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Leaders Are Instruments of Change and Renewal

Leaders Are Instruments of Change and Renewal

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Published by ArielMagno

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Published by: ArielMagno on Jun 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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World’s Great Leaders
Leaders are instruments of change and renewal. They unify voices from their people to achieve a
firmer solution to problems that divides the group thus producing conflicts. A good leader is ready to
sacrifice his own decision just
to satisfy his people’ 
s voices. He sets a good example to them and hislife shall inspire many.Throughout the history of the world, leaders have been agents of change and had been warriors of improving the humanity. Some were military in nature and engage themselves in politics while someare just ordinary ones who gathered the voices of their people, unified each of it and stand firmagainst all odds while resolving general conflicts. They usually have exceptional visions and widedreams for their people. Having that ability to enthuse and to inspire many, they shaped each nation
thus, creating history- a much colorful one for which shall be cherished forever. Here are some of the
world’s greatest leaders who, in their own ways transforme
d the face of our ugly world.
Martin Luther King Jr.
This young man inspires many, especially those who were victims of racialdiscrimination and those who were deprived of their rights to receive fair treatment in their society. Hewas known to be an agent of justice and equality. He was the former active leader of a civil rightsmovement in America. He also established the Southern Christian Leadership Conference during hiscareer as a leader there. He fought racial discrimination without any traces of blood
peaceful as it is,and had received the Nobel Prize for Peace at the youthful age of 35. Today, he is known to be theyoungest leader who received such honor. He was also opposing the Vietnam War while highlighting a
religious perspective to his struggles for poverty. For such reason perhaps, he was assassinated by
unknown men while having a good relaxation in a balcony at Lorraine Motel. That incident caused a
great wave of insurgence across lots of cities in America. Today, his being active in civil rightsmovement highlighted his fame and is honored by the world for being an instrument of fairness, justice and equity.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
He is better known as the Indian instrument for justice andnational independence. This man who claims a prominent figure
in today’s era had been a leader and
a founder of Satyagraha
a movement whose prime objective is to eradicate prejudice and inequalityin his country. The way of revolution is non- violent and the movement does not use armed forces to
fulfill its mission. He was also known to be the first leader ever in history to build principles for non-
violent way of fighting. He spent his life simply and truthfully while maintaining a high way of thinking
and while building rich principles in life that inspired a great section of the world. He was also anessential instrument to the culmination of 
, an Indian social system whose concepts areagainst justice and equality. His death was on 1948 January 30 after his assassination. Today, inhonor of his deeds, the world is celebrating International Day of Non- Violence on the day when hewas born.
Adolf Hitler.
Though famous for being a dictator and had been an instrument for the beginning of aturbulent life in Europe and the world, this leader has exceptional skills on handling his men and had
influenced a large section of the world. He is famous for his harsh, cruel and ruthless form of running
the German government and was the one who established the Nazi Party, the reason why the so-
acknowledged today as ‘Holocaust’ exists.
He was formerly an aspiring artist but after meeting seriesof difficulties for finding a job, he decided to join the Nazi Party thus became a leader for having thatexceptional skills on public speaking. He was also believed by many Germans to be the nationalinstrument to regain its depression. He was a chief promoter of racism against Jews and those people
who are unable to work. During his leadership did the outbreak for World War II begun. It claimedmore than 6 million deaths including one third of the Jews population in the world. After the invasion
of the Red Army in Berlin, Hitler felt terrible and perhaps, found a solution to his series of defeats
suicide. He is known for his quote, ‘
What luck for rulers that men do not think
, that he took
advantage during his regime.
Eleanor Roosevelt.
She was Franklin Roosevelt’s fifth cousin and wife. She became the First lady of 
the US in 1933 and was a good wife, adviser and effective motivator to Franklin Roosevelt especiallyduring his difficulties in life. Her effective encouragement made the President come back to politicsand serve the country again. She was working on educational reforms and was a supporter to awoman movement against suffrage and injustice. She also introduced African- American reformswhich uplifted the lives of such races. Later after the final term of her husband, she served the UN
Human Rights. She also established the Human Rights Universal Declaration which opened the gates
of hope for many. Her death was on 1962 November 7 which marked the meaningful lost of a woman
of eminence.
Mao Zedong.
He established the People’s Republic of China and a known strategist for Chinese
Communist revolutionary guerilla after being inspired by the Russian government system. He was alsoa Marxist and a leader to many of the most notable Chinese revolutions in the history. He held thetotal control of the country until 1976, which was the same year of his death. He introduced importantconcepts of Communism and offered essential contributions to Marxism- Leninism together with hismilitary teachings and unique brand of government strategies. His works gave rise to Maoism, a
political theory of Mao Zedong.
Thomas Jefferson.
He was a former American president and was an essential instrument forshaping the American political philosophy. He was also a writer with brilliant skills on public speakingwhich qualifies him to claim the presidential seat of the country. His short term highlights theintroduction of a more powerful philosophy of the American politics and was later considered to be oneof the best legal thinkers of the nation. He was the author of a well-
known book, ‘Declaration of Independence’ which high
lights different concepts about politics. Today, his magnificent speecheswere compiled to define his name on fame.
Abraham Lincoln.
It was during his rule when the nation faced the most devastating war in the
national history. Prior to the war, he was a lawyer and a candidate for the Senate against Stephen
Douglas in 1958. Unfortunately, he was not successful for a Senate position however, his debatesduring the campaign shaped and built up his reputation and secured a place for him in theRepublication nomination. He then claimed the title for being
the nation’s sixteenth president
and wasconsidered by many historians to be the greatest US leader after his successful control on the CivilWar. His speeches held the record of being the shortest ever in the US history while successfullydelivering an effective message to his body.
Winston Churchill.
He is known to be a leader whom everybody shall gaze at. He was a British prime
minister, a creative writer, an artist and a public speaker who offered essential contributions to the
victory of the Allies team during WW2. He was also considered to be the hero of the World War II who
brought the terrible life of Europe to an end. He, together with the Allies successfully defeated Hitlerwho runs the cruel Nazi movement which led to the dark ages of the world. Aside from his successfulpolitics career, he also gained victory on literature after being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in1953 for his accurate description to history while highlighting values of the humanity.

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