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In Pursuit of Holy Fire Message

In Pursuit of Holy Fire Message

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Published by: Joanna Fruhauf of Gracious Vine Ministry on Jun 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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G R A C I O U S V I N E . C O M
Moses at Burning Bush
After 400 years of silence from God, At a Mountain,God, the Light of the World, Saw fit to call a mannamed Moses to be His representative to a peopleHe would gather together to be a witness of WhoHe was. He displayed Himself to Moses as a Bush,ablaze with fire, yet not consumed/destroyed by it.A tree more fully alive than anything Moses hadseen before or encountered. This wonder caught hisattention, bringing him to his knees, recognizing theholiness of God and the power of God to keep alivewhat should be consumed by such a powerful blaze.Moses, eventually became the deliverer of a peoplegroup comprised of slaves, held under the powerand in the clenches of the earth’s supreme authority.They were ransomed with the blood of a blamelesslamb, and were brought out of the darkness ofslavery into a freedom they desperately longed for by incredible wonders and marvelous signsdisplaying the overwhelming power of God beforeALL mankind. They passed through a parted seaand conquered overwhelming enemies.Moses encounter with a Holy God, his confrontationand ultimate submission to God’s authority,equipped him to lead others to the same mountainso the people themselves could personallyencounter the same GOD. God’s purpose andpassion was to draw a people out of bondage tofreedom, They were witnesses of God’s Love.Once led free they followed the Spirit of God as seenin a Pillar of Holy Fire to each location of 40 years.
Children of Israel at a Fire filled Mountain
That Holy Presence, the Spirit of God in the form ofa Pillar of Fire led them to that SAME mountain.God then displayed His WONDER and POWER toan entire people. There were THUNDERS,LIGHTNINGS, TREMBLINGS and TRUMPETS. 50days after they left Egypt they HEARD the words ofGod with their OWN ears their OWN Languages.Every cell in their bodies were impacted with thereverberation. The Giving of the law, was done sothat every individual would have a PERSONALencounter - their own heart, mind and all sensesrecognized God’s presence and power.They recognized their desperate need, their futileexistence, their meager humanity, their powerlessposition and YET, they pulled away, asking for amediator, a go between, a middle man, someoneelse to tell them what God wanted....a system toknow God. They wanted a Religion not aRelationship. WHY? They DIDN’T recognize,God’s Love, God’s Mercy, God’s Gift, Redemption.God even called some of the leaders up to themountain, 75 men in all, went and SAW the feet ofGod, and dinned at HIS banquet table...Yet withindays, they were hosting their own party,worshipping a graven image, causing Moses to castdown the tablets of stone engraved by God’s ownhand. Man had quickly exchanged the things ofGod for things made by their own hands, Breakingthe covenant they already committed to. Godextended consequences for breaking the covenant(3000 were slain) & YET, GOD was merciful.
Disciples of Christ filled with Fire/Spirit of God
Some 1500 years later, after a people group hadsolidified as a nation, after religion was deeplyengrained, after they had once again become captorsto another world power, God in His tender MercySent a deliverer. 400 years after the last knownprophet, God sent His Son, pure, blameless, perfectLamb of God to die and ransom a people with His blood.After Rising from the dead, a gathering of a peoplewho recognized they had been ransomed, and setfree from the ravages of sin, to submit and serveChrist freely, gathered and gained momentum.Before Jesus ascended into heaven He showed themmany infallible proofs of His resurrection, powerand authority. On the 50th day after Hisresurrection, they received the Holy Spirit when Hedescended on them. With the sound of a mightyrushing wind, with fire upon each head, they beganto speak with other tongues, and those in Jerusalemfrom all areas around the world heard the wondersof God in their own languages.Peter began to proclaim the truth of what had takenplace over the last few weeks, the good and gloriousnews of Jesus, His Lordship, and His Redemption.3000 people that day were added to the kingdom ofGod as their hearts burned within them seeing thiswonder of God and recognizing that men, of merestature, were able to speak with such anointing andauthority, they were drawn to come close and learnfor themselves what this was...The Church, a holynation, a royal priesthood was born.
In Pursuit ofHOLY Fire
 From Sinai to Pentecost;God’s Purpose & Passion
G R A C I O U S V I N E . C O M
Holy Fire-Holy Spirit
John the Baptist Knew Jesus was theLamb of God, he knew that Jesus wouldbaptize with fire, He knew He needed todecrease so that Jesus could increase...Fire always consumes, causing the ‘self’to decrease that Christ can increase inour lives. To have a Holy Fire ablaze inus, we seek to be purified, purged,simplified so that, as gold refined in a fire,we are made into the Image of Christ, or that Christ would be made manifest in our lives, seen by others, that the wonder of God would be made known.
“But you are A CHOSEN People, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, APEOPLE FOR God's OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaimthe excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelouslight” 1 Peter 2:9
Hebrews 12:18-29
For you have not come to themountain that may be touched and thatburned with fire, and to blackness anddarkness
and tempest,
and the soundof a trumpet and the voice of words, sothat those who heard
begged that theword should not be spoken to themanymore.
For they could not endurewhat was commanded...
 And soterrifying was the sight
Moses said, “Iam exceedingly afraid and trembling.”
But you have come to Mount Zion andto the city of the living God, the heavenlyJerusalem, to an innumerable companyof angels,
to the general assembly andchurch of the firstborn
who are
registeredin heaven, to God the Judge of all, to thespirits of just men made perfect,
toJesus the Mediator of the new covenant,and to the blood of sprinkling that speaksbetter things than
that of 
Hear the Heavenly Voice
See that you do not refuse Him whospeaks. For if they did not escape whorefused Him who spoke on earth, muchmore
shall we not escape
if we turn awayfrom Him who
from heaven,
whose voice then shook the earth; butnow He has promised, saying, “Yet oncemore I shake
not only the earth, but alsoheaven.”
Now this, “Yet once more,”indicates the removal of those things that
Mt. SinaiMt Zion
Passover Lamb Killed - PeopleDeliveredJesus, Lamb of God, Killed - Price for Sin PaidProof of Gods Power - 10 plagues,Red Sea etc Many infallible proofs, Jesus AscendedPeople Ransomed/HarvestedPeople Ransomed/HarvestedLaw of God Given/ Tablets of stoneengravedLaw written in Hearts, Instructor GivenFire on Mountain,Fire burning in their hearts, headsPuried people, mountainpuried people, disciples 3000 people killed in the rebellion-golden calf  3000 people accepted Jesus asMessiah saved..People became a nationBelievers became the body/church warnings, fear people stand back  Annanias, Sapphira, people afraid to join churchHeard in own languages, every ear heardHeard in own languages the wondersof God Written by Finger of GodWritten by Spirit of God
God manifested Himself in various forms of fireon many different occasions.We find some of these manifestations in the making of theCovenant with Abraham (Gen. 15:17), the burning bush (Ex. 3:2-4),pillar of fire (Ex. 13:21), on Sinai(Ex.19:18), in the flame on the altar (Judg. 13:20),and God answering by fire(1 Kings 18:24, 38).Sacrifices and offerings were to be made by fire.(Ex. 12:8,9,10; Lev. 1) Fire often meant theacceptance of a sacrifice by God(Judges 6:21; 1Kin. 18:38; 1 Chr. 21:26). Leviticus 9:24 tells usthat the sacrificial fire "came forth from God."The fire on the altar was to be continually burning.(Lev. 6:12,13)While God’s answer by fire was usually a positiveact, there were times when His manifestation infire, or the use of fire, was used as a correction or destruction of evil (Gen. 19:24, Sodom andGomorra; Ex. 9:23; Num. 11:1; Num. 16:35;Psalm 104:4; Lev 20:14; Lev. 21:9; Josh .7:25).Fire is also figuratively used of God's glory (Dan7:9), of His holiness (Isa. 33:14), of His protectionof His people (2 Kings 6:17; Zec. 2:5), of His jealousy for His sole worship (Deut. 4:24; Heb.12:29; Ps. 79:5), of His wrath (Deut. 9:3; Ps. 18:8;Ps. 89:46; Isa. 5:24), of His Word in power (Jer.5:14; Jer. 23:29), of Divine truth (Ps. 39:3; Jer.20:9; Lk. 12:49), of that which guides men (Isa.50:10-11), of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:3), of Christin His glory (Rev 1:14), of the power of love toovercome evil (Rom. 12:20), of trial and suffering(Ps. 66:12; Isa 43:2; 1 Peter 1:7; 1 Peter 4:12),, of heaven and its purity and glory (Rev. 15:2; Rev21:22-23), and of Divine testing for divinity (Rev.20). I am sure I have not exhausted the list of thevarious ways fire is used in the Bible. If westudied light and heat (attributes of fire), I’m surewe could greatly expand the list.Fire, is first and foremost, a symbol of divinity inthe Semitic Middle East. It is a symbol of GodHimself. God manifesting in physical fire could bea favorable judgment as when He came toconsecrate Solomon’s Temple or a negative judgment as when He swallowed up Aaron’s sonsfor offering up "strange fire." We have a tendencyto dwell on the negative side of things and sousually associate divine fire with wrath. if wecome from a religious perspective rather thanrelational one. (Lev. 10:1)The more we understand the love of God, weeven see the judgement of God as something tolead us TO HIM, not from Him. It then we start tosee the fire as a symbol of love, zeal, andsacredness, Keeping His people pure and safe aswhen it separated the camp of fleeing Israelitesfrom pursuing Egyptians all night..a divider, a rear guard. One camp saw it as a comfort, the other acontention.
G R A C I O U S V I N E . C O M
are being shaken, as of things that aremade, that the thingswhich cannot beshaken may remain.
Therefore, since we are receiving akingdom which cannot be shaken, let ushave grace, by which we may serve Godacceptably with reverence and godly fear.
For our God
a consuming fire.
Consecrated Lives
Remember we have been bought, we arenot our own. In Asian cultures, if youhave had your life spared by someone,you are owned by them. Because hadthey not reached into your situation, youwould have died...so you consider yourself dead to your own life and nowlive doing all things as unto them....Sound familiar?“Be Holy, Even as I am Holy.” 1 Peter 1 :16Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World...You are the Light of the World...” (John9:5 & Matt 5:14)
The Greater Glory of the New Covenant -2 Cor 3
Now if the ministry that brought death,which was engraved in letters on stone,came with glory, so that the Israelitescould not look steadily at the face of Moses because of its glory, transitorythough it was,
will not the ministry of theSpirit be even more glorious?
If theministry that brought condemnation wasglorious, how much more glorious is theministry that brings righteousness!
For what was glorious has no glory now incomparison with the surpassing glory.
 And if what was transitory came withglory, how much greater is the glory of that which lasts!
Therefore, since we have such ahope, we are very bold.
We are not likeMoses, who would put a veil over his faceto prevent the Israelites from seeing theend of what was passing away.
Buttheir minds were made dull, for to this daythe same veil remains when the oldcovenant is read. It has not beenremoved, because only in Christ is ittaken away.
Even to this day whenMoses is read, a veil covers their hearts.
But whenever anyone turns to theLord, the veil is taken away.
Now theLord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
 And weall, who with unveiled faces contemplatethe Lord’s glory, are being transformedinto his image with ever-increasing glory,which comes from the Lord, who is theSpirit.
“I want the FIRE of GOD”
Many speak of wanting the Fire of God,and praying for the fire of God...as if there was some kind of Glory or power they would receive - before purifying...Do we realize praying for the FIRE of Godfirst and foremost means,
“Expose everyone of my sins, lay bare my everytransgression, burn up every thing that is not of You. Unveil every self centered,self indulgent, self preserving attitude,every prideful, boastful word, everymeaningless, frivolous, empty and wasteful aspect of my life. Every Agendathat exists in my heart that exalts itself above You and Your throne. My arrogant actions, presumptuous tones, maliciousspeech, unfaithful heart, every broken promise, every deceit, every betrayal, all manipulations, all lies. Show me my ownnakedness, weakness and poverty of soul without you. Shake every foundation I have built apart from you, everyrelationship I have which does not honor you or submit to you, every preconceived and self deceived attitudeof righteousness apart from you. Everytimidity, fear, and worry, or unrighteousanger - every hint of tyrannical control I seek to exert over others. Expose all unforgiveness, bitterness,contentiousness of heart, my selfishindignant grudges. Expose my apathy,my lack of compassion, my harshness,my self-reliance” 
NOW there’s the fire of God that can beused to change raw clay into porcelain!Trembling in the presence of God at theprospect of being fully consumed by fireis a terrifying thing. No wonder peopleremoved themselves from the Mountainof God, No wonder people today drawback away and stand at a distance fromthe Presence of God...I’m talkingChristians, I’m talking ME! But we standin Great company, Moses was terrifiedtoo!It is a terrifying thing to fall into the handsof the Living God! Our God is aConsuming fire. I’ll be honest I strugglewith this prospect of death. BUT I KNOWthere is NO RESURRECTION POWERwithout it!I MUST DECREASE If I want HIM TOINCREASE. This Fire of the Holy Spiritwill ultimately lead me into all truth, teachme of the things that are HIS, share theheart of God with Me so that I come toknow HIM and the Power of Hisresurrection in MY LIFE. As I standconsumed, yet not destroyed....a smallburning bush, others will be drawn toChrist by the wonder of what HE is ableto accomplish in my life as I submit to HIS AUTHORITY.
Purging Fire
You tested us; refined us as silver,brought us into the net; laid affliction onour backs, caused men to ride over our heads; We went through fire.…But Youbrought us out to rich fulfillment (Ps.66:10-12).He is like a refiner’s fire and likelaunderer’s soap. He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver; He will purify thesons of Levi, and purge them as goldand silver, that they may offer to theLORD an offering in righteousness (Mal.3:2, 3).He will baptize you with the Holy Spiritand with fire (Mt. 3:11; Lu. 3:16).• Each man’s work will becomemanifest…it will be revealed with fire, andthe fire will test what sort of work eachone has done. If any man’s work isburned up, he will suffer loss, though hehimself will be saved, but only as throughfire (1Co. 3:13-15).Your faith…is tested by fire… (1Pe. 1:7)God refines, purifies, and purges us torichly fulfill us, that we may offer arighteous offering! Our works can onlybe evaluated through the testing of whatis called “fire.” Even our faith must be sotested. Fire is a good thing. It is for our fulfillment regardless of its pain.Its as we allow God to Purify us, that weare able to shine with a light that willdraw men to HIM. A light that willcause others to recognize their needand His ability to meet it.

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