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Warming NEG Packet 08

Warming NEG Packet 08

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Published by: AffNeg.Com on Jan 08, 2009
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Warming NegativeSamford Debate Institute 2008OPENING PACKET
Warming Negative Index
 Thesis: This file contains Negative evidence on global warming. It should beuseful throughout the year to answer both the warming hypothesis as well asspecific warming related impacts.Warming Isn’t Coming (Front Line)4-7Warming Isn’t Coming: No Consensus8Warming Isn’t Coming: Not human caused9Warming Isn’t Coming: Sunspots/Solar Activity is the cause10Warming Isn’t Coming: Clouds Extensions11Warming Isn’t Coming: Sinks Extensions12Warming Isn’t Coming: No Crisis Levels13Warming Isn’t Coming: Urban Heat Island Effect Extensions14Warming Isn’t Coming: Models are Bad15Warming Isn’t Coming: No Runaway Warming16Warming NEG: Dimming Turn Shell17Warming NEG: Dimming Extensions18-23Warming Doesn’t Cause Sea Level Rises24Warming Won’t Cause Species Extinction25Species Extinction Doesn’t Cause Human Extinction26Species Extinction Doesn’t Undermine the Drug Industry27Warming Won’t Cause Crop Shifting28Warming Won’t Cause Disease29Warming Wont Cause Droughts30Warming Won’t Hurt the Economy31Warming Won’t Cause Temperature Extremes32Warming Won’t Cause Floods331
Warming NegativeSamford Debate Institute 2008OPENING PACKETWarming Doesn’t Cause Deforestation34Warming Doesn’t Cause Heat Waves35Warming Doesn’t Cause Storms36Warming Won’t Cause an Ice Age37Warming Won’t Melt the Polar Ice Caps38Warming Won’t Cause Water Wars39Warming Doesnt Hurt Wetlands40Warming Doesn’t Hurt Oceans/Coral Reefs41Nuclear War Outweighs Warming42CO2 Helps Agriculture Turn (Shell)43CO2 Helps Agriculture Extensions44-502
Warming NegativeSamford Debate Institute 2008OPENING PACKET
Warming Isn’t Coming (Front Line)
Temperature data proves: the earth is cooling:
Halliday, 5/24/2008
(staff writer, Weekend Australian, Lexis, accessed May 28,2008)But there is one point that has been coincidentally echoed by Phil Chapman (TheAustralian, April 23), a geophysicist and aeronautical engineer who was the firstAustralian to become a NASA astronaut. The rise in Earth's temperature during the20thcentury occurred in two periods: from 1910 to 1940 and from 1975 to 1998.Between 1998 and 2008, the temperature has been constant (according to Aitkin) or cooling (Chapman and others). Chapman points out that in 2007 the Earth cooled by0.7C, the fastest change on record, leading to the eye-catching headline in The Australian:``Sorry to ruin the fun, but an ice age cometh''. So don't sell up and go to Tasmania or Patagonia just yet.
No scientific consensus on global warming: over 31,000 scientistsdisagree with the theory-- 
SINGER, 5/23/2008
(professor emeritus of Environmental Sciences at theUniversity of Virginia, New York Sun, Lexis, accessed 5/28/2008)In its pamphlet, the Royal Society purports to speak on behalf of a consensus of scientists. But
no such consensus exists
. Direct polling of climate scientists has shownthat about 30% are "skeptical" of anthropogenic global warming. More than 31,000American scientists recently signed the Oregon Petition, which expresses doubt about themajor conclusions of the IPCC, and opposes the drastic mitigation demands of the KyotoProtocol and the proposed "cap-and-trade" legislation of the U.S. Congress.
Climate change is natural:
SINGER, 5/23/2008
(professor emeritus of Environmental Sciences at theUniversity of Virginia, New York Sun, Lexis, accessed 5/28/2008)* The Earth's climate always has changed, with cycles of both warming and cooling, long before humans were a factor. The cycle lengths range from decades, to the 1,500-year cycle discovered in Greenland ice cores, to the 17 ice ages that dominated the past 2million years.

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