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Theater Exercises

Theater Exercises

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Published by Allison Boriack

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Published by: Allison Boriack on Jun 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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M o  e T  h   e  a  t   e  G  a m e  s  a  d  E   e  c i    s  e  s 
More Theatre Games and Exercises
Section 3
More Theatre Games and Exercises
Trust that still, small voice that says, ‘This might work, I’ll try it.’ 
– D. MariechildIt is important to ave a variety o games an exercises rom wic to raw ortraining an reearsas. New games an exercises eep training res an proviemore options or soving acting proems as tey arise. Tis section incuesaitiona games an exercises tat i not appear in Section 2.Tese games an exercises are just some o te unres o teatre exercises tatare use a over te wor. Tey vary in teir sis-uiing ojectives. Some areesigne to improve acting sis an tecniques, wie some ep actors oneteir aiities as improvisers. Oter exercises ep wit ot acting sis animprovisation techniques.There are five categories of exercises in this section:
trust uiing
enseme uiing
oservation an movement
emotional availability
Trust Building
The Li
A payer ies on te oor wit te group surrouning er or im. Eac memer othe group is responsible for lifting a part of that player’s body. The rou lifts thepayer grauay up over teir eas an aroun te room. Rotate payers unti ahave participated.
The Jump 
Te group stans in two ines acing eac oter, approximatey 30 centimetresapart wit arms extene an sprea to create a aning e. One at a time,players jump from a chair or a table (approximately one metre off the ground)into te arms o te group.
Caution: te group must e sure to cusion te jumper’s aning.
Rotate unti a ave participate as jumpers.
Section 3. More Theatre Games and Exercises
68 Theatre-Based Techniques for Youth Peer Education: A Training Manual
The Bin Run
Te group ines up across one en o a arge room. One inoe payer runstowars te ine o peope. Te oters genty catc an stop te payer as se ore gets to tem. Rotate unti a ave participate as runners.
The Bin Circ
The group forms a tight circle around a player in the centre, whose eyes arecose an eet are togeter. Participants in te circe pass te payer in te centrearoun wie se or e competey reaxes an aows te group to move er orim. Rotate unti a ave participate in te centre.
Ensemble Building
One Voice 
Teams of two to four people line up one by one on the stage. Their arms shoulde over teir teammates souers, an tey ace te oter payers an teaciitator. A o te memers o a team wi spea togeter as one voice, witno set script. Te team sou spea sowy an try to maintain eye contact witeac oter. No one payer sou try to ea tis is aout enseme an trust.There are several ways to play this game. One way is for the facilitator to ask theto te a story (te aciitator can etermine te topic), spea as an expert onr answer questions rom te group. Anoter way is to ave two teams onrovise a scene as two caracters.
elling I 
Wit te payers in a circe, te aciitator cas out te tite or a story. Te payersin te circe te tat story, wit eac payer saying one wor at a time as te storytraves aroun te circe.
Story Teing II 
Procee as aove, ony a payer tes te story up to certain point an passes it tothe player to the right, who continues the story until passing it again.
Gibberish Story Teing 
Procee as aove, ony give no tite to te story. A payer egins an passes testory as eore, ony it is spoen in gieris no rea anguage is use. At teend, everyone can write down what they think the story was about and compareteir ieas.
A payer in te circe sows a pysica movement to te payer on te rigt. Oney one, eac payer copies it an sens it on unti it gets ac to its originator, at

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