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Published by Vinay Kumar

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Published by: Vinay Kumar on Jun 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Backup & Recovery
Backup and recovery procedures protect your database against data loss and reconstruct the data,should loss occur. The reconstructing of data is achieved through media recovery, which refers to thevarious operations involved in restoring, rolling forward, and rolling back a backup of database files.A backup is a copy of data. This copy can include important parts of the database, such as the control fileand datafiles. A backup is a safeguard against unexpected data loss and application errors. If you losethe original data, then you can reconstruct it by using a backup.Backups are divided into physical backups and logical backups.Physical backups, which are the primary concern in a backup and recovery strategy, are copies of physical database files. You can make physical backups with either the Recovery Manager (RMAN) Utilityor operating system utilities.In contrast, logical backups contain logical data (for example, tables and stored procedures) extractedwith an oracle utility and stored in a binary file. You can use logical backups to supplement physicalbackups.There are two ways to perform Oracle backup and recovery: Recovery Manager and user managedbackup and recovery.1.Offline backup2.Online backup3.logical backup4.RMAN.1:Offline backup:
 To take offline backup we need to shutdown the database before taking backup. Before we shutdown,we must know about the location of files to be copied.Though only datafiles are to be backed up, we can also backup controlfile and redolog files in offlinebackup.Follow the steps below to take offline backup:
 Sql>spool backup.sql
Sql>select ‘host cp –v ‘||file_name||’ /path/backup’ from dba_data_files union
Select ‘host
 –v ‘||name||’ /path/backup’ from v$controlfile union

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