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The Case of a Child and a Neighbor

The Case of a Child and a Neighbor

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Published by Lyra Carissa

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Published by: Lyra Carissa on Jun 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Case of a Child and a Neighbor’s DogPeter Banag, the father of a child who was attacked by a neighbor’s dog, has come toconsult you about the possibility of his bringing a lawsuit against Arthur Sison, aneighbor. Peter brought along Fred Puzon to the interview. Fred witnessed whathappened. The following is your interview with him.Interview with Mr. Fred Puzon, accompanied by client, Mr. Peter Banag. Sept 21Q. Fred, how old are you?A. I am twenty-one, Attorney.Q. What di you do for a living?A. I work with the government.Q. Where do you live?A. I live at 24 Annapolis St., Cubao, Quezon City.Q. Did you see the dog attack Mr. Banag’s daughter?A. Yes, sir. I saw it bite Mary’s leg and even her arms as she fell to the ground.Q. Do you know who owned that dog?A. Yes, sir, the dog belonged to Arthur Sison.Q. What did you do when you saw the dog attack Mary?A. I immediately ran to help her but tripped on the gutter and fell on my hands andknees.Q. So what happened?A. I recovered quickly, moved on, and kicked the dog away. I then stood by to protectMary from further attacks.Q. What happened to the dog?A. The dog kept on barking and looked as if it would attack us.Q. Did it attack you?A. No because Arthur came out of his house and sent his dog into his yard.Q. How about Mary, what happened to her?A. Arthur picked her up, called a tricycle, and brought her to a nearby clinic fortreatment.Q. And you, what did you do?A. My friend then arrived and we left for the mall.Q. Did you know how old Mary was at that time?A. I found out that he was about six years old.Q. How did you get to know Arthur?A. We are neighbours. He lives at 12 Annapolis Street, the same street I lived.Q. Do you know why Mary was near Arthur’s house?A. She went there to buy ice-candies. Arthur had been selling ice-candies at his housefor sometime.Q. How did you know that?A. I myself used to buy ice-candies from him especially during summer.Q. When did the incident involving Mary happened?A. It happened on September 21 at about 3pm.
Q. What where you doing at that time?A. I was waiting on Annapolis Street for my friend Henry Uy to come and pick me upso we could got to the mall.Q. Do you remember what day of the week it was?A. It was a Saturday afternoon.Q. What did you see Mary doing from where you stood?A. I saw Mary approach Arthur’s gate and knock on it. But no one answered.Q. So what did she do?A. Still she kept on knocking softly at the gate.Q. What happened next?A. A young girl of her age passed by and Mary waived at her.Q. So what happened next?A. Arthur’s dog came out of the yard. As Mary tested the gate by pushing it, the gateyielded and the dog jumped out.Q. What did Mary do?A. She held the gate open and called in saying that she wanted to buy ice-candy.“Pagbilan nga po ng ice-candy,” she said.Q. So what happened?A. That was the time I saw the dog go after her. It attacked her from behind as sheturned and ran to leave.Q. What was your reaction to what you saw?A. I was shocked for a moment. You asked Peter why he came out to consult with you and he said that he askedArthur to pay her daughter P 20, 000.00 in damages for what she suffered but all hegot was a letter from him. He have you the following letter.Mr. Peter Banag16 Annapolis St.,Cubao, Quezon CityDear Mr. Banag:I regret that I could not grant your demand to pay you P 20, 000.00 for theinjuries that your daughter suffered on September 12 when she came to my house at12 Annapolis Street, Cubao, Quezon City. I was not at fault.I was napping in my house on the afternoon your daughter came to our gate. Iwas awakened when I heard some commotion outside. I thought for a while thatpeople were quarrelling. But I heard shouts that my dog had attacked a child. Iimmediately got up and ran to stop my dog, Prancer, from attacking your daughter,Mary, who lay on the ground just outside the gate. Other neighbours had started tocome out and see what was happening.

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