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Commerce Newsletter July 2012

Commerce Newsletter July 2012

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Published by napachamber

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Published by: napachamber on Jun 29, 2012
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• Supporting a Sustainable Future
1556 First Street | Napa CA 94559 | 707.226.7455 |NapaChamber.com
• Policies that Produce• salud! napa, A New Cooking Blog• Randolph Inn is Under New Ownership• Kayak NV Cleans Up Napa River • Trinchero Installs Water Treatment Facility• Measure Your Brand’s Social Media Health
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(Napa, CA) Twenty-two localorganizations were recognized fortheir outstanding waste reductionand recycling practices at the SixthAnnual Recycling Awards onWednesday, May 23, 2012 at theEmbassy Suites. Mayor Jill Techel was on hand topresent the awards to the City organizations, andSupervisor Keith Caldwell presented the awards toNapa County recipients.The City awards winners were selected
based on a combination of 1) eld surveys that
measure the amount of non-recyclable trash inthe recycling bins as well as recyclables in thetrash, and 2) undertaking proactive recycling andwaste reduction efforts. The winners are amongthe best in the City in maximizing their recyclingand preventing recyclables from going out in the
trash and ultimately to a landll. For example, the
Oxbow Public Market was recognized for its modelwaste station set-up that helps maximize recycling
Local Businesses Awardedfor Proactive Recycling &Waste Reduction
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The restaurant and food industry isembracing the mobile movement morethan other business sectors, according toa new infographic.DudaMobile, a service that makeswebsites mobile ready, found that 28%of small to medium-sized businesses inthe restaurant and food industry have amobile-friendly site, from pizzerias andbakeries to food trucks.This category is far more advanced thanother industries looking to reach out tosmartphone users, including professional
• Creating a Strong Local Economy
(Napa, CA) Longtime
Napa reghter Mike
Randolph has been selectedas the City of Napa’s new
Fire Chief and will take
over the duties of theposition on June 23, 2012.Randolph was chosen
from a eld of 69 qualied
applicants from across thewestern United States.
“I’m gratied to see that members of our
management staff compare very favorablywith the best candidates in an extensive search,“said City Manager Mike Parness. “MikeRandolph is a leader in the community and in
his eld and we’re lucky to have him movingup to the top spot in the Fire Department.”After a thorough search, the pool of 69qualied applicants was trimmed to fteen,
from which Randolph was selected based onhis experience, training and job skills.
Randolph began training for the re service
services such as locksmiths and attorneys
(16%), health and wellness including
spas and salons (10%), travel and tourismsuch as hotels (8%) and automobile/
transportation (6%). Retailer was number
six on the list (5%) for smallto medium-sized businesses.DudaMobile also noted that nearly 20%of visits to a mobile-optimized websiteresult in an immediate call to the business.The infographic also noted that 70%of smartphone owners use their devicewhile shopping. In addition, about 51% of 
Restaurant Industry Is Leading the Packin Mobile Adoption
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City Manager AppointsNew Fire Chief 
July 2012 | COMMERCE | Page 2 |
Thanks to the variety of social mediamarketing tools available today, there isa nearly endless stream of data availableto marketers. That could make it tough todetermine what metrics actually matter for your campaign or brand and why.Here are nine key performanceindicators and explanations for why theymight matter to your brand.1. Share of Voice: The number of mentions of your brand versus competingbrands on the social web.Why You Should Care: Your Shareof Voice can be a good indicator of theconsumer awareness of your brand ascompared to your competitive set. Itessentially shows how much of the socialconversation your brand has earned or iscurrently earning.2. Brand Volume: The total number of brand mentions over a given period of time.Why You Should Care: If this number isn’tgrowing, your campaign probably isn’t working.Tracking brand volume week-over-weekand month-over-month can be a good wayto measure the overall health of your socialpresence.3. Engagement: The overall number of timesa user talks to your brand on social sites.Why You Should Care: You can push out allthe content in the world, but if no one cares toreply or discuss then what’s the point? Socialmedia is a conversation, after all. The morehighly engaged your followers and fans are,the more likely they are to be brand-loyalists,
or become inuencers and evangelize your 
products or services on their own personalnetworks.4. Interaction Per Post: The number of repliesor comments you receive on a given post,tweet, or update.Why You Should Care: Similar to theengagement metric, the more times a user makes the effort to comment or reply, themore likely it is that they will grow to careabout your brand and what you have tosay.5. Sentiment Analysis: The process of determining how the people who talk aboutyour brand on social media actually feelabout your brand, products, or company.Why You Should Care: Although P.T.Barnum famously said, “All publicity isgood publicity,” it’s an obvious problem if your brand is consistently being trashedon social media. Also, if the sentiment ismostly neutral, that could be a sign your marketing is not making a big enoughimpact, and no one cares enough tohave a strong opinion either positively or negatively.6. Social Click-Through Rate: Thenumber of times a user clicks on a link toone of your owned web properties shared via
By: Jacqueline Zenn
9 Ways to Measure Your Brand’s Social Media Health
Napa, CA June 21, 2012 – TrincheroFamily Estates (“TFE”), the NapaValley-based, a leading family-ownedwine company known for its distinctbrands such as Trinchero Napa Valley,Ménage à Trois, Napa Cellars, andSutter Home, announced the successfulimplementation of a new processwastewater treatment center in St.Helena. The system processes thewinery’s wastewater into reusable cleanwater, one of California’s most importantlimited natural resources.TFE began the installation processof the wastewater treatment systemless than one year ago and went live inSeptember, 2011. The system is locatedat the Sutter Home Winery Main Streetfacility, where TFE produces Sutter Home wines, as well as Napa Cellars,Menage a Trois, SeaGlass, TrinityOaks, and The Wine Cube.“The process wastewater treatmentsystem is an example of thecommitment of the Trinchero Family –stewards of the environment in Napasince 1948.” said Bob Torkelson,President and COO of TFE. “As acompany, it is imperative to us thatwe protect and contribute to thecommunities where our employees,customers and industry peers live andwork.”The new system currently processesbetween 70,000-100,000 gallons of water daily with a capacity to processup to 250,000 gallons per day. Theprocessed water can be used for crushpad clean up, refrigeration coolingsystems, and other uses. “The treatedwater not only exceeds requiredstandards, and provides reusablewater, but creates a natural habitat for wildlife,” Kevin LeMasters, TFE’s VicePresident of Operations commented.“In the processed water ponds, wehave six species of new birds, frogs,geese, and a new family of baby ducks,which is a testament to the water quality.”In the water treatment system, in
addition to the environmental benets,
TFE’s investment of over $2 million
will result in signicant cost savings inareas such as energy efciency with
aeration reduction, and less sludgeremoval. Just since September’sinstallation, the winery has reduced itselectricity costs by more than $27,000.TFE recently hired a dedicatedenvironmental resource coordinator,
Diana Ortiz, who will help maximizethe benets of the water treatment
system and allow TFE to expandits commitment to other sustainableefforts.“Trinchero has been reallyproactive at cleaning the wastewater at their facilities, which is goodfor the community of Napa Valleyand our environment.” Sheldon
Sapoznik, Napa County’s Land Use
Development Supervisor noted,“TFE’s new system is unique andeffective - we hope this will set anexample for other companies tofollow.”The system was installed by Lyve
Systems Inc. which has ofces in
Northern California, and is headquartered in New Zealand. To learnmore visit:http://www.lyvesystems.com 
Trinchero Famiy Estates
is wholly owned and operated by the Trinchero family, Napa Valley vintners since 1948. The company producesmore than 27 brands of wine including Sutter Home, Trinchero Napa Valley, Main Street, NapaCellars, Terra d’Oro, Montevina, Trinity Oaks,Folie à Deux, Ménage à Trois, and the number one alcohol-removed wine, Fre. The company also imports Angove Family Winemakers and Little Boomey wines of Australia, Doña Paula and Carmen from South America, and markets and sells the Three Thieves and Joel Gott brands.Visit http://www.tfewines.com to learn more.
Trinchero Family Estates Announces Installationof Napa Valley Process Wastewater Treatment Facility
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Members Making News
July 2012 | COMMERCE | Page 3 |
and reduce the amount of trash that goes to
landll. It has set-up clearly identied waste and
recycling containers paired together along witheasy-to-follow signage instructing patrons onwhat materials go where.Each recipient received an award made from
recycled glass and certicates from Congressman
Mike Thompson, State Senator Noreen Evansand State Assemblymember Michael Allen. TheCity of Napa also awarded their outstandingrecyclers with a cumulative total of $8,000 in
cash awards. Funding for the prizes comes from
Napa Recycling and Waste Services as part of itscontract with the City of Napa.South County award winners were recognizedfor their efforts to start or expand recycling
and food composting programs in 2011. For
example, Carneros Inn started food scrap
composting and in the rst nine months diverted
55 tons of food scraps to composting instead of 
a landll.
The complete list of award recipients are:
City Award Recipients:
Abbey Carpets Unlimited
Napa Valley RegisterThe Westin Verasa, Napa & La Toque
Oxbow Public Market• OenotriNorman Rose TavernGrace’s Table
 Multi-Family Complexes
Olive Tree ApartmentsThe Meadows of Napa Valley
Napa Valley Language AcademyEl Centro ElementaryValley Oak High SchoolBlue Oak School
Special Recognition
Napa Valley CanDo
South Napa County Recycling Leaders:
• Artesa WineryCarneros InnChristian Brothers Retreat and Conference
Eagle Vines Vineyards & Golf ClubEtude WinesHagafen CellarsMichael Mondavi EstatesSilverado Resort & Spa
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Kayak Napa Valley Announces River Clean Up Partnership
Kayak NV has partnered with the Cityof Napa and the Foundation for Napa
Recreation to continue its mission to add tothe beauty and healthof the Napa Riverthrough organizingriver clean upopportunities bykayak. With thehelp of volunteers,over 500lbs of litterand approximately200lbs of beverage container recyclableshave been removed from the river thisseason. The results prove how a smallnumber of committed people can make a big
difference. Future clean up dates include:
July 14th and August 12, 2012. Interestedvolunteers can register through the Napa
Park & Recreation Services Department for asmall processing fee. Compadres Rio Grille
continues to be a sponsor and supporter of these events and provides an off-the-menumeal at the restaurant following the event.Participants must be 18 years of age toparticipate. Contact Kayak
NV for more information
about corporate or privatesponsorships.
Kayak NV is proud toannounce its fth season
offering excursions toboth locals and visitors.The owners, Liza andLaurie, promise that experiencing Napa
Valley from the vantage point of the river
will bring a new and deeper appreciationfor the beauty of the valley. River ottersand an abundance of bird species add to the
breathtaking vistas. Visit Facebook or the
website:www.kayaknv.comfor photos andmore information.Call or email: 707-501-8585 orpaddle@kayaknv.com.
The Napa Valley has a long history of sustainability starting with the formationof the Agricultural Preserve in 1968 andcontinuing through the years throughmuch sound environmentally regulationsand the formation of the voluntary
Napa Green Certifed Land and Winery
programs.As you know, the Napa Greenprograms are the wine industry’s mostcomprehensive “best practices” in land-use and wine production. These voluntaryprograms are open to all Napa Countyvintners and grape growers and focuseson building environmentally sound,sustainable practices that meet andexceed more than twenty local, state andfederal land or production “best practices” 
and are certifed by an independent third
party. Napa County vintners participate inprograms focused on winery operationsand/or farming practices tailored
specifcally to each property to meet
and exceed environmental complianceand continue to protect and enhance theecological quality of the region.In celebration of our green historyand practices, the NVV has produced “AHistory of Sustainability” video and hasposted it on our Napa Green website:www.napagreen.org.
Sustainability Video Releaseby Napa Valley Vinters
Sunday, August 5, 2012
7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
@ Veterans Memorial Park,Main Street, Napa, CA 94559
The inaugural Walk for Animals isan exciting new family event offeringa one-mile route through DowntownNapa (with or without a pooch)in support of companion animalsthroughout the Napa Valley. Morethan 300 walkers will register onlineand gather donations in support of their participation, earning prizes andcompeting for top fundraiser. A morningfull of live music, doggie contests,rafes, give-aways, and pet-centricdisplays, 100% of proceeds go toNapa Humane’s services and programs.Move your paws for the Cause!

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