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Denver Olympic Exploratory Committee Endorsement of 2022 bid

Denver Olympic Exploratory Committee Endorsement of 2022 bid

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Published by Andrea Rael
Letter to Gov. John Hickenlooper, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock
Letter to Gov. John Hickenlooper, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock

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Categories:Types, Letters
Published by: Andrea Rael on Jun 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1/7Denver Olympic Bid Exploratory Committee Report
Committee Recommendations
The Denver Olympic Bid Exploratory Committee recommends to the people of Colorado that Denver enthusiastically pursue a bid for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The Committee arrived atthis recommendation following a thorough and detailed public process to explore the benefits and concernsof both bidding for and hosting the Games.While the Committee recognizes that the United States Olympic Committee has not made a final decisionregarding the 2022 Games, the Committee finds that there are significant benefits to both pursuing a bid,as well as hosting the Games. The City of Denver and the State of Colorado are in a very good position tomake a strong bid at both the United States and international levels, and there are financially viable paths soas to not burden Colorado governments or the taxpayers throughout the bid process. Importantly, the City of Denver and the State of Colorado are well suited to serve the Olympic Movement through our shared valuesof sport, culture, and education.This recommendation was informed by the Committee’s work assessing how Denver and Colorado would best serve the Olympic Movement while advancing our collective goal of being the healthiest state in thenation. Additionally, the decision was reached after making key determinations regarding the financial,structural, and community capacity and support for presenting a strong Olympic bid and eventual successfulhosting of the Games.
Structure and Process
The Committee organized itself into four subcommittees to study and report on the following key areas:
Community Strengths and Benets
This subcommittee explored the potential benefits and concerns associated with bidding on the Games,including the economic impact of the Games on the City of Denver and the State of Colorado. Thesubcommittee members also researched potential themes for the bid process.
Finance and Fundraising
This subcommittee reviewed the bid and Games’ budgets to determine size and scope of the financialcommitments and necessary expenditures. The subcommittee assessed potential sources of revenue andthe likelihood of achieving revenue targets for both a bid and to host. The subcommittee also examinedwhether public funds are needed in the bid process.
Governor Hickenlooper and Mayor Hancock 
Denver Olympic Bid Exploratory Committee MembersAnne Warhover and Don Elliman, Committee Chairs 
Bidding for and Hosting,2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
 June 27, 2012
Page 2/7Denver Olympic Bid Exploratory Committee Report
Olympic Operations and Facilities
This subcommittee established a baseline operational review of available sports facilities in the state based on relevant operational themes required for a Winter Olympics and Paralympics. It also assessedthe status of current transportation, safety and security, environmental, technological, and hospitalityoptions and determined the potential needs to host the Games.
Guaranty and Referendums
This subcommittee assessed how the City and State could meet the International Olympic Committee’shost city financial guaranty requirement to successfully bid for the Games.
Key Findings
ollowing a rigorous schedule of meetings and research, each subcommittee report was completed andhelped to inform the final decision of the Committee. The following are the key findings:
Colorado values fundamental principles of Olympism
The International Olympic Committee and United States Olympic Committee Charters defineOlympism as “a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body,will and mind. Blending sport with culture and education, Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy of effort, the educational value of good example, social responsibility and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.” The Committee finds that the culture, values, and principlesof the City of Denver and the State of Colorado meet this standard of excellence, and will assist in promoting this approach to life, sport, and community long after 2022. Further, the Committee believesthat Colorado’s objective of being the healthiest state in the nation and the principles of Olympism aresynchronous and thus mutually beneficial in meeting the goals of a great Winter Olympics and a greatstate.
There is a strong economic and community benet from the bid process and as a host city
There are clear long-term community and economic benefits for the city and state in both bidding for and hosting the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. These benefits result from designing a bid that complements long-term visions for Colorado and Denver as a healthy, vibrant, and innovativecommunity and how these long-term visions align with and support the Olympic Movement. If the bidis successful and Denver is chosen as the host city, the modern Games have proven to be a viable andfinancially successful enterprise, acting as an economic engine that is capable of not only producingfinancial profits but also producing significant overall economic benefits to the local, state, and nationalcommunities.It is the Committee’s opinion, however, that if the bid process and possible eventual hosting of theGames is not intrinsically tied to a comprehensive regional and state economic development plan,then there is a risk of not achieving the greatest economic and community benefits possible. If a bidcommittee is formed, it must pay close attention to the needs of the greater community and work carefully to integrate the steps necessary for a successful bid process to help meet those greater needs.Additionally, if a bid is not successful, there are still many positive outcomes for Denver and Coloradothat an international Olympic bid “platform” provides, including an accelerated timeline to realizecurrent needs like tourism promotion and attracting new private sector monies.
Denver and Colorado are able to meet all required IOC Guarantees
The International Olympic Committee requires that candidate host cities make a number of guaranteesin their respective bids to host the Games, and these guarantees will be required by any bid to host the
Page 3/7Denver Olympic Bid Exploratory Committee Report
2022 Olympic Winter and Paralympic Games. Colorado and Denver are able to affirm these guaranteeswithout any required spending of public funds for the bid process. Should the Games be awarded toColorado and Denver, the financial guarantee could be fulfilled though a Special Purpose Authority.
Financing for an Olympic bid can be accomplished with private nancing
In researching the financial commitment of both bidding for and hosting the Olympic and ParalympicWinter Games, the Committee believes that the financial structure of bidding for an Olympic Winter Games can be accomplished with no use of public funds. Operating the Games can be accomplishedsimilar to the way the Denver region hosted the 2008 Democratic National Convention. As is commonwith major national events (such as political nominating conventions, Super Bowls, etc.) Federal, Stateand Local governments incur costs associated with security, transportation, and medical care. However,these indirect costs are far eclipsed by the positive economic benefits associated with the Games.
Denver and Colorado are able to meet all operational needs
Denver and Colorado are in a strong position operationally to successfully bid on the Games. TheCommittee completed an exhaustive survey of existing facilities and infrastructure, as well as plannedand ongoing improvements, and environmental needs and impacts. This survey found strong statewidecapacity in all categories of operational requirements as a host of the Games. These operational areasinclude: environment, meteorology, venues, medical services, Paralympic Games special needs, safetyand security, transport, technology, and media operations. In some categories where additional capacityis required, the necessary facilities and terrain are within our capacity to construct.
There is strong public support as a bid and host city for the Winter Games
There is great public enthusiasm for both hosting the games as well as bidding for them. In order togauge public support, the Committee commissioned a public survey where it was determined:Nearly 3 out of 4 Colorado voters (74%) favor Denver hosting the 2022 Olympic and ParalympicWinter Games.77% of Colorado voters favor going through the bid process with only 18% in opposition.This level of overwhelming statewide support is unprecedented on any issue in Colorado.
Sub-Committee Report Summaries
The Strengths and Benets Committee
This subcommittee explored the potential benefits and concerns associated with bidding on theGames, including the economic impact of the Games on the City of Denver and the State of Colorado.Committee members also researched and recommended potential themes for the City and State toutilize.For the bid to both successfully meet International Olympic Committee requirements and benefitColorado communities, it must exist as a part of the overall vision for Denver and Colorado.Specifically, there is an opportunity for the Mayor and Governor to incorporate their long-term visionsfor the City and State into this bid as a means for achieving these shared goals.In order to ensure that the bid does not negatively draw resources away from other priorities, thiscommittee recommends creating proactive plans to address environmental impacts, transportationneeds, and a strong public benefit program to serve as a legacy from the bid process. Historically, anOlympic bid is an opportunity to begin important conversations about social issues that affect the entirecommunity.

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