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Professional Education Set A

Professional Education Set A

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Published by Ralna Dyan Florano

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Published by: Ralna Dyan Florano on Jun 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Set A
1. Which is one role of play in the pre-school and early childhood years?A. Develops competitive spirit.B. Separates reality from fantasy.
C. Increases imagination due to expanding knowledge and emotional range.
D. Develops the upper and lower limbs.2. Student Z does not study at all but when the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) comes, before he takes theLET, he spends one hour or more praying for a miracle, i.e. to pass the exam. Which attitude towards religion or God isdisplayed?A. Religion as fake
B. Religion as magic
C. Religion as authenticD. Religion as real3. As a teacher, you are a rationalist. Which among these will be your guiding principle?A. I must teach the child that we can never have real knowledge of anything.
B. I must teAch the child to develop his mental powers to the full.
C. I must teach the child so he is assured of heaven.D. I must teach the child every knowledge, skill, and value that he needs for a better future.4. All men are pretty much alike. It is only by custom that they are set apart, said one Oriental philosopher. Where can thisthought be most inspiring?A. In a multi-cultural group of learners
B. In multi-cultural and heterogeneous groups of learners and indigenous peoples' group
C. In a class composed of indigenous peoplesD. In heterogeneous class of learners5. Teacher A discovered that his pupils are very good in dramatizing. Which tool must have helped him discover his pupils' strength?A. Portfolio assessment
B. Performance test
C. Journal entryD. Paper-and-pencil test6. NSAT and NEAT results are interpreted against set mastery level. This means that NSAT and NEAT fall under  __________.A. intelligence testB. aptitude test
C. criterion-referenced test
D. norm-referenced test7. In a social studies class, Teacher I presents a morally ambiguous situation and asks his students what they would do. Onwhose theory is Teacher I's technique based?A. Kohlberg
B. Bandura
C. PiagetD. Bruner 8. Which is a sound classroom management practice?A. Avoid establishing routines
B. Establish routines for all daily needs and tasks.
C. Apply rules and policies on a case to case basis.D. Apply reactive approach to discipline.9. A sixth grade twelve-year old boy comes from a dysfunctional family and has been abused and neglected. He has beento two orphanages and three different elementary schools. The student can decode on the second grade level, but he cancomprehend orally material at the fourth or fifth grade level. The most probable cause/s of this student's reading problemis/are __________.A. emotional factorsB. poor teaching
C. neurological factors
D. immaturity10. Teacher U teaches to his pupils that pleasure is not the highest good. Teacher's teaching is against what philosophy?A. Realism
B. Hedonism
C. EpicureanismD. Empiricism11. With which goals of educational institutions as provided for by the Constitution is the development of work skillsaligned?A. To develop moral character B. To teach the duties of citizenshipC. To inculcate love of country
D. To develop vocational efficiency
12. Direct instruction is for facts, rules, and actions as indirect instruction is for __________, __________, __________.A. hypotheses, verified data and conclusionsB. concepts, patterns and abstractions
C. concepts, processes and generalizations
D. guesses, data and conclusions13. To elicit more student's response, Teacher G made use of covert responses. Which one did she NOT do?A. She had the students write their response privately.
B. She showed the correct answers on the overhead after the students have written their responses.
C. She had the students write their responses privately then called each of them.
D. She refrained from judging on the student's responses.14. What should you do if a parent who is concerned about a grade his child received compared to another student's grade,demands to see both students' grades?A. Refuse to show either record.
B. Show both records to him.
C. Refuse to show any record without expressing permission from principal.D. Show only his child's records.15. John Watson said:Men are built not born.What does this statement point to?A. The ineffectiveness of training on a person's development.
B. The effect of environmental stimulation on a person's development.
C. The absence of genetic influence on a person's developmentD. The effect of heredity.16. A guest speaker in one graduation rites told his audience: "Reminder, you are what you choose to be." The guestspeaker is more of a/an __________.A. realisticB. pragmatistC. idealist
D. existentialist
17. The best way for a guidance counselor to begin to develop study skills and habits in underachieving student would beto __________.A. have these underachieving students observe the study habits of excelling students
B. encourage students to talk about study habits from their own experiences
C. have them view film strips about various study approachesD. give out a list of effective study approaches18. Principal C shares this thought with his teachers:Subject matter should help students understand and appreciatethemselves as unique individuals who accept complete responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions.From which philosophy is this thought based?A. PerennialismB. Essentialism
C. Existentialism
D. Progressivism19. The search for related literature by accessing several databases by the use of a telephone line to connect a computer library with other computers that have database is termed __________.A. compact disc searchB. manual search
C. on-line search
D. computer search

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