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"FRIGHT NIGHT: Frightened" (Fan Fiction)

"FRIGHT NIGHT: Frightened" (Fan Fiction)

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Published by M.L. Zambrana
Charley Brewster reunites with Peter Vincent in New York. First three chapters only. Based on the motion picture "Fright Night." Not for sale or distribution.
Charley Brewster reunites with Peter Vincent in New York. First three chapters only. Based on the motion picture "Fright Night." Not for sale or distribution.

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Published by: M.L. Zambrana on Jun 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Fright Night: Frightened” 
By M.L. ZambranaCharley Brewster’s smile faded and he blinked in confusion at the tall, thin man infront of him, and got a questioning stare back in return.“May I help you?” the man asked in a reserved, polite manner. He blinked twice,his brown, doe-like eyes soft and curious about Charley’s presence in the hallway.Charley swallowed. When the door opened, he had been on the verge of callingthis individual “Peter,” because at first he thought that the person who answered the door 
been Peter Vincent, but each passing second made it clear that his initial assessmenthad been wrong. This man bore a striking resemblance to the illusionist in height, weightand skin type--a plentiful array of freckles even covered this man’s face in a similar 
 pattern--but the style of his conservative clothing, the neatly-styled hair, the thick-rimmedglasses and the lilting tone of his voice, as well as the gentle aura that he gave off, madeCharlie hesitate long enough to get his wits together. And to not look like an idiot bymisidentifying someone.“I… was looking for Peter Vincent,” Charley began. “My name’s CharleyBrewster. We met in Las Vegas and--“Oh!The man smiled and his eyes lit up. “Oh, yes, YOU’RE Charley! Of course, of course! Come in, please!” he insisted. He reached one thin hand out to claspCharley’s arm and pulled him inside. “My name’s Arthur,” he introduced himself. “I’mPeter’s cousin. Oh, I am
very glad to meet you. Peter didn’t tell me you were coming by, else I‘d have been more prepared.”Charley gave Arthur a sheepish grin. “Well, uh, actually, he didn‘t know that Iwould be here. Last-minute decision and everything.”He paused and looked around. He‘d expected to walk into a recreation of the HardRock penthouse--echoey rooms done up in black with gothic furniture, overly dramaticlighting and display cases loaded with various religious artifacts--but the pleasant, colorfulatmosphere that greeted him, with its Mid-Century furniture and 1950s-style wall art, took him by surprise.“Is this his place?” he asked with some amazement.Arthur nodded and closed the door, then guided Charley into the main room of thecondo and gestured him towards a nearby chair.“Well, it is now. Granted, it
his money that helped me get it to begin with, butwhen he moved in with me, he bought it off me.”
It seemed like Arthur’s voice held a tinge of resentment, but the man covered it upwith a quick smile. Arthur settled himself onto the vintage blue sofa and crossed his legs,then rested his elbow on the back of the sofa and put one curled hand to his temple.“After what happened to him in Nevada--well, what happened to both of you,really--Peter had a bit of a rough time. Lost his show, as you know. Not that he wasn’tgoing to lose it before all that… vampire business.” He forced out the words, then gave asad sigh. “From what Peter told me, they’d found him to be an unpleasant enough tenant beforehand. With several murders in their building, the owners felt it was just better todismiss him, hire a new act and move on. They didn’t want anything more to do withhim--not that you could blame them, under the circumstances. So he came here. To staywith me. And to start again.”Indeed, from what Charley had learned from internet postings and newspaper articles, Peter Vincent had just
managed to start again. The deaths at the HardRock--three security guards, along with Peter’s stage assistant and combative girlfriend,Ginger--had made him untouchable on the Strip, and other major casinos and hotels aroundthe country followed the Hard Rock’s example in keeping the name “Peter Vincent” off their payrolls. Months passed before he finally managed to secure a contract for a show atthe Belasco Theatre in Manhattan--a short run, to be sure, but at least it provided theentertainer with somewhere to rebuild and regroup.It had taken Charley considerable effort to convince the people at the Belasco thathe knew Peter Vincent, and even more effort to get them to pass a message to him duringintermission. Getting around security in Las Vegas had been a joke; Charley had gotten backstage using a stolen jacket and a fake ID badge, the top of which had been cut out from

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