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Hash II

Hash II

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Published by Ed Crowder

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Published by: Ed Crowder on Jun 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Flying Booger's Half-Mind Hymnal1
 A Songbook for Hash House Harriers
Compiled by Flying BoogerFebruary 2011 EditionDUNKIRKMelody - It's a Long Way to TipperraryIt's a long way to Tipperrary,It's a long way to go,It's a long way to Tipperrary,I walked it, so I know,Good bye, Sticky Willie,Farewell, pubic hair,It's a long way to Tipperrary,And I've never been there.Note - the idea is to get the circle singing and marching while re-enacting Dunkirk.During the song various members act out pieces of the story while everyone else singsand marches. It helps if you've seen it performed before. Parts are:Sperm in soldier's ball bagDog barkingCock crowingDistant marching (stamp feet)Sergeant shoutingLuftenbastards attacking (several hashers wheel left in a circle shooting at everythingwith arms outstretched)Biggles and the R.A.F. (several hashers wheel right in a circle shooting at everythingwith hands around eyes to look like goggles)Anti-aircraft fire (several hashers raise arms and pom-pom fire)GAMES(What to do when you want to get a bunch of hashers totally shitfaced)Tap Tap Game: Everybody sits around a table with both hands on the table. Each personplaces his or her hands between the hands of the people sitting next to him, so that eachperson at the table has two strange hands in front of him. One person taps a hand, andtapping goes around the circle to the right, hand by hand. It may be your hand's turn orsomeone else's hand's turn. It may seem like it ought to be your hand's turn, but it's hardto keep it straight. Anyway, tapping continues right around the circle until two people
Flying Booger's Half-Mind Hymnal2tap at once, at which point tapping reverses and goes to the left. The person who blew itchugs a beer, or maybe everyone in the circle chugs. One can see where this game isheaded . . ."What Is It" Game: Take any two different everyday objects and sit in a circle with atleast seven or eight people. One person holds both objects (you, for example). You giveone to the person on your right. You say, "This is a vibrator" (you can call the objectwhatever you want to call it - representational truth does not matter for the purposes of this game). The person on your right then asks "What is it?" You repeat, "This is avibrator." The person to your right hands the object to the person on his or her right, andsays, "This is a vibrator" (don't change the name). The person on his or her right asks,"What is it?" The person on your right turns back to you and asks, "What is it?" Yousay, "This is a vibrator." The person on your right tells the person on his or her right,"This is a vibrator." And the vibrator moves to the right around the circle in this manner,with the question "What is it?" always being relayed back to you, and your answer, "Thisis a vibrator" always being relayed forward to the next person to get it. Now, at the sametime you started the "vibrator" around to the right, you handed the other object to theperson on your left, saying "This is a dildo" (or whatever). This object moves around tothe left while the other object moves around to the right, and it gets pretty hard to keepthings straight when both objects pass on the far side of the circle.The "Pink Thing" Game. Some hashes award a Pink Thing to hashers when they reach aspecified number of runs, usually 25. The Haberdasher is responsible for having Pink Things made up (scarves, ribbons, hash bibs, whatever - as long as they're pink). At theawarding ceremony, the Pink Thing is hidden somewhere in the clothing of a hasher of the opposite sex. The awardee then has to find and retrieve the pink thing - without usinghis or her hands.FATHER ABRAHAMMelody - Itself Leader: Father Abraham had seven sons,Seven sons had Father Abraham,And he never smiled,And he never cried,All he did was go like this - With a right!All (shout/actions): With a right! (extend right arm)Leader: Father Abraham had seven sons,Seven sons had Father Abraham,And he never smiled,And he never cried,All he did was go like this - With a right!
Flying Booger's Half-Mind Hymnal3All (shout/actions): With a right! (extend right arm)Leader: And a left!All (shout/actions): And a left! (extend left arm)More verses/actions:With a right! (extend right leg)With a left! (extend left leg)And a HEEEE! (hump pelvis)And a HUUHH! (turn around, drop pants, moon pack)FATHER DAMIENMelody - as for "Father Abraham"Composed by Flying Booger in honor of Father Damien, who cared for the lepers of MolokaiFather Damien, had seven toes,Seven toes had Father Damien,And he decomposed,In bits and chunks,And he always went like this - With a right!All (shout/actions): And a right! (kick out right leg)Oops!Father Damien, had six toes,etc . . .HANKY PANKYMelody - Hokey PokeyYou give the right eye wink You give the left eye wink You give the "come here" wink And he buys us both a drink CHORUS:You do the hanky pankyGet his trousers downThat's what it's all aboutYou do the top lip lick You do the bottom lip lick You give a little giggle'Cause he thinks you'll lick his prick 

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