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06 - You Forever

06 - You Forever

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Published by Craciun Vlad

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Published by: Craciun Vlad on Jun 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 AUTHOR'S NOTEI am Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. That is my only name, it is now mylegal name, and I answer to no other. Many letters come to me witha weird conglomeration of names attached; they go straight in thewaste paper basket, for, as I say, my only name is TuesdayLobsang Rampa.All my books are true, all my claims are absolutely true. yearsago the newspapers of England and Germany started a campaignagainst me at a time when I was not able to defend myself becauseI was almost dying from coronary thrombosis. I was persecutedwithout mercy, insanely.Actually a few people were jealous of me, and so they collected“evidence,” but it is significant that “the collector of evidence” atno time tried to see ME! It is unusual not to give “an accused person” a chance to state his own story. A person is innocent until proved guilty; I was NEVER “proved guilty,” and never permittedto prove myself GENUINE!The newspapers of England and Germany would not give meany space in their columns, so I have been in the unfortunate position of knowing that I was innocent and truthful, but unableto tell anyone my side of the story. One great television chain of stations offered me an interview, but they INSISTED that I saywhat they thought I should say, in other words, a lot of lies. Iwanted to tell the truth, so they would not let me appear.Let me again state that everything that I have written is true.All my claims are true. My specific reason for insisting that all thisis true is that in the near future other people like me will appear,and I do not desire that they should have the suffering that I havehad through spite and vicious hatred.A large number of people have seen my absolutely authentic papers which prove that I have been a high Lalna of the Potala inLhasa, Tibet, and that I am a qualified Doctor of Medicine trainedin China. Although people have seen those papers they “forgot”when the press came prying around.7
Will you, then, read my books bearing in mind my positiveassurance that the whole thing IS TRUE? I am what I claim to be.What am I! Read my books and you will see!T. Lobsang Rampa,8

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