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Feature MSRN Allocation Enhancement[1]

Feature MSRN Allocation Enhancement[1]

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Published by ark654321

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Published by: ark654321 on Jun 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DN00232838© Nokia Corporation1 (24)Issue 10-0 enNokia Proprietary and Confidential
FEATURE 906MSRN Allocation Enhancements
FEATURE 906 MSRN Allocation Enhancements2 (24)© Nokia CorporationDN00232838Nokia Proprietary and ConfidentialIssue10-0enThe information in this documentation is subject to change without notice and describes onlythe product defined in the introduction of this documentation. This documentation is intendedfor the use of Nokia's customers only for the purposes of the agreement under which thedocumentation is submitted, and no part of it may be reproduced or transmitted in any form ormeanswithoutthepriorwrittenpermissionofNokia.Thedocumentationhasbeenpreparedtobe used by professional and properly trained personnel, and the customer assumes fullresponsibility when using it. Nokia welcomes customer comments as part of the process ofcontinuous development and improvement of the documentation.The information or statements given in this documentation concerning the suitability, capacity,orperformanceofthementionedhardwareorsoftwareproductscannotbeconsideredbindingbutshallbedefinedintheagreementmadebetweenNokiaandthecustomer.However,Nokiahasmadeallreasonableeffortstoensurethattheinstructionscontainedinthedocumentationareadequateandfreeofmaterialerrorsandomissions.Nokiawill,ifnecessary,explainissueswhich may not be covered by the documentation.Nokia's liability for any errors in the documentation is limited to the documentary correction oferrors. NOKIA WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE IN ANY EVENT FOR ERRORS IN THISDOCUMENTATION OR FOR ANY DAMAGES, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL(INCLUDING MONETARY LOSSES), that might arise from the use of this documentation orthe information in it.This documentation and the product it describes are considered protected by copyrightaccording to the applicable laws.NOKIA logo is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation.Other product names mentioned in this documentation may be trademarks of their respectivecompanies, and they are mentioned for identification purposes only.Copyright © Nokia Corporation 2004. All rights reserved.

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