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Misogyny Leaks (Wikileaks)

Misogyny Leaks (Wikileaks)

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Published by maryroseeng

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Published by: maryroseeng on Jun 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear MaryI am an Australian lawyer and write articles occasionally for WLC in defenceof Julian Assange from a legal standpoint. Have discovered you onyoutubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN8-TASSFooand on Bamser.Picking up on a point you made re 'cohesive integrated look at consent law' Ihave collaborated with Goran Rudling on that very point with the series of videos online emanating from WLC that was done with Alexa O'Brien and Iagree with him that Sweden has a problem with their sex offence laws thatdisadvantages complainants and accused in different situations but what isstriking is that Sweden does not have 'lack of consent' and 'knowing therewas lack of consent' in their legislation - a feature of all common lawcountries that I am aware of.The case in Sweden where a woman did not resist all her attackers and theones she didn't physically resist being acquitted at trial illustrates the parlousstate of Swedish law - this is the where I believe introduction of lack of consent into Swedish law would do a lot to prevent this kind of extremeinjustice to victims: this is the area of intended collaboration with Goran alongwith analysis of the case against JA if he goes to trial and other issues suchas Sweden's lack of a proper bail opportunity for defendants.I have read most of Goran's work on his blog which has not incidentally upsetthe more strident WL supporters who have labelled him as 'bipolar' which Iguess is a reaction to his demolition of Marcello de Ferrada Nolli conspiracytheories and his - Goran's - picking holes in the various issues that havecome re stolen laptops etc however my view is that it would seem that thosevery same strident supporters including Rick Downes are trying to force other WL supporters into following their line which includes a certain disturbingelement of misogyny - and that is both disturbing as well ascounterproductive to the situation of all WL supporters wanting to prevent JAfrom ending up in a US prison.My position at WLC is now on thin ice as the admin(s) do not want me tocollaborate further with Goran: please keep that confidential as I am workingthrough my options and not necessarily lose the platform for voicing mymainly legal opinion. I believe Rick Downes is the admin that put the kyboshon me collaborating at WLC with GoranI think Goran is an intellectually honest guy and I have great respect f or him,notwithstanding we disagree on various issues. He wants to reform Sweden's
laws to benefit complainants (and defendants) and I think that iscommendable. In my own country there is also a lot of room for improvementof prosecution practices which disadvantage complainants - police heresometimes ruin cases by asking too many leading questions in interviewsand otherwise like Sweden do not follow proper procedures. Anyways, just thought I'd drop you a line to say I'm a WL supporter whoacknowledges and respects your point of view and deplores any abuse youhave endured from the misogynist elements among WL supporters.PS Like Goran, I think the case against JA in Sweden is crap but that is noexcuse for any public abuse of the complainants - our beef should be solelywith the Swedish government and its legal system and procedures whichhave denied justice to both complainants and defendants.
RegardsPeter Kemp
Marcello FerradaNoli
@ChrChristensenNo, not "clearly, openly & absolutely/certainly not"honestly".Stop twittering me-I don't dialogue w/ Anti#WikiLeaksTrolls
@fmhemkereveryone is against rape fuckwad. That's the point. Thatand youre an idiot#obviouslywho knows nothing about this case
noel dissed prata too. said they should keep it private.rape gag.
Rixstep News
 Anybody remember a Twitter drizzle in a teapot called'
'? ;)# Assange #WikiLeaks #JA41
You're disgusting in your insidious#bullshit @braingarbage: christine assange is promoting the
swedish sexredefining
CollapseReply Retweet Favorite14 Jun
Rixstep News
Rixstep News
Will .@swedenhave to delete tweets like
therealardin?# Assange#svpol
meowrzYou're disgusting in your insidious#
: christine assange is promotingthe wikileaks swedish sex redefining rape book
And while Julian#
spends over 500 days under arrest in global media spotlight, Anna
just carries on...

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