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1st part

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Published by: cassidy_hemphill_123 on Jun 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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*Courtney’s POV*“Flight A23 to London is now boarding, please have your passports and tickets out and ready”
says the flight attendant by the entrance of the plane.
“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this is really happening right now, we’ve been waiting
for this since
we were 14!” I exclaim, grabbing onto Sierra’s arm excitedly. She grimaces, removes my handfrom her arm then starts jumping up and down, smiling from ear to ear. “I KNOW IM SOHAPPY!” Sierra practically screams, people turn and stare. As we
move closer to the entrance of 
the plane my heart does a flop, I’ve just realized that we were going to be on the same continentas the boys… that alone blows my mind. Sierra seems to have been thinking the same thing because she suddenly speaks up; “You know what I just thought of?” she asks.
She thinks about this before replying… “Well yes… but also the possibility of us seeing them aregoing to increase a lot… what if we MEET them?!”“Then I would die of happiness” I say, forever wishing that we COULD meet them.
 We finally reach the front of the line, the woman checks our passports and stamps our tickets,then lets us onto the plane. We make our way to our seats and even before we take
off we’re both
sound asleep.
*Sierra’s POV*I’m woken up by the pilot telling the passengers that we will be landing in London in 15
minutes. I softly nudge Courtney awake and tell her that we only have 15 minutes until we land.Naturally, she starts freaking out because of her hate for the take-off and landing portion of plane rides.
“HOLY CRAP SIERRA WE ARE GOING TO DIE, WE ARE GOING TO DIE”“HA Court we are not going to die, chill out, just imagine Niall is waiting for you at the airport”
I shoot back. At this she finally shuts up and is obviously thinking about what is would be like if Niall WAS waiting for her. The plane finally lands and we all shuffle out and go to get ourluggage.As we walk out of the airport cool air hits my face, blowing my hair into my eyes. I brush it
aside and go to the edge of the street, trying to hail a taxi. “A little help Court?” I mumble
because all of my tries have been unsuccessful. She sticks out her hand and literally 5 secondslater a taxi pulls up next to us.
“Unbelievable!” I say, slightly annoyed. “You obviously don’thave enough skills to get a taxi, HAHA”
she says, mocking me.
I take a close look at the taxi, wondering why the people in there haven’t gotten out yet, irritated
and tired from the flight, I knock on the window, hoping that will let the people in there know wewant to get into the taxi. After what seems like forever, but was probably only 2 minutes the
occupants of the taxi step out… my heart literally stops. Niall Horan and Harry Styles are
standing in front of us.
*Harry’s POV*
Niall and I were just discussing the tour when someone outside knocked on the window.Knowing the people outside were probably waiting on us to have the taxi we stepped out ontothe sidewalk, and right in front of tw
o of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen.“Oh… We’re sorry, we just got caught up talking” I tell the girls, with a smile.
They just stare back at me, looking shocked. Obviously trying the break up the awkward silence,
 Niall speaks up. “Uh, well we really
have to get going, we have to catch a flight in 20 minutes to
France.” One of the girls, with red hair finally answers, “Oh yes, of course. You guys just caughtus off guard, we’re huge fans!” The other girl, with caramel blonde looking hair adds to this;
“Yeah, seriously we’v
e been fans since we were 14,
can we please have a picture?!”I look at Niall, and he nods. “Yeah of course loves, we can have Paul take it” I say. Paul walks
over and we all pose, Niall next to the girl with red hair and the girl with the caramel hair next tome, she smells quite good. After the picture they move to leave but I stop them, wanting to know
their names. “Wait! What are your names?” I ask. “Well I’m Sierra and this is Courtney” the one
with caramel hair says, indicating
to her friend. “Oh cool, well we really have to go now; it’s been great talking to you!” Niall tells them, starting to pick up his luggage.
As we walk away Courtney runs back up to us, handing us each a little piece of paper. I turnaround once more and wave to them with a huge smile on my face.
*Niall’s POV*
 I can tell Harry is thinking the same thing I am; those girls were fit. Majorly fit in fact. I
suddenly wonder which girl he would think was more his “type”. I have a feeling that is would
be Sierra, but knowing that I had felt a stronger connection with Courtney I want to make sure.
“Soooo… which of those girls did you think was more your type”He gives me a sideways glance before replying; “
Sierra for sure, she
was stunning.” This makes
me smile,
knowing that we wouldn’t have a problem with wanting the same girl… not that we
will ever see those two girls again. This thought makes me sad for some reason.
“Ok, good. I had my eye on Courtney so I’m glad you liked Sierra.” I tell Harry. I reach into
mypocket for my phone and feel the piece of paper Courtney had given both of us. Looking at it Isee it has small, neat handwriting on it:
 Hi Niall! I hope you can find the time to follow me @HeartofHoran P.S. I love you <3 : )
My toes tingle as I read this. I’ve never felt like this after meeting a fan before and know that I
will definitely find time to follow this special girl.
*Courtney’s POV*I’m absolutely speechless. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that Sierra and I
just met HarryStyles and Niall Horan. After they walked away we had stared at them walking into the airportuntil they disappeared inside, then we had wordlessly gotten into the taxi, given the driverinstructions and sat in silence. We are now in our apartment, unpacking. The silence is killing me
so I let out all my bottled up feelings. “I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED

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