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1000 PhotoShop Tricks

1000 PhotoShop Tricks

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Published by Arbër Pacara

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Published by: Arbër Pacara on Jun 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I received a couple of requests for a tutorial on making a Mmmmmotion pic so I figured I'd take a stab atit.
How I puppetized Charlize!
A guide to turning a human into a puppet.
Out Of Bounds Shadows-Mini Tut
This is an update of an old mini tut, inspired by the beginning of the then new Out Of Bounds contestformat. There were quite a few images using an incorrect or impossible shadow treatment. While thereare considerably fewer entries containing this mistake I felt it might be of some help, to beginnersparticularly, to update it. Essentially this is intended to be of some help to those who are eitherbeginners to graphics programs or new to the OOB concept and would appreciate some very, verybasic advice.
How to create rain
A few people wanted to know how I created the rain effect in the "Turrets" contest, so I tried my best towrite a tutorial, and here it is!
Linking Worth1000 Tutorials Directly From Photoshop
Photoshop has a customizable help function where you can write your own help function, or link to webpages for help. In this tutorial, we will be linking directly to other tutorials on Worth 1000.
Here's how I created the Wormhole effect for Future Glimpse 6.
file:///C|/Worth1000/index.htm (1 van 11)13-6-2006 23:16:41
In response to a request on methods of getting a soft fur edge I'm posting two examples. While theapproach is similar in both examples, it depends on what type of fur/hair you need to deal with.
Motion Tweens and Motion Guides In Flash
This guide will help familiarize beginner animators with the use of Motion Tweens and Motion Guides inFlash. A very basic knowledge of the panels and tools in the Flash interface is required, and the veryfundamentals of how to create tweens in the timeline and the creation of Symbols will be helpful.
How to Build a Panoramic Tripod Head for $10
Stitching software and digital cameras make panoramic photos far easier than ever before. However, toget the best results, you need a special tripod head. These can cost hundreds of dollars, but making yourown isn't that hard. Even better, it's dirt cheap.
Make Grafitti with adobe photoshop
This is a pretty simple tutorial that shows how to make a wall image overlay.
Zombifying Mandy Moore
I've made a mini-tutorial to show you how I choppedMandy Mooreinto aZombiea while ago.
I've been saying I'd get around to posting something about perspective for awhile cuz I dunno how often Isee pictures where things are matched up very nicely but the perspective is off, which makes object looktilted.
file:///C|/Worth1000/index.htm (2 van 11)13-6-2006 23:16:41
Gender Bending
A few people had asked me how I did some of the work on Reese Witherspoon in Gender Bending 3. Forthose of you who are interested, I've put together a little step by step to show some of my nasty littlesecrets.
Find out how to face swap!
Saving Photographs for Contests
This tutorial describes one of many methods for saving photographs in compressed format for the highestquality browser display within the file-size limits requested by webmasters. Simply put, we’re going to takea 100-pound photograph and place it into a 20-pound bag. Or, maybe you could consider this “freeze-drying” a photograph, with only small quality loss.
Having had a bit of success applying tattoos to celebrities I'll explain the tricks and tweaks I used to createrealistic tattoos. This tutorial uses a few basic photoshop techniques, masking, colour adjustment, liquifyand the resize and transformation tools.
Displacement Maps and Textures
Through general information and practical application, this tutorial will give you a better idea of how toapply a texture to an object through the use of displacement maps.
Using the transform, liquify filter and some shading, were going to effectively dress up a rhino inzebra fur.
file:///C|/Worth1000/index.htm (3 van 11)13-6-2006 23:16:41

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