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Durham Three Year Technology Plan for Greendale Community College Library

Durham Three Year Technology Plan for Greendale Community College Library

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Published by Megan Durham

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Published by: Megan Durham on Jun 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Running head: GREENDALE'S THREE YEAR TECHNOLOGY PLAN 1Three Year Technology Plan for Greendale Community CollegeLaura Adams, William Clark, Megan Durham, and Whitney LohrenzEmporia State University School of Library and Information Science
Three Year Technology Plan for Greendale Community College LibraryTime Period Covered by this Plan:
July 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012
Greendale Community College Library
Library Director:
Mariah Black 
 Mailing Address:
247 Greendale Drive, Greendale, Colorado 80155
 Author of Plan:
Laura Adams, William Clark, Megan Durham, and Whitney Lohrenz
 Web Address: 
Vision Statement:
This is your Dean writing, Dean Pelton. The goal of this technology plan is to provide ourstudents with the tools and technology to prepare them for their future outside of Greendale.Whether this future is going on to another, perhaps more firmly accredited institution, or into thethriving retail or restaurant industries is up to you. Whether this future includes cyborg apes isup to continued funding for Professor Rathstorm. Prior to this year Greendale did not have anexisting technology plan, but we hear City College had one. Not be out done our goal is to bringGreendale up to high speed.
Technology History:
Besides wanting to best City College, the real reason for the library’s technology plan is torebuild after last year’s
paintball fiasco. Someone thought it would be a good idea to put paint in
the library’s sprinkler system and while it did win us the game (Go Greendale!) it destroyed all
of our books and chalkboards. I, the Dean, have graciously given $5,000 of the $100,000 wonby Jeff Winger and co. to help with some of the funding, and we have a grant from Wilde Oil for$2,500 in exchange for services to be named later. I'm assuming this will be more than adequate,but just in case Hawthorne Towelettes will cover the rest.Before the paintball war
, Greendale’s library had dozens of 
books for our students. Also, therewere several study rooms available for student use and each was outfitted with the latest inlaminate desk technology. Students who reserved rooms early had a chance of getting the onewith a chalkboard, though the library has a strict B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Chalk) policy. Wealso have campus wide Wi-Fi. I believe at one point we even had a computer at the librarycirculation desk.
Greendale, CO population about 3,000
Greendale serves 700 students
Most of our students are non-traditional
Most students commute, but we do have dormitories, and parking for thosestudents opting to live out of their cars.
Most of our students wanted to go someplace else, but we were so cheap theycould not say no.
Charge from the Board of Trustees:
The purpose of the Technology Team
is to help make Greendale’s technology better than CityCollege’s technology
. This team must commit and adopt technological innovations through acommitment of minimal support, minimal time, software, hardware, and resources. TheTechnology Team will also find programs for continuing professional development in the area of technology. Professional development will only be considered if the conference is in a warm,coastal area preferably with an open bar. The Greendale faculty and staff will uphold highstandards of non-censorship. No filters will prohibit our students from searching for websites of personal interests, such as,
I don’t know
, TenderSpots.com a tasteful website for Dalmatian furryenthusiasts.
President-Craig Pelton
Hometown: Denver, CO
Position: Dean of Greendale Community College
Experience: I’m the Dean, I should be the
head of this team
Treasurer-Ian Duncan
Hometown: Birmingham, England, UK
Position: Professor of Psychology
Experience: While Professor Slater is the obvious choice for treasure, I,
the Dean, trust Professor Duncan’s accent.
Treasurer-Prof. Eustice Whitman
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Position: Accounting Professor
Experience: Part of Profess
or Duncan’s checks and balances
Member without Portfolio-Marion Holly
Hometown: Green Mountain, CO
Position: Department Head for Greendale's Arts Program
Experience: He will outfit the library with necessary pottery
Member at Large-Michelle Slater

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