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Why We Should Listen to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Why We Should Listen to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

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Published by Jorge Herbert

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Published by: Jorge Herbert on Jun 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Yookoso!While one to many countries around the globe are bombarded by theWestern Nations some of my two readers are still hesitant whether tobelieveoutspoken Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Here’s your first unwashed thought of the weekend: whether you believe Iranianleader is irrelevant, what matters is that he has a point, and that he is a head of state and as such deserves respect.Let us consider an obvious case on the USA which dominion of internationaleconomy, politics, and armada; and occupation--note of the editor:the correctword should be liberation--of more than one axis of evils, force partisans to followUS commands or else. The expression “if any country is not with us -be with usor Flock You, that is-- then they are against us.” Sounds familiar ? Any dissident country is immediately rounded and politically executed; if there isa re-incident, then the guilty one is added to the axis list, and banned fromdealing with the ‘free world’. Although, this draconian manoeuvre has nothing todo with the American people the ‘infidels’ can’t do nothing but to distrust Americaas a whole.Well, after some rogue states had been liberated, and collapsed, and turned intoa mess. And after the world’s economic balance is shifting, and collapsing, andspeaking Chinese. And after Osama Ben Laden is hunted, and killed, and throwninto the Ocean, the Iranian President; a University Professor, an Engineer, andan obviously smart guy, asks questions that the rest of the world -partisans of the American government’s cause-- lack the guts to ask.The diplomats, at recent General Assembly, that walkout on him should beashamed because they are the United Nations. And by walkout on him thosemay-be diplomats show that they are everything but united. And, if Ahmadinejadis lying, they lack evidence to prove him wrong beyond reasonable doubt on hisattacks to the west.Would you, my two readers, like to know whyso many lives have been expungedin the name of a system that has not deliver.Why entire states collapse of hunger and war mayhem? Why so many children die of preventable diseases?Why Islam and the west mistrust each other?I think we have the right to hear allvoices so we can find answers to life difficultquestions. And I think the walkout bunch should issue anapology to Iranianpeople regardless of their trust on the Iranian president.Now I am nota Islam believer; however, it’s always clear to me that the US usedof terror tactics against its enemies places them in line with the bad lads. And

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