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Winning America's 2012 Armageddon of Values

Winning America's 2012 Armageddon of Values

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Published by Richard Seyman
2012 Election will be determined by voter turnout level. Without grassroots action, GOP will win the election. If you would HATE to see Romney and a GOP Congress win, then you & I and a million others like us need to get out in the STREETS before November. This paper explains why that is so.
2012 Election will be determined by voter turnout level. Without grassroots action, GOP will win the election. If you would HATE to see Romney and a GOP Congress win, then you & I and a million others like us need to get out in the STREETS before November. This paper explains why that is so.

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Published by: Richard Seyman on Jun 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Are America
the Tea Party Is
 Winning the 2012 Armageddon of 
America’s Conflict of 
ValuesImagine it is
the morning after 
November 7
and Mitt Romney has beendeclared the winner. How does that feel? Can you live with what that means forthe next four years and beyond? Or is it too awful to even think about? Not onlythat, but the GOP still control the House and have gained more seats in the Senate.I ask you to think about this because, right now, that is what is very likely going tohappen
progressive citizens
something very
from what we have done in past election years.The first thing we must do is
be much more realistic
about the four main dimensionsof our political situation, which are: the attitudes and likely behavior of the threemajor groups of American voters
Republicans, Democrats and independents
plus, fourthly, the likely behavior of the President himself.
 All the evidence is
that a large majority of Republican voters have moved far to theright and are very
concerned about the truth or relevance of the things said byeither candidate. No amount of speeches, debates or political ads will deter thesevoters from voting against Obama and for Romney.Likewise,
all the evidence suggests
that President Obama is
popular amongDemocratic voters than he was in 2008. This evidence involves a wide array of issues and events. But, overall, this decline in enthusiasm is beyond dispute.Thirdly,
independent voters
, while are more closely aligned with Democrats ratherthan with conservatives on most social issues, they also
are, like most voters inboth parties, extremely concerned
about the economy
are dissatisfiedwith
 These factors all spell the same outcome:
low turnout.
Low turn out is virtuallyalways bad news for Democratic candidates.Elections with
, elections that put 
Democrats in office, happen fortwo reasons
voters are either
 fed up
with GOP incumbents or they are
 fired up
.In 2008 the very
the first African-American President 
 fired up,
not only millionsof African-American voters, but millions of 
American voters of 
every color.
But where do we find
the fire this time
?The President, himself, is part of the problem.
In the fall of 2008, with
America’s economy
Obama’s identity, his youth,
his words and his character all made him
The Man,
the man of the hour, the man tolead the nation and to lead the Democrats to victory.In 2012 things are both different and the same. Obama has
changed but the
of Obama to
almost every other political thing
changed.For better and for worse, President Obama has been, from the moment he took theoath of office,
. He has been almost a
of both
the attack on Fort Sumter
against allhope that the divided nation could somehow be held together under his leadershipand then
to use every power the Constitution allows him
to carry on
hisChief Executive duties
especially those of Commander-in-Chief 
despite popularopposition, chaos and confusion.No one
other than the Republican hit squads, of course
can accuse the President of being a
demagogue. He has declined the bully pulpit at every turn, declined torally the masses to support 
causes or to support anyone
.Far from being the radical socialist that Tea Partiers accuse him of being, he has not even been the
Roosevelt Democrat 
we liberals hoped he might be. When he took office in January 2009, with the economy still in tatters, he
could have
embarkedupon a radical 21
New Deal 
.He chose, instead, to place all his political chips on his
goal of enacting
historic (and compassionate)
(and, he imagined,
healthcare reform. His
eventual “
” on this
front may indeed have been
but it was also
,costing him and his party as much or more than they gained by it politically.Moreover, it ha
sn’t help
that, when political goons from the far Right have heapedinsults and disrespect upon his person and his Office, he has chosen not to
with a response
a fine approach if you are planning to rise from the graveunder your own power. But, when your re-election depends upon energizing yourbase, the soundness of this approach is doubtful, at best.All of this is not to say that the President is
damaged goods
not at all. But hispotential to be a bright, shining icon, a beacon drawing the masses to the polls
been substantially reduced
—that’s just a fact 
, beyond any doubt.Granted, the President is still a
and a
who far outshines hisopponent. But this is not 1960 and Jack Kennedy, nor even 1996 and Bill Clinton,the Comeback Kid.Neither charisma nor the lack of it will decide this election.
There are many indicators of why this is so. But perhaps the most crucial is the fact that thirty-plus percent of voters, those who make up the hard-core right, havemade up their minds to believe
and believe
in a
myth of an America founded upon human
. For these citizens it is
a matter of 
that theg
of America
is that it is
a Promised Land 
, where the good, the able and
rise above the bad, the inept and those cursed by God (people of color andthe Godless unbelievers, communists, humanists, intellectuals, scientists, you nameit, etc. and, of course, Yankees of every sort.)Obama represents an America grounded in equality and diversity. Romneyrepresents an America grounded in inequality and traditional white maledominance over the rest. If the corpse of Richard Nixon headed the 2012 GOPticket, the right-wingers would still turn out and vote to keep Barrack Obama fromhaving a second term.
politics require
especially at election time.Here is my list of election gut-check indicators. (It is not the only possible list, of course. But hopefully it is convincing enough on most points that it effectivelyindicates the size and the nature of the challenge we face.)10) This election will not be about facts.9) This election will not be about personalities.8) This election will not even be about two opposing stories.7) This election will
be about 
Wall St.
 6) This election will
be about the 1%.5) This election will be about the 50+% (or
some media
of the 50+%).4) This election will be about 
Main St.
(and to which
Main St. “belongs”).
 3) This election will be about the size and number of red states vs. blue states.2) This election will be about whether
voters seem
 to the margin of swing voters, who will tip the balance one way or the other.1) This election will be about who votes and who stays home.So if we cannot look to our President, the leader of our Party, to
light the fire for victory this time
, where
we look?

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Mike Lee added this note
Marching in the streets making our voices heard! Getting seen trough midia coverage! The teaparty took advantage of press and a really good grass root old time door knocking campain! Lets face it they really do a good job of it! Every where you looked all that you saw on T.V. was the teaparty shouting about thier agenda! No facts just shouting love of country, God and taxes! Wont let me say more1

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