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A Tax System That Can Unite Our Citizens

A Tax System That Can Unite Our Citizens

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Published by Daar Fisher
Is replacement of the income tax with the FairTax KEY to mitigate the growing political polarization between Left and Right in our society?
Is replacement of the income tax with the FairTax KEY to mitigate the growing political polarization between Left and Right in our society?

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Published by: Daar Fisher on Jun 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Tax System That Can Unite Our Citizens
ByDaar FisherinEnd Class Warfare (FairTaxers)  How do we rid ourselves of the suspicion that those who have more than we do arenot paying their fair share of taxes? How can we stop the vitriol and the ranting thatsaturates our political consciousness - pitting citizen against citizen? How do wequench the core of class warfare?FairTaxers believe that it starts with identifying the primary mechanism which• promises to take from the rich and give to the poor.• supports the control of wealth in the hands of the few.• erodes the substance of the middle class by increasing wealth stratification.• churns continuous class strife through this "politics of envy."• is cloaked in complexity and misdirection.• enables politicians to play "two ends against the middle" for personal gain.• fundamentally reverses the roles of "government-servant" and "citizen-served."• punishes wealth-creation while encouraging debt-driven consumption.• drives jobs offshore, while favoring imports over exports.• punishes hard work, investment, making it harder for citizens to "get ahead."• results in unpredictable and varying outcomes for persons in similar circumstances.• elevates the power of a "political elite" (*) above the needs of the citizens.Could it be that what has evolved as a very-Marxist-like "class struggle" for acquiringcapital and the "means of production" has done so as an outgrowth of the Marxisttax on INCOME signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913?FairTaxers believe that the INTERNAL REVENUE CODE and the TAX ON INCOME isthat mechanism that continues to foment class strife. (*)Millions of dollars have been spent by concerned citizens who have long beenconcerned at the correlation between our current tax system and the decline of economic opportunity in America and consequent wealth stratification. That researchled to development of a progressive consumption model of taxation that, by itsnature, is FAIR to ALL - poor and rich, alike. 
The "FairTax" is a federal tax system REPLACEMENT that will• ensure that the wealthy pay their fair share:http://whatyoupayunderfairtax.blogspot.com/• encourage productivity, savings and investment.• untax ALL poverty-level spending, by ALL legal households.• make it far easier for working families to prosper, and become stake-holders in acapitalist system that will no longer be self-destructing under the weight of a Marxisttax system.Is it possible that the FairTax plan could be THE KEY to ending the politicalpolarization that besets us, as we struggle for social justice and greater access toeconomic opportunity? We, as FairTaxers, believe so.• Warren Buffett, the billionaire "Oracle of Omaha," and advisor to President Obama,has stated that America's income tax system has been increasingly corrupted overthe "last ten years" to the benefit of the wealthy.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu5B-2LoC4s • Mike Gravel (D), former Senator from Alaska who served on the powerful SenateFinance Committee for eight years, agrees with Buffett and laments how "taxingbusiness is a canard," that we end up paying business's taxes hidden in higherprices.http://www.scribd.com/doc/45443206/Gravel-YouTube-Part-2-Transcript • Mike Huckabee (R), former Governor of Arkansas, used to believe that Americaneeded a "flat" income tax, then he visited Americans for Fair Taxation, and learnedabout the FairTax; Gov. Huckabee made it the center-piece of his 2008 run forPresident.Let us commit to mend our Land by WORKING TOGETHER, with RESPECT for eachother, irrespective of political affiliation or advocacy positions on issues outside of the FairTax. Let us be relentless in spreading FairTax information and illumination.Get educated on the FairTax. Suggested key-word searches are yours for the takingathttp://bit.ly/fairtaxanswersWatch as we ignite a new "Golden Age" - a REAL "Golden Age" - with increasedeconomic opportunity for all of our citizens.- Daar Fisher(*) Aaron Russo's presentation provides insight into WHO constitute the "politicalelite" (Oligarchs), and why it was important for them to saddle the People with anincome tax. See it here: http://snipurl.com/freedom2fascism Simon Johnson describes the Oligarchs to Bill Moyers here:http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/02132009/profile.html

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Andrew D. Jackson added this note
Hello Daar, Our system of taxation needs analysis and evaluation. Do stay in touch, and I wish you well. Andrew
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