflict theory argues that worries over fame, promotions, wages, andsuccess cause the criminal justice system to conflict with itself. This perspective argues thatthere is no true system and points to the role of adversarial processes, in particular, whichare seen to be basic to the "system", and the fact that many criminal justice organizationshabitually share as little information as possible. (202 words)U2-Q11: Discuss the impact of COPPS and Problem Solving Policing with traditionalorganizational structures.Traditional methods of policing rely heavily on deterrence through a visible presence of the police on patrol. Communities have become more diverse and the problemshave changed as drugs and violent crimes have become more prevalent in urbancommunities. The primary function of the police was crime control and the enforcement of 
the law .This is the model of policing which is largely applied in the modern day world.Many problems and issues, as well as comparisons and contrasts, can be raised about boththe community based administrative approach and that of the professional, controlled formof policing. The police work with the community in identifying problems and employingstrategies, often focuses enforcement efforts on specific problems such as drug hot spots, toreduce both crime and the fear of crime in the community. However, community policing programs also stress a very different administrative style than previous models of policing.There are several impediments to implementing community policing strategies. Anorganization can implement a community policing program, though getting the officers toimplement the program can be a major hurdle for police administrators. Secondly, theorganizational culture within a police agency may not embrace and implement community policing strategies. The organization must adopt a more democratic organizational style icommunity policing strategies are to be implemented effectively. This is an idea in whichthe effectiveness of police work can be hindered the community based policing can causesidetracking. Traditional police organizational structures have been characterized as beingrigid, centralized paramilitary organizations. However, community policing initiativesmandate a change in organizational style with an emphasis on feedback from the lower ranks and in some instances, replacing sworn officers with civilians in clerical, technical,and professional duties. On one instance this may involve more people from thecommunity into the structure of some of the policing initiatives, yet it could also lead tounprofessional decision making.(314 words)U2-Q12: Discuss the steps for police selection and the importance of the field trainingofficer.

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