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Witness to History - Michael Walsh

Witness to History - Michael Walsh

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Published by gibmedat

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: gibmedat on Jun 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Witness to History
For whom was Witness to History written? For anyone who has ever offered anopinion on the 2nd World War, its causes and its aftermath. Or for those who arelikely to. Why? Because the writing of it was motivated by those who did so and got itwrong. Including myself.
Witness to History
There can be few historical dramas the embroidery of which comes near to matchingthat which has been woven about Hitler's Germany. Of this epic tens of thousands of books have been written, television and radio programmes made, and films produced.Yet who can deny that the truth is even more distant today than it has ever been. Somuch so that very little of what is written today is other than fanciful notion.Witness to History is not an opinion unless it is that of the main players whose partcreated, shaped and finally pulled the shroud over the Third Reich. Theircontribution then is clearly a relevant one. It is their war, without the embroidery. Itis the story of a nation that broke free from the old order, soared to heightsundreamed of, but not beyond the range of the gun. It is an epic written by the menwho made it so.I am the spectator. The man who sat on the hill and watched it happen. My onlycontribution is to string the quotations together. I am if you like painting pictureswith quotations. I am putting together a jigsaw that when completed should provideyou with a picture that will allow a more balanced view of the period.How you colour the picture in afterwards is entirely up to yourself; your prejudices,your ethics and your cultural leanings. You are welcome to them, but please, do notlet us have a war about it. We have had enough of those already. More than enough.DEDICATIONI have written this book for all the innocent victims of war, of all nations and creeds.Not the least the children for in this, the 2nd World War; they were the trueinnocents without vote of influence. A lost generation; the children who werebetrayed and lost to our world by a generation to whom they were entrusted. They

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