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CO 1003 TR 2009

CO 1003 TR 2009

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Published by WickedOcarina
Syllabus for CO 1003.05, 13, 23
Syllabus for CO 1003.05, 13, 23

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Published by: WickedOcarina on Jan 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CO 1003: Introduction to Public SpeakingSpring 2009
Cheryl Chambers
McComas 212
Office Hours:
By appointment OR:Monday – 9:00 – 10:30 a.m., 12:30 –1:30 p.m. Tuesday – 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.
CherylChambers83@gmail.com (include your section number in thetitle line of ALL emails)
Facebook Group:
Cheryl’s CO1003
CO 1003.05 MW 2 – 3:15 pm
CO 1003.13 MW 3:30 – 4:45 pm
CO1003.23 TR 8 – 9:15 am
: Invitation of Public Speaking for CO 1003 at MississippiState University, by Cindy Griffin
 This course is somewhat different from most courses you will take. Youwill be required to study textual and lecture materials as required in mostcourses, but in this class you will have two additional roles - those of publicspeaker and of evaluator. You will get to know the other class members asyou fulfill the roles of speaker and listener/evaluator. The interaction of speaker and audience can add to your learning experience as well as to yourenjoyment of the class. This is an application-oriented course. The basic principles of publicspeaking will be covered through assigned textbook readings, lectures,speeches, and class activities. Your ability to apply these principles will beevaluated through written examinations, oral presentations, and variousother activities.
Basic completion of this course requires that you (1) attend classmeetings (on time); (2) complete each speaking or writing assignment,conforming to all requirements, on the date assigned; (3) receive satisfactoryscores on speaking assignments; (4) earn satisfactory scores onexaminations; and (5) participate actively in class discussions or activities. The course is also different in that it deals with a situation that isgreatly feared by many, that of public speaking. I am aware of this and willtry to help you deal with the natural anxiety that you experience. If you areparticularly worried about speaking in public, don’t worry alone. Tell me sothat we can work on ways to minimize the stress you experience. Manystudents are happily surprised at what they learn and how much fun theyhave in this course.
It is my goal to create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere in thisclass. Delivering public speeches is a new and scary experience for manystudents. Distracting behaviors by audience members can make thisexperience even more difficult. Even for a more experienced speaker,distractions in the audience may weaken the effectiveness of the speaker’sdelivery and thus may put the student’s grade in jeopardy. For this reason,no distractions will be tolerated. If it becomes apparent that you are not fullyattentive and respectful while listening to a fellow speaker,
 you will lose aletter grade on your own speaking assignment.
See page iii in your book fora list of distracting behaviors that you should avoid.
 The attendance policy in this course is somewhat different than othercourses you have had. To take role, you will sign an attendance sheeteveryday. The role will be passed out at the beginning of class. If you aretardy, you must
see me after class
to sign the role! Everyday you come toclass you will receive points, except for speech days and exam days. You canearn 50 attendance points in this class.On speech days (yours or someone else), you will
lose points off of your speech
if you do not attend class. If you miss your own speech day,you will lose
one letter grade
off of your speech. One of the most importantaspects of public speaking is the audience, and you are the audience for yourfellow classmates. If you miss a classmate’s speech day, you will lose pointsoff of your speech based on the chart on page 3. You will be able to make up a speech or exam if you have an
. Absences are only excused in
cases of an emergency 
. Theseabsences are very rare. If you have to miss class for an emergency, youmust
contact me as soon as possible
via email or telephone. If you areunable to contact me, make sure a friend, roommate, parent, professor, orcoach contacts me for you! Also, you must bring
documentation of your absence
the day you return to class. Tardiness is unacceptable in this course. If you are tardy three times, itwill count as an absence. If you have circumstances that cause you to betardy often, you need to see me as soon as possible.
Speech #1:Icebreaker 10 pointsSpeech #2:Introduction25 pointsSpeech #3: TeachSpeech50 pointsSpeech #4: 120InformativepointsSpeech #5:Persuasive150pointsSyllabus Quiz10 pointsMovie Paper10 pointsDistraction Paper10 points
Observation Paper10 pointsSpecial OccasionSpeech15 pointsPeer Evaluations10 pointsExam #1100pointsExam #2100pointsExam #3100pointsAttendance50 points

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