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Uncensored the Real Story of the Real Savoy

Uncensored the Real Story of the Real Savoy

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Published by Raul Gar

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Published by: Raul Gar on Jun 29, 2012
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Hi, and thanks or your interest in
Uncensored: Te Real Story of the Real Savoy
With the h anniversary o my pickup and dating blog (Te Real Savoy), many readers askedor something exactly like this - a collection o some o the best and most popular posts. Someare about dating and attraction techniques. Some are case studies (“eld reports”). Some are a bitrandom. All in all, that’s a good representation o what the blog was, and what it continues to be.Other than edits or clarity, no content was changed. You might notice that some things haveevolved over time. o me, that’s normal and natural, and not something to hide. We are constantly testing, rening, and re-assessing.My ultimate goal is to create a system that any man can use to attract any woman at any time. O course, that’s impossible. But having it as a goal means I (and my ellow Love Systems instructors)are never satised with “good enough” or with whatever was excellent yesterday. We want to beeven more excellent tomorrow. Our techniques can always be rened and improved.I’m oen asked how and why I became “Savoy”, and an expert on the art and science o attractingbeautiul women. In many ways, my story is not that unusual. Several years ago, my long-termgirlriend and I broke up, and I moved to a new city or work where I didn’t know anyone. For therst time in my lie, I didn’t have a social lie already set up or me through riends or school. Tatmeant I wasn’t being introduced to interesting women; I had to go nd them and meet them mysel.So I started going to bars. A lot. And with very little success.Like other men, I made a lot o excuses at rst. I a woman I was interested in was respondingto another man, I would tell mysel that she must be his girlriend or that they knew each otherbeore that night, or that I didn’t want her anyway, or that I just had come out to the bar to have un.Whatever it took to protect my ego rom these truths: 1. Women DO want to meet men (just not me).2. Women respond well to at least some men who don’t seem to have any obvious advantagesover me. (Losing a woman to Brad Pitt is one thing. Losing her to Dive Bar Steve is anotherthing entirely).3. Tese men must be doing something diferent rom me that is helping them.4. I need to learn what that something is.Tese days, learning that “something” is a lot easier. Pick up a copy o the Magic Bullets Handbook or take a bootcamp, and you’ve got a road map to attracting beautiul women right there or you.But “back in the day”, beore Magic Bullets, beore Te Attraction Forums, beore any o this stuf,there was just observation and trial and error.And that’s what I did. I went out, a lot. I watched beautiul women a bit, but mostly I watched themen who they were attracted to. I wanted to learn what they had in common, so I could reverse-engineer what they were doing. I asked them lots o questions beore I realized how useless thatwas – most “naturals” have no idea o what they are doing, because it all comes naturally to them by instinct. Realizing that I had to become my own teacher, I took a lot o notes. I experimented a lot.Tere were denitely a lot o brutal nights and blind alleys. As a riend o mine encouraged me,o course it’s hard at rst. I it wasn’t, everyone would be doing it.But eventually, there camethat moment that any man who studies dating science reaches eventually – where “the game slowsdown. Where I could start to see two or three steps ahead, where I was in control instead o hopingnot to be blown out.
Nick Savoy 
From there, the rest is history. I started a newsletter – at rst just or un – about my adventuresin pickup and dating. It grew, it expanded, and eventually I teamed up with other guys doing thesame thing as me. Aer a ew years, the same guy who couldn’t get an attractive woman interestedin me i my lie depended on it was the star o the show at the Playboy Mansion, pickup conerencesaround the world, and even a guest expert and consultant on V shows.Why did I decide to spread the word about what I’d discovered instead o keeping it to mysel?Partly because it was, and is, un. I’m lucky in that I already made my money working 60-hourweeks beore I started with all o this, so I have a lot o reedom with my career. So a job helpingother guys be able to pick up beautiul women or the rest o their lives is a lot more interesting thanmaking numbers dance on a spreadsheet.But partly it was because I was so rustrated, back in the day, when I was the one looking or help.When there was no Magic Bullets, no Attraction Forums, no bootcamps, nothing. So I resolvedthat with anything I did, it would be with a view desire to helping guys like me – to answer thequestion “what would I have needed/wanted ten years ago”Tis book is – I hope – part o the answer.Good luck,Nick Savoy 

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