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The Feast - July 1, 2012 Issue

The Feast - July 1, 2012 Issue

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Published by Cynthia U. Santiago

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Published by: Cynthia U. Santiago on Jun 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Catholic Prayer Meeting of the LIGHT OF JESUS FAMILYJuly 1, 2012
 S p e c i a l  T a l k  T o d a y
“Can God create a rock soheavy, He can’t carry it?”
 While everyone else took Management, Engineering, andManagement, I took up this queer coursecalled AB Philosophy.And that crazy question above wasone of those questions that made our Philoclasses interesting. Do you know that after four years of Philosophy, we never reallyanswered that question?Shucks, I should just have askedmy 12-year-old kid. (But he wasn’t bornyet when I was in college, so forget Isaid that.)Because while writing this article, Iasked Bene the question above,expecting him to say, “Gee
But God Won’t!
 B r e a k  F e a s t
Today, I receive all of God’s love for me.Today, I open myself to the unbounded,
limitless, overowing abundance of 
God’s universe.Today, I open myself to God’s blessings,healing, and miracles.Today, I open myself to God’s WordSo I would becomeMore like Jesus every day.Today, I proclaim that I am God’s beloved,I am God’s servant,I am God’s powerful champion.And because I am blessed,I am blessing the world.In Jesus’ name. Amen.
BRO. Bo Sanchez is sending inspiringmessages and announcements to Feastattendees via text or short messagingservices (SMS) from his mobile phoneand through email.Want to receive messages? Just textyour mobile phone number and emailaddress to these numbers...
Dad, that’s a great question… I don’tknow… let me think about it for athousand years…”But he didn’t say that.He said matter-of-factly, withouteven pausing for one second to think,“Dad, the answer is easy. Of course, Godcan create a rock that’s so heavy, He can’tcarry it. But He carries it anyway becauseHe’s awesome.”Wow. In one swoop, he solved a2000-year-old dilemma.“Where did you get that brilliantanswer?” I asked him.He smiled, “It’s an old Chuck  Norris joke.”Groan.Still, the answer is brilliant.In this series,
e, wediscussed about the three things that Godcannot do: 1) He can’t lie; 2) He can’tchange; and 3) He can’t fail.Theoretically, He really can doanything. In the same way that He cancreate rocks that are so heavy, He can’tcarry them.Yes, He can lie, change, and fail.BUT HE WON’T.He can decide to stop loving you.BUT HE WON’T.He can decide to stop blessing you.BUT HE WON’T.He can decide to stop being present inyour life each day…BUT HE WON’T.Wow.Have a glorious Feast today!May your dreams come true, BO SANCHEZPS. Next Sunday, we start a brand newseries titled,
. Get ready for a blitzkrieg of blessings!
God Cannot Fail
BRO. Bo Sanchez wrapped upthe
series with thethird talk,
God Cannot Fail.
At one time or another,we have failed in life. But God promises us in Deuteronomy20:4:
“For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you
to ght for you against your 
enemies to give you victory.”
Thus Bro. Bo pointed out:“Our failures are temporary.And our victory is permanent!”Once, Bro. Bo wanted tolearn how to play badminton,so he started training withhis friend, Mike Joseph, a“phenomenal” badminton player. Hardly had Bo learnedthe game when two playersinvited them to a doubles game.Mike promptly accepted thechallenge even as Bo protestedhe still didn’t know how to playthe game. Mike told him, “Giveit your best shot. And I’ll takecare of the rest.”
They won the rst game,
mainly because Bo said hecommitted several mistakes.He shared three lessons fromthe experience:
1. Always play doubles.
In whatever struggles you’re
in, do not ght alone. People
lose in battles because they
ght it alone. God designed life
to be played in doubles! Get achampion partner and you’llnever go wrong. If you havea champion partner, you canmake mistakes yetstill win. Ask God tohelp you because Hecan never fail.
2. Always give it yourbest.
Mike’s purpose wasnot to win their badmintongame. His purpose was toteach Bro. Bo how to playthe game. Bro. Bo gave it his best shot, and Mike said that hewas getting better. Our life is astage and God wants us to doour sacred mission in the bestway we can. We have to giveit our best performance. Andwhen we give it our all even if it’s not enough, our championGod will take care of the rest.
3. Always trust yourPartner.
Bro. Bo and Mike losttheir second badminton game.But Mike was happy becauseBro. Bo was getting better in playing. And Mike reassuredhim, “We’re going to win thenext game”. God is like Mike.God is telling you, “You’regetting better. And we’re goingto win next time.” Sometimes,we will fall hard and fail. Butour Partner says, “Stand up!Give it your best and I will bless you.” God will turn our failures into success!Jesus brought back to lifethree persons: the Daughter of Jarius, only a few minutesdead; the Son of the widowfrom Nain, about 12 hoursdead; and Lazarus, alreadyON the Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptist,Fr. Eric Santos said that John’snativity was a product of manymiracles planned from the beginning of time.John was born under the most mysterious of circumstances. His mother,Elizabeth, was barren, accursedfor a very long time for nothaving a child. She was alreadyold when she bore John.The naming of John wasalso a mystery because none intheir family line had that name.God unraveled His mission for Zechariah and Elizabeth in their old age: to become the parentsof the precursor of Jesus.John’s mission was to ask for repentance and to prepare theway of the Lord which he did ina grand fashion.Parents, your missionis to rear your children in the best way to prepare them for future mission.You will know your mission in life in God’s time.There is nothing too late. Evenin old age, you can still discover 
God’s plan for you and fulll it.
 —Bella Estrella
The Grand Plan
Awesome Miracle
KC Macapagal built his own business selling printer ink andwas blessed with P15 million
 prots in two years. After some
time, however, he went bankruptand ended with P2 million debt.Depressed, he foundcomfort in the Feast where hestarted serving in the AwesomeKids Ministry. With some business partners, he begananother business selling cell phone accessories, and earned
P180,000 prot. Learning about
tithing, he felt obliged to give 10
 percent of his prot to the Lord.He said it was difcult for him
to part with P18,000, but he didgive the money to the Feast.“The very next day, amiracle happened,” he attested.He received approval for 
his rst business franchise at
SM. And now, he already has
four stores, gaining prots more
than he had lost.What’s more, he saidthe best blessing is beingaccepted as a member of theAwesome Kids family. He feltthe unconditional love of hisco-servants when he got sick and had to undergo surgery toremove stones from his gall bladder. His co-servants prayedover him and took care of him.KC called onstageDanielle, one of the Awesomekids he takes care of, andtogether they encouragedeveryone to trust in God and befaithful to Him.Yes, KC gave only 10% of his income, but he was blessed
not only nancially. He was also
 blessed with business partnersand true friends. buried for four days. Bro.Bo likened these people to our dreams. Our dreams may havevarious levels of death. But itdoes not matter because our Godis in the business of resurrectingdreams! And with our championPartner, nothing is impossible.When we do our best and trustGod, He will give us blessings beyond our imagination.
 – Kristine Mutuc Photos by Edmundo L. Santiago
THE FEAST July 1, 2012
 I Got 75 in Math
LAST Sunday, when Bro. Bo Sanchezdiscussed
God Cannot Fail,
the last in the
series, he asked, “Have youever experienced failure?”At the back of my mind, Ianswered
Like Bro. Bo, I had failing gradesin school. I suffered in comparison withmy elder brother who seemed to have acomputer in his brain. He memorized facts
and gures. He could even solve a Math problem at a click of a nger-- without
writing down the numbers on paper.I really could relate with Bro. Bo whosaid he prayed he’d get at least a passinggrade in his subjects. When I was in Grade 6,I prayed that I’d get 75, the passing grade inMath. Otherwise I would not graduate.Miracle of miracles, I did get 75, andso I marched on Graduation Day in April1978. Oh, I got an award, too. But don’t be impressed. It was the usual Loyaltything because I studied in that school fromkindergarten to Grade 6.Again, just like Bro.Bo, I was goodin just one subject: Religion. I was, ahem,always exempted from the exams.Little did I know, God must havemade me excel in Religion because he was preparing me for a mission.One day in August 2007, I waschanging stations on my radio when Iheard a guy talking about failures and blessings. He said, “Your biggest failurewill be your biggest blessing.”I’d been a failure, right? So I listenedsome more, and wow, I felt the speaker wastalking about me and my problem. Then Ifound out the program was
the stationwas Radio Veritas 846, and the speaker was Bro. Bo Sanchez. The talk was to becontinued the next day, so I watched for the program and continued listening to the talk.Every word pierced my heart, and at the endof the talk, I felt like a new person. Suddenly,I felt a renewed strength which now I believecould have come only from God. Really, thatmoment was my turning point toward anintense spiritual renewal.But then I faced a challenge to myfaith. In January 2008, I fell ill and thedoctor told me I would have to undergo
stula surgery—a procedure to correct
an abnormal connection or passageway between two organs or vessels that normallydo not connect.To comfort me, a friend lent me acopy of Joel Osteen’s book titled
Your Best 
 Life Now,
which, among others, pointedout the power of prayer – for yourself 
and for others—as the way to the best life
ever. Wisdom from the book saw methrough my trial.My spiritual renewal rose to ahigher level during my recovery. After Iwas discharged from the hospital, I hadto stay in the house for several days torecuperate from my operation. One day,on January 14, 2008, I got bored staying inthe house so I went to the adoration chapelin our village. I prayed and meditatedover the reason for my illness and myrecovery. And then, deep inside me, Idistinctly heard a soft voice telling me,“Pray for others.”Right there and then I knew whatGod wanted me to do. On a piece of of  paper, I wrote this:
“I am a humble servant 
of God. If you need prayers, please text 
me with your name and prayer request.There is no obligation attached to this.
 I just need your feedback for your 
requested prayers.
After the note, I added my mobile phone number. I made several copies of thenote and then I left them in the chapel.To my surprise, I received a lot of text messages requesting for prayers for various needs and concerns. I prayed for the petitions, and soon, I received textmessages from people who requested for  prayers attesting that their prayers wereanswered! I received messages from as far as Iloilo, and even from the United States.I knew then my mission was to bean intercessor. At about this time, I wasalready attending the Feast then being heldat the Valle Verde Country Club in PasigCity. In August 2008, I joined the FeastIntercessory Ministry.I am now a prayer warrior of HolySouls (Monfort Foundation), as well asmember of the Feast PICC Intercessory
Ministry, where I am an engager—one who
calls Feast attendees requesting for prayersand prays over them on the phone.Last Sunday, I started to be includedin the Pray Over Ministry serving after the
rst session of the Feast.
In his talk, Bro. Bo said we shouldalways play doubles, give our best shot,and trust our partner. My Partner is God.He will not abandon me even though my best is not good enough. Through myservice in the Intercessory Ministry, Hehas been training me to be the best personI can be.Yes, I started as a failure. But maybeif not for those failures I would have just been contented with my life. I thank Godfor failures. Because of them, now I am avictorious person.
THE FEAST July 1, 2012

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