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Burning Rim Rules

Burning Rim Rules

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Published by Kadaeux

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Published by: Kadaeux on Jun 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1 |P a g e 
 These are NOT designed to limit your character in any way. These are designed to demonstrate acharacters levels and skills at the beginning of the RP, it would naturally be appreciated and
desired that your character‟s background
reflect any extra-ordinary level of development in aparticular area.Now there will be FOUR separate categories.
1: Physical Statistics
: The “stats” for your physical and mental abilities like strength,
intelligence etc.
2: Physical Traits
: If you are par
ticularly good in a single statistic you get “trait points” to
purchase special traits reflecting your condition. (EG: Someone with high Intelligence might buy 
the “photographic memory” trait.)
3: Skill Statistics
: The “stats” for your skills, such as Mark
smanship, Language skills etc.
4: Skill Traits
: As with the Physical Traits any particular talent in your skills will give you pointsto spend on Traits to accent those skills. (EG: Someone with high Marksmanship might
purchase the “sniper” trait.)
2 |P a g e 
Physical Statistics are important, they show what your character is capable of physically and mentally. Do
not that they are just a reference and, GM discretion excluded, aren‟t for “mainstream” use. (Youshouldn‟t, (and in my case won‟t) be
interrogated as to each and everything you do to see if your Characterhas the stats to do it. Special items and equipment you come across may be assigned a minimum
“requirement” by the GM to understand or manipulate but your „everyday‟ crap should not be
regulatedso.It is considered that every Stat starts at 5 and the player has 50 points to spend on Stats. (5 Is considered
to be the “middle range” of most peoples. 10 is the normal “high
end”, the maximum of 20 is considered to
be approaching freakish.)You are not required to spend all the points.
: This is your raw physical ability to either move things, force things or do damage. A strength of 1 would indicate a dangerously unhealthy weakling, A strength of 20 would be near-superhuman.
: This is your ability to REALLY move your ass and in ways many might not expect. An Agility of 1would indicate someone with SEVERE motive disorders, like having no legs... An agility of 20 would be anOlympic acrobat.
: Fine motor control, and similar. Familiar to lockpicks and purse-snatchers. An agility of 1would suggest that holding a cup was a really bad idea. Dexterity of 20 would mean that no mechanicallock was beyond your means.
: Just how tough are you is the question. A constitution of 1 would indicate Osteo-porosis ormaybe Leprosy. A Constitution of 20 would be highly resistant to damage and able to soak a lot morebefore going down.
: 2+2=??? Do you know? Do you really? An Intelligence of 1 would indicate a barely playableimbecile, perhaps severely autistic? An Intelligence of 20 would be a Quantum Physicist or Neuro-surgeon.
: Its not a matter of can you do it and more one of SHOULD you do it. A wisdom of 1 isdangerously gullible and likely prone to
doing whatever they‟re told. A wisdom of 20 would be capable of 
rapid-on-site decision making with chances of it being a wiser move.
: Do you feel lucky? Well DO YA? Luck is important but not critical. A Luck of 1 means that wheneversomething bad is
going to happen it‟ll likely look you out every time. A Luck of 20 is its opposite, whenevergood things happen it‟ll look you up. (This is a GM/DM stat.)
3 |P a g e 
For each 5 points in a stat the player is given a single point to spend on traits for that Statistic. (EG: If aplayer has a Strength of 15 he has 3 Strength Trait points.) Each trait costs a single point unless it isspecified otherwise. Many traits MAY come with a downside as well or restrict your ability to choosecertain other traits.
: Your Character is skilled with his fists and hits like a freight train.
: Your Character is used to moving lots of heavy shit, in special situations they count ashaving double their strength for the purpose of moving things (to a maximum of 20.)
: Your character can bend metal with his hands within reason. (He ain‟t bending no starship hull
plate no matter his strength. Requires Strength 10+)
: A Hardcore Wrestler, sure you could get the shit kicked out of you or boxed into oblivion, but if  you get hold of those pretentious asses its all over, for them.
”: Whether a
nanocarbon base-ball bat or a 2x4 you picked out of the bin you swing like a pro.
: You love the sounds of things snapping, like bones. As such you‟ve got a predeliction, and
skill, for doing just that.
: You run, fast! If called upon a sudden need to run you have the talent to do just thatmuch better than anyone else.
Professional Athlete
: Whether the 100m Sprint, Pole Vaulting, Hurdling or some other Atheltic talent
 you‟re good enough at it to be professional. (Requires Agility of 10)
: Flip, flip, flip
, flip TADA! You can jump around like a bloody loon! You don‟t see walls as
obstacles but as just another direction you can move in!
Martial Artist
: You can take this as often as you wish, each time you take it (to the Stat-max of 4) isanother Martial Art your character knows.
: You can contort yourself in ways that make others go “WTF?” you can fit and move in
spaces nobody even considered protecting.
: You can move in urban environments in ways even Acrobats would applaud at. While they can move in such environments you can move FAST.
: Four tumblers, thirty seconds, one hairpin. Easy as. (Requires Dexterity 10)
: You can throw knives accurately and skilfully, something you‟ll find handy in an
: You can seemingly program your muscle memory to do repeat tasks more easily thanothers. Of course it takes time to train a new task.
: You have no prevalent hand, each is as good as the other at anything you choose to do.
Predeliction for Fine Work
: Your hands are skilled at fine work, you get 4 free points to spend on a singleSkill that requires fine work, like
First Aid
. (Common Sense Encouraged. GM must beinformed what these points were spent on. These points to not count towards gaining a Skill Trait.)
: Your character can sew, and well, clothing or wounds it matters not to them.
: Your character is a goddamn brick shithouse and probably eats nails and bullets for hiscereal. (Requires Constitution 20 Intelligence <6)
Tough Skin
: Your skin is quite tougher than the normal from hard living, it is more difficult to penetratethan normal.
: You can eat pretty 
much anything so long as it‟s not off.
Iron Stomach
: Like Omnivorous, except you don‟t require this “fresh” BS. You can eat food weeks off and
show no ill effects. Well, other than your downright non-existent hygiene. (Requires Constitution 10)
Thick Blooded
: Your blood is slightly thicker than normal, not to the point where it becomes dangerous
for your health, but you‟re much less likely to bleed out, the trade
-off is a higher chance of clotting, thedangerous sort.
: You don‟t suffer from pain.
Literally you can‟t feel it, technically you have a mild form of Leprosy 
and all your nerve endings are dead. As such you MUST check yourself thoroughly after anythingextremely strenuous. And see doctors or medics frequently.

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