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Bambino Mio User Guide

Bambino Mio User Guide

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Published by Regal Lager, Inc.

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Published by: Regal Lager, Inc. on Jun 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   m i  o l i  n  e  r    m i  o  n  a  p  p  y    m i  o  s  o f t  c  o  v  e  r
   w   w   w .  b  a   m  b i  n  o   m i  o .  c  o   m
bambino mio product range
   m i  o  s  o f t  c  o  v  e  r  s i  z  e   n  e   w  b  o  r  n   s   m  a l l    m  e  d i  u   m  l  a  r  g  e   e  x t  r  a l  a  r  g  e   <  1  1 l  b  s
 (  <  5  k  g  s )
  1  1  -  1  6 l  b  s
 (  5  -  7  k  g  s )
  1  6  -  2  1 l  b  s
 (  7  -  9  k  g  s )
  2  1  -  2  7 l  b  s
 (  9  -  1  2  k  g  s )
  2  7  -  3  4 l  b  s
 (  1  2  -  1  5  k  g  s )
  1  u  p t  o  1  6 l  b  s
 (  u  p t  o  7  k  g  s )
  2  1  6  -  3  5 l  b  s
 (  7  -  1  6  k  g  s )
   m i  o  n  a  p  p  y  s i  z  e
  s i  z  e  r  a  n  g  e  s  a  r  e  a  p  p  r  o  x i   m  a t  e
1. Sac à couches imperméable
2. Seau à couches et let de lavage.3. Kit ‘de la naissance à la propreté’.
4. Mionappy.
Couches mionappy à hautpouvoir absorbant.
5. Muslinsquares.
Carrés de mousseline.
6. Mioliners.
Voiles biodégradables mioliners.
7. Nappy set.
12 couches mionappy et 3culottes de protection miosoft.
8. Training pants.
Culottes d’apprentissage.Intérieur absorbant pour le confort, extérieur imperméable pour contenir les accidents.
9. Miofresh.
Antibactérien désodorisant etbiodégradable.
10. Miosoft cover.
Culotte de protectionmiosoft. Tissu imperméable très doux avecsurface intérieure essuyable.
11. Swim nappy.
Couche de natation.Élastiques anti-fuites au niveau des cuisseset de la taille pour contenir les accidents.
12. Miowipes.
Lingettes miowipesbiodégradables.
13. Miotrial.
Kit d’essai miotrial. Contient uneculotte de protection, une couche et un voilebiodégradable Mio Liner.
14. Miopotty.
1. Nappy bag.
Water resistant bag.
2. Nappy bucket and Laundry bag.3. Birth to Potty Set.
 48 nappies (24 size 1 + 24 size 2), 4 NBcovers + 3 each of the next 4 sizes.
4. Mionappy.
Maximum absorbencynappies.
5. Muslin squares.
Soft cotton squares.
6. Mioliners.
Flushable nappy liners.
7. Nappy set.
12 mionappies and 3 miosoftcovers.
8. Training pants.
Waterproof layer and asuper absorbent inner pad, minimizesaccidents.
9. Miofresh.
Antibacterial nappy cleanser.
10. Miosoft cover.
Supersoft waterproof fabric with a wipe clean inner surface.
11. Swim nappy.
Swim nappies haveleakproof leg cuffs and waistband tominimize accidents.
12. Miowipes.
Flushable baby wipes.
13. Miotrial.
Contains a miosoft cover,mionappy, and a mioliner.
14. Miopotty.
1. Bolso para pañales.
Bolso impermeable.
2. Cubo con tapa para pañales y Bolsa deLavado.3. Set de “Principio a Fin”.
 48 pañales (24 talla 1+ 24 talla 2), 4 bragascobertor recién nacido + 3 de cada una de las4 tallas.
4. Mionappy.
Pañales de algodón Mionappy.Pañales de máxima absorción.
5. Muslinsquares.
Gasas de algodón suave.
6. Mioliners.
Separadores Biodegradables parapañales.
7. Nappy set.
Set de Pañales. 12 pañales dealgodón y 3 bragas cobertor.
8. Training pants.
Bragas aprendizaje.Con cubierta impermeable e interior súper absorbente, minimiza el riesgo de accidentes.
9. Miofresh.
Esterilizador de Pañales Antibacteriano.
10. Miosoft cover.
Braga cobertor. De material
impermeable y extra suave con superfcie de
fácil limpieza.
11. Swim nappy.
Pañal Bañador. Los pañalesbañador están diseñados para evitar fugas por las piernas y la cintura.
12. Miowipes.
Toallitas húmedasdesechables.
13. Miotrial.
Set de prueba. Contiene un pañalde algodón, una braga cobertor y un separador.
14. Miopotty.
1. Saco para fraldas.
2. Balde para fraldas e Saco de Lavagem.3. Pack Do Nascimento ao Pote.
 48 fraldas (24 tamanho 1 + 24 tamanho 2), 4capas recém-nascido + 3 capas dos quatrotamanhos seguintes.
4. Mionappy.
Fraldas de algodão super absorventes.
5. Muslinsquares.
Fraldas de panotradicionais.
6. Mioliners.
Revestimentos biodegradáveis.
7. Nappy set.
12 fraldas de algodão e 3capas de fralda.
8. Training pants.
Cuecas de treino. Acamada impermeável e a almofada interior super absorvente minimizam os acidentes.
9. Miofresh.
Esterilizador antibacteriano.
10. Miosoft cover.
Capa de fralda miosoftsuave com uma camada interior impermeável e fácil de limpar.
11. Swim nappy.
Fralda de banho combandas elásticas na zona das pernas e nacintura para minimizar os acidentes.
12. Miowipes.
Toalhitas descartáveis.
13. Miotrial.
Pack de experiência Miotrial.Contém uma capa, uma fralda e umrevestimento.
14. Miopotty.
Please read this userguide beore using and/or washingthese products. Washed and/or useditems cannot be reunded.Beore using the nappies prewash inenzyme ree washing powder in hotwater at least once beore use.
Nappy olding methods(see diagrams overlea)1. Basic Fold.
Lay the nappy withthe two parallel stitched lines runninghorizontally. Fold the right verticaledge and let vertical edge overeach other.
2. For extra absorbency at theront.
Lay the nappy with thetwo parallel stitched lines runninghorizontally. Fold the right verticaledge over the center. Fold the topand bottom panels over the middleand tuck into each other. With thistype o old, the length o the nappymay be altered to t the coveraccordingly.
3. For loose stools.
Follow steps orold 2. Lay the nappy with the thickerpad at the ront and old back theouter panels to orm a an shape.
 Assembling the nappy
Place the olded nappy, with thenappy liner around the center into thecover. Ensure that the nappy ts tothe ront and back o the cover and isnot sticking out.
Nappy liners
Mioliners help prevent heavysoiling o the nappies reducing theneed or soaking. Remove soiledliners rom the nappy and fush away.Liners can be used in a septic tanksystem.
Caution: Flushing linersmay cause blockage in old ordamaged drains. No responsibilitycan be accepted or individualdrain systems.Changing
Change the nappy requently. Approximately every 2 to 4 hours(with the exception o night timenappies). A bigger, more absorbentnappy may be required or night-time. Alternatively use a small nappy as abooster pad.
Wash in accordance with thewashing instructions on thegarment label.
NappiesNo soak method
 Add 1tbs. Mioresh to the wash withan enzyme ree detergent.Nappies can be washed in hot water. Tumble dry or line dry.
Soak method
Soak nappies in a solution o Mioresh anti-bacterial nappycleanser (1tbs. o Mioresh or every5.25 quarts. o water) or a minimumo 2 hours. Nappies can then berinsed in cold water or washed in anenzyme ree detergent.
Nappy covers
Close Velcro tabs.Machine wash in hot water with anenzyme ree detergent.Hand wash or rinse in cool water. Tumble dry on low or line dry. Dryaway rom direct heat. Do not usechlorine bleach or borax.Do not iron.Do not use abric sotener.Do not soak the nappy cover.
Soiled nappy covers
Occasionally there may be somesoiling inside the nappy cover.In some cases, not using a linercan help. Due to the nature o the product, however we cannotguarantee that this can be completelyprevented. I staining occurs - useonly mild or natural stain removingagents so as not to irritate thebaby’s skin and or cause prematuredeterioration o the abric.
Nappy sizePlease note:
as babies’ shapesand sizes vary a lot these sizescan only be taken as approximate.
Troubleshooting Checklist
I the nappies are leaking checkthe ollowing:Have you pre-washed your nappiesin how water? The nappies becomemore absorbent ater the rst ewwashes.Check that you have the right sizenappy and cover or your child.Change requently as nappiesshould be changed every 2-4 hoursdepending on the size o your childand the time o day.Do not use abric sotener. Thiswill reduce absorbency o thenappy.Check that the nappy is completelytucked in the cover at the waist andleg holes.Do not use a double layer o thenappy liner.Remove the liner to improve thecontainment o loose stoolsparticularly or breasted babies.Use sunlight as a natural bleachingagent.
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