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Configure NFS NaviExpress

Configure NFS NaviExpress

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Published by Proclama1

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Published by: Proclama1 on Jun 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This procedure explains how to create a Network File System (NFS)export on your Celerra
system. The Celerra system is amultiprotocol machine that can provide access to data through theNFS protocol to provide file sharing in network environments.The NFS protocol enables the Celerra Network Server to assume thefunctions of an NFS server. NFS environments typically include:Native UNIX clientsLinux clientsWindows systems configured with third-party applicationsthat provide NFS client services
Create an NFS export
Create an NFS export
This section contains an overview of the NFS implementationprocedure overview and host requirements for NFS implementation.
Procedure overview
To create a NFS export, you must perform the following tasks:1.Verify that you have performed the pre-implementation tasks:Create a Powerlink
account.Register your Celerra with EMC
or your service provider.Install Navisphere
Service Taskbar (NST.)Add additional disk array enclosures (DAEs) using the NST(Not available for NX4).2.Complete the implementation worksheets.3.Cable additional Celerra ports to your network system.4.Configure unused or new disks with Navisphere Express.5.Configure your network by creating a new interface to access theCelerra storage from a host or workstation.6.Create a file system using a system-defined storage pool.7.Delete the NFS export created during startup.8.Create an NFS export from the file system.9.Configure host access to the NFS export.10.Configure and test standby relationships
Host requirementsfor NFS
Celerra Network Server version 5.6.For secure NFS using UNIX or Linux-based Kerberos:Sun Enterprise Authentication Mechanism (SEAM) softwareor Linux KDC running Kerberos version 5
KDCs from other UNIX systems have not been tested.
For secure NFS using Windows-based Kerberos:Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 domain
3Create an NFS export
To use secure NFS, the client computer must be running:SunOS version 5.8 or later (Solaris 10 for NFSv4)Linux - kernel 2.4 or later (2.6.12 _ NFSv4 patches for NFSv4)Hummingbird Maestro version 7 or later (EMC recommendsversion 8); version 9 for NFSv4AIX 5.3 ML3
Other clients have not been tested.
DNS (Domain Name System)NTP (Network Time Protocol) server
Windows environments require that you configure Celerra in theActive Directory.
 No specific hardware requirements
 No specific network requirements
No specific storage requirements

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